Paw Prints In Oman by Charlotte Smith

Paw Prints In Oman

When Charlotte’s husband is offered a job in Oman, he persuades her to leave comfortable, rural England and join him. But playing tennis, avoiding coffee mornings and being a perfect wife and mother in the Middle East is not enough. Charlotte convinces a local veterinary clinic to employ her and throws herself into assisting the vets, overcoming her fear of birds and rehoming hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Cyclones, earthquakes, transvestites...

Details Paw Prints In Oman

TitlePaw Prints In Oman
Release DateApr 3rd, 2014
PublisherAnt Press
GenreAnimals, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Travel, Biography

Reviews Paw Prints In Oman

  • Frank Kusy
    Forget about seven years in Tibet, this is seven years in Oman! And what a fascinating seven years it is, author Charlotte Smith moving from the elevated ex-pat echelons of tennis and bridge playing high society to the down and dirty graft of co-running a vet's clinic along with her daughter. And this, in a country which is not only not friendly to animals, but often downright hostile. The earlier part of the book gave me laughs galore - especial...
  • Joann
    I thoroughly recommend this book to any and all of you animal lovers out there. I bought it because it is a true story and I gained so much in doing so. The memoir covers a period of the author’s life when she was involved in a veterinary practice in Oman while her husband was working there. It engaged me from the beginning to the end and I also learned about some of the culture of the country. A funny, well written and very engaging read.
  • Claudia
    This heart-warming book was written by an old school friend who I had lost touch with over the years. Reading this showed me that her humour and bubbly personality that I remember so well were undimmed and she had thrown her energy into relieving the plight of the many animals encountered in her life as an ex-pat wife in Oman. A lovely read that made me laugh out loud in places and makes you so grateful that there are people who are willing to se...
  • Beth Haslam
    Beautifully written - highly recommended.Charlotte Smith is a naturally gifted story-teller. Her style of writing is clear, fluid and incredibly engaging. In Paw Prints in Oman she tells the story of her life as an expat wife and mum who lives for 7 years with her husband and youngest daughter in Oman. After setting up home and sorting out school for their daughter, life settles down to a pace that Charlotte isn't keen on. As boredom threatens, s...
  • Pat Ellis
    Reading this Memoir was like reading a long-awaited letter from a good friend (I hope that makes sense) So, so brilliant the way you are able to just glide-along through Charlotte and her family's move to Oman and to be able to cover 7 years without 'losing' the reader is brilliant...I am only too happy to review this wonderful Memoir Paw Prints in Oman - Dogs, Mogs and Me by Charlotte Smith... Charlotte's way of writing flows very easily - had m...
  • Rebecca
    I really enjoyed this book. It’s written in a diary format in which Charlotte Smith describes the seven years she spent in Oman with her husband and youngest daughter. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave pets and family at home in England and relocate to a country where the culture and customs are so vastly different. I admired her resilience and adaptability as even driving in Oman is fraught with danger! Missing their dogs she acquires Bill...
  • Jessica Lipowski
    Overall, I really enjoyed reading Paw Prints in Oman! Every step of the way, I connected with Charlotte emotionally, from the moment she learned they were moving to Oman to the tearful goodbyes as family members flew back to England. The book was a rather quick read but kept me enthralled from beginning to end. Being an expat myself, I could relate to her ups and downs, especially leaving family behind, and as a lover of pets, loved what she did ...
  • Carrie Allen
    This is a really good book! There were some descriptions of situations with various animals that actually had me laughing out loud as I read. The drawback to this is that I was about 65 or 70 pages in before the animals really made to much of an appearance, and based off the cover and title, I had assumed that the whole book with be animal laden. It was still very fun to read and the animal stories included were worth the wait.
  • Kathy
    InterestingInteresting and sentimental read. Easy to read and the animal lovers will enjoy every page. Caution though, you might be disgusted by some of the stories of treatment of stray animals.
  • Myra L Rice
    Charlotte's dogs and catsVery well written account of seven years living in Oman! Charlotte takes on dogs and cats at a veterinary clinic with a vengeance! I could not put this book down and didn't want it to end! I hope she will write about her life in Spain!
  • Corgi
    I enjoyed reading Paw Prints in Oman. It is a book to read when you don't want to have to think too much. The author did a good job of writing and telling her story. I would recommend Paw Prints in Oman to readers who like: a memoir, stories about animals and living in Oman.
  • Dana
    It started out interesting but I got bored about a third of the way in. It got a little irritating hearing about how wealthy they are.
  • Dorothy Timm
    Overall I'd give this a 3 1/2 star. It was fairly interesting near the beginning, but there wasn't really a central story line, I thought. More a collection of little occurrences. Just OK.
  • Ralph
