Beyond the Dark Veil by Sue Henger

Beyond the Dark Veil

Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem and Mourning Photography from The Thanatos Archive is a compilation of more than 120 extraordinary and haunting photographs and related ephemera documenting the practice of death and mourning photography in the Victorian Era and early twentieth century. Supplemented with original newspaper articles, clippings, funeral notices, memorial ephemera and more, the collection will take us on a journey through a fascinat...

Details Beyond the Dark Veil

TitleBeyond the Dark Veil
Release DateDec 15th, 2014
PublisherLast Gasp
GenreNonfiction, Art, History, Photography, Death

Reviews Beyond the Dark Veil

  • Hanaa
    What an absolutely beautiful book Thanatos Archive put together. The pictures are almost other-worldly, as if I'm immersed in a dream. Indeed, I couldn't put the book down not only because of how wonderfully composed the book was but also of how and why the pictures were taken. The book is organized as follows:Deathbed/pre-mortemChildren & FamilyAdultsCrime/Murder/TragedyEphemera & MourningPetsThere were also a few essays that explored the histor...
  • Noran Miss Pumkin
    I have been on a wait list for 1 year for this book, and it finally came.yes, it is a strange topic, but well presented with care and respect. I got to attend a exhibit of original photographs, at greenfield Village, next to the Henry Ford Museum-a decade ago. I realize I had seen these pictures, as a child attending flea markets, just never thought they were dead, just odd looking. Everyone, on old photos looks so stoic.I took 1 star off due the...
  • Devi
    Ein unfassbar schönes Buch, welches ich heute erst aus dem Briefkasten zog.
  • Loren
    I kickstarted this book because I am excited by the work of the Thanatos Archive. The photos here are carefully chosen to make the people in the past seem so real, like someone you know and would mourn as intensely as these must have been. It's a truly lovely, thought-provoking collection.I knocked one star off for the design of the book, however. While the glossy black pages do emphasize the photographs, the teeny italicized font that captions t...
  • Tasha-Lynn
    Easily a 5/5 book. I've always loved post mortem photography and think it's a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one. The children section was very difficult for me to look thru and I felt immense sadness looking at each photo. There were so many amazing photos in the book but two specifically stood out to me. Page 93 took my breath away, a small stunning little girl, blonde ringlets, perfect face, bruised and bloody. And page 132 broke my hear...
  • Alice
    Una belleza de libro para pensar sobre lo efímero de nuestras vidas vidas.
  • Sab Cornelius
    I didn’t make a blog update for this due to it being primarily photographs with little bits of historical text blurbs between chapters. If you’re interested in post-mortem or mourning photography or general mourning practices and creations of the past, this book is perfect. It’s well made, gold-lined, and just plain gorgeous. It is very somber, however. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before viewing.
  • Concertina
    Que chulada de libro <3
  • Bronwyn
    Simply lovely.This book was beautifully written and nice to look at. I was somewhat disappointed to see the same photograph used in more than one place to demonstrate a specific theme in mourning photography or practice, and I agree that the font size for photo captions was a tad small.Other than those minor complaints, the book is beautifully done with a great attention to detail and appreciation of subject matter. Even the book design itself wa...
  • Carole Tyrrell
    This book was a tie-in with a 2013 exhibition of Victorian post-mortem photography. To our eyes the Victorian obsession with death can seem very morbid when compared to today’s more relaxed attitudes. The cult of mounring in the 19th century was instituted by Queen Victoria after the death of her beloved Albert and continued until her death. It finally ceased with the mass carnage of the First World War when often there wasn’t a body to bring...
  • Sandy
    It's a lovely little book, beautifully conceived and executed. Gorgeously bound, its high quality pages contain some stunning reproductions and an informative overview of death photography, perfect for those with general interests but easily appreciated by those invested in its collection and research. With the publishing of Beyond The Dark Veil, I hoped that the potential of a new book's pages would marshal forth the long awaited expertise I fou...
  • Elaina
    Really good book, I learned a lot. Also made me thank my lucky stars that I live in a time and place where medicine is decent and medical care is typically available - at the very least, we have vaccines and our kids stand a true chance of surviving to adulthood.
