Last Woman by Jacqueline Druga

Last Woman

After emerging from a coma, Faye Wills opens her eyes to complete darkness and the feeling of being trapped. Soon she discovers she is in no less than a nightmare world and awakens in the worst place imaginable. She is one of thousands of bodies in a makeshift mass grave that was once a football stadium. Left for dead. There are no signs of life and the only sound she hears is the buzzing of flies that follow the stench of death. Once out of the...

Details Last Woman

TitleLast Woman
Release DateMar 29th, 2014
GenreApocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Last Woman

  • Willow Brooks
    This two book series was really good to me. I almost got upset because the heroine kept getting on my nerves but the author wanted that to happen. I'm so glad I waited to read book two before rating book one because I got it after a minute. The author had to place emphasis on the heroines negative characteristic in order to highlight her growth as a woman who lost much and almost drowned in her grief to what she became after it was all said and d...
  • Elaine
    This is a story which really starts off pretty strong. Faye awakes from a coma to find herself in a real life nightmare. Whilst she has been “absent” the world’s population has been decimated by a flu type virus and she actually wakes up in a football stadium crammed with decaying corpses. I was intrigued as to what would happen next, Was she the only person left alive? If not, who would she meet and would they be good or bad? Why did this ...
  • Valerie Doersen
    Thank god this is short. Good premise, painful writing.
  • Sandy
    Three stars mean I liked it. I liked the story very much. It left me wanting more of their adventure and more details. The ending was good and it could have a great sequel. The first chapter was very graphic with vivid descriptions of the bodies in various states of decay and I couldn't put it down. I do hope there is a sequel and I hope it has a proofreader this time. The typos were plentiful. I heartily recommend this if you like end of the wor...
  • Mary Ellen Coblentz
    I really hope there is more!!!!I really hope there is more!!!!Love this genre. Could actually feel Faye's pain and depression; but was routing for her to see what could be...and she did.. I sure hope there is a sequel. When the book ended, I thought I was missing some pages.... please let there be a sequel....
  • Amanda
    I was iffy at first when I was recommended this book. I read some of the reviews and they weren't great, and I was worried about being disappointed. After reading the book, I can honestly say I don't understand the negativity it has received. I found it very engaging and it presented characters that I found very relatable! I am looking forward to the sequel!
  • Deb Randolph
    What a surprise!What a surprise!I really didn't expect this book to be a great read but I found out it was one of those books you don't want to put down. I love the end of the world as we know it type books and this book was a fresh look at this scenario. I really hope this author has more coming soon and I look forward to reading her other books.
  • Lisa Gemmell
    Great Book, scary but good. It's not a horror book, but when everyone is riped out over a virus and you are all alone, it becomes scary. The whole thing will leave the hairs on your back of the neck sticking up while reading it.
  • Damali
    $2.99 7/28/14
  • *Suzy (ereaderuser)*
    3.5 for me.
  • Valarie
    Well well wellI guess I'll mosey on over to buy the second book!! She really knows how to keep you coming back!
  • J.S.
    I don't want to write much about this book, not because it doesn't deserve it (it most certainly does) but because I wouldn't do it justice.All I can tell you is that this book "almost" made me cry, and I do not cry easily (I can't even remember the last time it happened). This is one deeply emotional story, less about the apocalypse and more about life itself, about strength, weakness, hitting rock bottom, and that fundamental thing that is bein...
  • Kathy Thomason
    New take on the apocalypseStarting with the horror of being mistaken for dead, Faye starts as a fairly weak seeming character, but as we see more glimpses into her life we realize what a strong person she is, even if she doesn't believe it. As much as a post apocalyptic story, it is also the story of personal growth the characters go through. I look forward to going on the rest of their journey with them.
  • Jonathan
    A promising start and a good premise, but a weak end.An interesting approach to the apocalypse genre. Unfortunately The Last Woman spent too much time waiting and blindly following one of the men she encountered. There were too many coincidences as well. I am curious about the sequel, but I would have greatly preferred this to be a standalone story. My one hope is that the author will take the opportunity that book two presents to have a truly st...
  • Sandra O'Hara
    Not a bad storyI liked the plot. The descriptions were very imaginative. Found Faye hard to like because she was, in my opinion, wallowing and needed a good shake. I can understand why Dodge got frustrated with her which means the author had good character development. I look forward to the next book.
  • Wendy Plumacher
    Read it in one dayI just could not put this book down. Parts were sad, and I shed a few tears. But I really enjoyed this book. I really didn't like the main character too much, but if course she had gone through hell and was not making the right choices at times. Good ending, but I wanted more.
  • Pam Shelton-Anderson
    I liked this book a lot. As with other books she has written, this author has a great capacity for putting you in the main character's point of view. The only reason that I could not give this a 5 star was there were enough spelling and grammar errors and a few other inconsistencies (like the radio call sign) that I felt a good editor would help. I very much look forward to Book 2.
  • BarbaraH
    Is It Over?Waking in the dark with something on her she must struggle to get out of this horror. What has happened? Where is everyone? Even as the world seems to be ending here are some right shinning moments. Don't know how but she made a apocalypse story with very heart rendering moments!
  • Tina
    Loved this apocalypse bookYou see an evolution of the main character that had me rooting for her until the end. Great plot and if there is more in this series I will read the next book.
  • Vilma
    Really good almost a 5 Star The ending of this book is amazing! I have to say the author has done a great job with character development even if it is a very short book. I can’t wait to read the second one. Recommended for fans of post apocalyptic stories
  • sharon bell hill
    Absolute Perfection.This is my very first five star rating of the year 2019! This author knows so much about the human experience. I read this ebook in one sitting and know that you too will be unable to stop reading.
  • lou brown
    Love the different take on an apocalyptic event. Thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there were no flesh eating zombies or vampires for the survivalists to contend with they just had to find the basics,water,food,shelter and other survivors.
  • Millie Wagner
    Rapid readThe story pulls you in and you want to know more, what happened, why, what will happen??? Getting book 2 now
  • Glenda Dykstra
    A good read.A lot of happy coincidences? Maybe but it was put together fairly well. A lot of unanswered questions remain. I would like to read a follow-up.
  • Rose
    GreatJust great like all the others. All of these books are well worth your time, so if you like apocalyptic fiction there are NONE better.
  • Heather
    Very short, but good book, from a woman’s point of view about a flu like apocalypse
  • Scott Prentice
    Interesting take on the apocolypseRead this if you would like to see the end from a female point of view. Hope there is more
  • Dkolacinski
    Perhaps lost woman insteadI found myself e of near tears the farther I went. To lose everything important and seek out oblivion only to wake up and find everything in the world gone but find what might be hope or at least a reason for living.
  • Cheer Papworth
    I picked up this book on a whim after it showed up on my Amazon recommendations. I like to read PA books and so a book about a plaque that wipes out most of the Earth's population is right up my alley. Besides being a PA novel about survival and picking up the pieces immediately after an apocalypse, this book explores the pain of losing loved ones and the agony of moving on and searching for the will to live when all you've cared about is lost. F...
  • Kerri O'Donnell
    The author has written about the human spirit, exploring frailties, inadequacies, resilience… and a load of other things that are relevant to the scenario. And although I think I’m different to Faye in a lot of ways, I think Druga has captured ‘humanness’ that many people could relate to – in full or in part, in one way or another. I’m sure all these things exist even in the absence of overwhelming disaster, but not so obvious unless ...