    This delightful and well-written memoir tells the story of a woman, English born and bred, never straying very far from her home village, who found herself suddenly uprooted and transported to the Sultanate of Oman. When Charlotte Smith agreed to follow her husband in the wake of a new job, she knew that she and her family would encounter a world radically different from the one they had always known, but she was not quite prepared for how differ...
  • Julie Haigh
    Amazing and wonderful. This book has a beautiful cover image-with that, how can you resist the book?!! There are more lovely pictures inside. Charlotte's husband's job means the family going to live in Oman for the foreseeable future. Charlotte doesn't really want to go. There's a good concise opening chapter, yet it says plenty of info and there's even a bit of humour in there. Fast moving writing that easily keeps your interest. Funny and heart...
  • J. A. Lewis
    Charming and comical read about one woman's move to Oman and her many years of service to saving as many strays from the harsh surroundings (both from humans and the elements) as she could. I read a lot of Memoirs and enjoy a book that has a light, airy mood that makes me laugh and this one had both. While there is a lot of commentary about wine or the lack there of, I think Mrs. Smith was trying to add a bit of humor to finding herself in a stra...
  • E.J. Bauer
    I was wondering if I would be able to read this book. After all it involved animals, veterinarians and an animal shelter in the Middle East - tissues by the boxful - right? Well perhaps there was the occasional tissue, but the author approached this memoir with such humour and compassion that I loved it. Life in Muscat, Oman would have been a wonderful tale in itself, but it was merely the background. Charlotte Smith found herself working tireles...
  • Robert Fear
    5* Fascinating insight into expat lifeThis is not the sort of travel memoir that I would normally read, but I was drawn into it quickly and thoroughly enjoyed this very well written book. From the comfort of a life ensconced in a West Sussex village, Charlotte finds herself following her husband as he pursues his career and they are soon settling down to a life in far-off Oman. The expat social life is not really her style but she soon becomes in...
  • Arun
    Terrible writing. Far too many stories, not enough warmth. 20% into the book and no sign of the animals promised in the cover. Instead, we are served dollop after boring dollop of the author's luxurious lifestyle, replete with multiple homes, boats, villas and wine. Did I mention that the writing is terrible? Sentences like '...the Indian was clearly concerned for their welfare' really annoyed me. Doesn't 'the Indian' have a name? Or are we so po...
  • Fran Macilvey
    'Paw Prints in Oman' by Charlotte SmithAt first sight, this looks like another ex-pat story. 'How we moved our family across the world and found ourselves'. But I found myself engrossed in the narrative, interested to learn about aspects of a different culture that I know little about, and intrigued by a family so utterly besotted with pets. The love throughout these pages was palpable and at times, really moving. Thanks, Charlotte, for sharing y...
  • Nancy
    This was a wonderful book telling of the author's experience living in Oman after her huband accepts a job there. Not only does the author tell if her adjustments to leaving family and being submerged into a new culture, but she gives a wonderful account of her work at an animal clinic there that takes the reader on the journey with her. You quickly become involved in the both the ups and downs she faces as she becomes personally attached to so m...
  • Wendy
    With all the 5 stars ratings (and the cutest cover) I am afraid my expectations were too high. For me it was just a nice beach read; at times interesting, sometimes funny, but other times so boring. I lived overseas as an expat, and I was hoping to read more about real life in Oman, the culture, the people, not the luxurious life style with "camping" experiences in the desert, weekends skiing & shopping in Dubai or another trip back home. It is w...
  • Janet
    I was given this book to Beta-read.Charlotte describes her move from the UK to Oman in vibrant technicolor, but she really comes into her own once she steps into the Veterinary Clinic and begins to share the lives of the various staff, owners and animals she encounters there. The plight of the waifs and strays that find their way to the clinic, gives her purpose and direction in her previously sterile life in Oman. Their stories will fill you wit...
  • DJ
    *Very* disappointing, as well as misleading. This is a memoir of the author's experiences in Oman, written as if transcribed from a diary and a day planner (we did this and this and this and this). Given that it's an Ant Press pub, I wasn't expecting the humor, warmth, and quality of something like Marley and Me, but I did expect a dog book.
  • maureen zeigler
    Not really a terribly intellectual r read.quick read but it kept me interested to the end. obviously an animal lover who is continuing in that vein. Good luck in more in the future.
  • Juleen Mischo
    Good bookThis is a good book. I would recommend this book to people who like pets. I would also recommend this book to people who are interested in travel This book would also be good if you would consider living in a foreign, middle eastern country.
  • Jill
    The information in the book is great but would have benefited from more organization and better story telling. You get in about 100 pages before we get to the animals. Fewer stories told in more detail would have made this much better.
  • Terry
    A British ex-pat's account of the seven years she and her family lived in Oman with stories of her work at an animal clinic. A very easy, folksy read.
  • Barbara H Staples
    Great story.I especially like this story because it is a true experience of the author and her family. I love animals.