  • Renee Green
    Very interesting information in this book. Makes you appreciate the afterlife.
  • Debumere
    I have a morbid fascination with the death and dead and this book has a lot of memento mori in it. Photos of posed dead people. Chapters on the history of mourning and death perspectives.
  • Gerri Gray
    If you appreciate Victorian postmortem photography as much as I do, this beautifully-designed book is an absolute must for your personal library. The photographs are enthralling, haunting, and at times heart wrenching. Beyond the Dark Veil is an intimate peek into what some would consider to be one of the darker aspects of Victorian culture. Although I would have preferred the text be a bit larger (the small print is rather hard on the eyes after...
  • Heather D
    Love Love Love. Most of my peers didn't like it, but post mortem photograpy was a popular thing in the day. I love old photograpy and this books fits right in with my likes.
  • Lara Seven
    more on Victorian memorial photography. my favorite was the pets.
  • Natalie (CuriousReader)
    A beautifully put together collection of post mortem as well as some mourning and deathbed photography, from mid-19th century up to early to mid-20th century. The collection is divided into several sections; deathbed, children and family, adults, murder/crime/tragedy, mourning, and lastly pets. Each page has between one and three photographs, with a short text detailing the type of photograph it is as well as estimated year, and any and all detai...
  • Sarah
    I bought this on a whim because I love Victorian-era things, especially post-mortem photography and oddities. It was also plastic wrapped at the store so it added to the mystery ;) I gotta say though, I have a few gripes about this book based on the price (I bought it for $25) and the quality of the book itself. The contents (meaning the actual photographs) were spectacular. But the presentation was upsetting to say the least. It's a beautiful bo...
  • Jess
    It may just be that I love the strange and unusual, or my love for the Victorian Era, but this book was both haunting and beautiful. Yes, simply put it's a compilation of dead people photos, but still an amazing read for the writing that was in it. The people back in that time truly did have a fine splendor about themselves, and even in death, the families made sure that they still went out in style. Yes, under the photos most of the people died ...
  • Jennybeast
    This is one of those times when "liked it" isn't really the set of words I would use. It's fascinating, not least (as the several interesting essays point out) because death has not had a strong visual presence in my life. Heartbreaking, also, disturbing. A little bit of a relief to see death so portrayed -- it takes some of the mystery out of it. And also I appreciated a book on this subject with regards to the Victorians, as I have seen quite a...
  • Shelly
    Post mortem daguerreotypes tend to have a reputation of being creepy and odd. And frankly, if I saw pictures of the deceased today, I'd say the same thing. I will be the first to admit, that at times this book is hard to look through. There's something so touching about them, though. For most families, this was the only photograph of their loved one. These daguerreotypes were full of love and sadness. They capture something that I have yet to see...
  • Elena
    Великолепная книга! Прекрасно оформленная и напечатанная, она не просто удовлетворяет болезненный интерес к фотографиям умерших, но и даёт краткий, но интереснейший экскурс в историю траура и отношения к смерти в обществе. Некоторые эсссе немно...
  • Barbara Justiniano
    I bought this book based on a You Tuber's video recommendation. I was not disappointed. The book has some interesting essays detailing the history of post mortem and mourning photos, and then the actual pictures themselves were just mesmerizing. I couldn't get enough of them. The photos are not scary or disgusting, but sweet and also heart wrenching, but fascinating all at the same time. I definitely enjoyed this book. Well done.
  • Victoria
    I find this book: Beautiful, melancholic, heartbreaking, timeless, respectful. A must for who is into photography.
  • Kris
    Beautiful and haunting. I am fascinated with post-mortem photography, and this is a gorgeous collection. I wish there was even more text than there is, but the photographs make this book a work of art.
  • Sean Kennedy
    Morbidly beautiful.
  • Claudia Loureiro
    Amazing book. The best one I've read in this subject!
  • Rebecca
    sad but absolutely beautiful
  • Licking County Library
    Recommended by Kristine W. , Adult Services