Fat Chance by Nick Spalding

Fat Chance

Meet Zoe and Greg Milton, a married couple who have let themselves go.Zoe was a stunner in her high school days, but the intervening decades have added seventy pounds, and removed most of her self-esteem.Greg's rugby-playing days are well and truly behind him, thanks to countless beers and fast food.When Elise, a radio DJ and Zoe's best friend, tells them about a new competition, it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn their lives around. F...

Details Fat Chance

TitleFat Chance
Release DateOct 7th, 2014
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Humor, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Comedy

Reviews Fat Chance

  • Joanne Sheppard
    I bought this book because I wanted something light, easy and funny to read when my concentration was completely destroyed by a two-week bout of illness. It’s not a genre I often read, but I quite like John O’Farrell, Nick Hornby and Helen Fielding, who are good at writing warm but gently satirical domestic comedies, and that was the kind of thing I was looking for. Plus, Fat Chance is about a couple who enter a ‘Biggest Loser’ style weig...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    When Zoe's best friend Elise is heading up a program on the local radio station called "Fat Chance" she gets talked into forcing her husband Greg to join in with her. The grand prize after all is 50,000.So starts their journey.This book is told from two view points in journal form. Zoe and Greg are supposed to document their struggles as they go. I think this couple was done is such an awesome way. I think the romance between them should be the n...
  • Jules
    The husband and I fancied something quite lighthearted to listen to during our six hour car journey home yesterday. This was a great choice, as it had us giggling and chatting about similar things we've done when it's come to trying to lose or maintain our weight. You see, we're both very different in our approach. I focus on chewing my food well, eating very healthy, rationing chocolate, and walking, but not overdoing it when it comes to exercis...
  • Dani Jade
    2.5 - 3 stars, ish.
  • Nancy
    This was a very fun read. It showed a great deal about the author's understanding about human nature and the struggle that many people have with their weight. Parts of it were hilarious.
  • Siv30
    אחד הספרים המצחיקים ביותר שקראתי. חבל שמידי פעם הסופר לא מתאפק ומנסה לחנך את הקוראים בעקרונות הדיאטה והספורט. ממש חבל, הוא היה צריך להתאפק ולהשאיר את הספר כשני יומנים אוטנטיים. הרי אף אחד לא כותב ביומן האישי שלו מידי פעם על עקרונות הדיאטה והספורט לח...
  • Alaina
    This book was hilarious! I absolutely love Fat Chance.First off, I will admit that I was very hesitant to dive into this book. I had a feeling it might be another terrible version of Bridge Jones where the main character constantly complains and only talks about herself being fat.. like all the damn time. Turns out, my assumption was completely wrong. Fat Chance is about a wonderful couple who gets asked to join a competition to lose weight. What...
  • G.J.
    A nice easy read, at times really funny.Of course you could argue that it is full of silly stereo types but sometimes it is good to just not question, roll your eyes and just move on to the next page. The characters were likeable and the story line fun, after all almost all of us at some stage in our lives had tried to lose weight!
  • Victoria
    This is actually not the first book that I have read with this title - but it is certainly the first book that I have read that is basically a The Biggest Loser-remake. Zoe and Greg have been a couple since college and since then, have let themselves go more than a bit. Together, they join a radio-station-sponsored competition to lose weight. The book is light in tone and pretty funny at times. It is always rather exciting to read something that ...
  • Cai
    While the book does address some important topics - Western society and its fat phobia, as well as institutional classism where healthy foods and exercise opportunities are limited to those with higher incomes - it also falls into "let's make fun of the fat guy because he's fat" cliches.All of this, however, is completely eclipsed by the in your face sexism, blatant homophobia, and your occasional pinch of racism. It's hard to actually pay attent...
  • Tony
    Massively disappointing. The story is thin and weak, and the similes employed made me groan out loud. The characters are stereotypical yet just not believable.Admittedly, this wasn't helped by a very poorly voiced audio production, read I believe, by the speaking clock. Or her sister. Mind the gap. And the male voice was a step away from stating ‘cor blimey guv’nor’ at the end of each sentence.Beep Beep Beep.
  • Lisa
    A funny and entertaining read but it was a bit too sweary and crude for my taste.
  • Kathy Cunningham
    Nick Spalding’s FAT CHANCE is definitely a funny, irreverent, and politically incorrect look at being fat in the 21st century. Zoe and Greg Milton are an overweight thirty-something couple who agree to participate in a radio show’s weight loss competition – they will go up against five other couples to see which one can lose the highest percentage of body weight in a six month period. The story is told in a series of alternating diary entri...
  • Quirky Omega
    I am a little shocked with how well this one turned out to be. Yeah that sounds so horribly condescending but in my defence I was having a really terrible luck at randomly picking up books. Fat chance totally blew my socks off. Not literally because you know it's hot now and I don't think my sweaty and smelly feet would be a rage at all. But you get my point right? The book has got fantastic humour and a really sweet romance. It isn't a romance p...
  • Kat
    This is a 2.5I liked the idea of the plot and most of the writing but found the mention of forced sex in a comedy sense offensive. When did it become the norm for that to be funny?Despite this I will read more books from this author Thanks goes to net galley and the publishers for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Char (lunarchar_)
    Truly awful and fatphobic but part of me was gripped to the plot and I ended up reading it in just two instalments.
  • Angie
    This book was...It made me uncomfortable too many times. Not “books are supposed to push our boundaries” uncomfortable. That’s the good kind. Fat Chance was the other kind – the kind that makes you wince a lot, the kind that makes you feel awkward and a little wrong because you know it’s sort of a mean thing you’re witnessing.The Good:Plot – the idea is solid. An overweight couple agree to a weight loss contest competition through a...
  • Samantha Tonge
    Hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments in this novel. And two main characters to care for. Huge fun.
  • Jaclyn
    Zoe and Greg are an overweight couple who join a radio show weight-loss competition in hopes of getting back down to their college-years' weight and in winning the 50,000 pound (this book is set in the UK) prize. The story is told in the form of diary entries from Zoe and Greg, with each alternating chapters. I didn't care for this book, but from reading other reviews it appears I could be alone in that. While it was a light story and a pretty ea...
  • Karyn Niedert
    Okay, to start with, I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life as I did through the first 71 pages of Fat Chance. Nick Spalding started this book with an overweight couple entered into a radio weight loss contest, and ran with it. Man, I have to say that by the time the book got a little more serious (about page 125) Hubs was going to have me institutionalized due to the fits of spontaneous giggles which erupted quite frequently! Zoe and Greg are a...
  • Lonneke van Toigal
    There are one or two very mild spoilers - nothing really gives the plot away though.I learned sometime ago that relying on the Top Sellers list (for Kindle, on Amazon) is not a good place to look for my next read. I assume that for a short period of time, a book receives some spotlight on the website, and sells lots of copies (relatively speaking) thus explaining a momentary peak in ranking. What keeps it up there, however, are folk like me who a...
  • Bèbè ✦ RANT ✦
    Summary:Meet Zoe and Greg Milton, a married couple who have let themselves go a bit.Zoe was a stunner in her college days, but the intervening decades have added five stone, and removed most of her self-esteem. Greg's rugby-playing days are well and truly behind him, thanks to countless pints of beer and chicken curry.When Elise, a radio DJ and Zoe's best friend, tells them about a new competition, it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn th...
  • Elaine
    I absolutely loved this book! Zoe and Greg are taking part in a six month long reality radio show called Fat Chance where six overweight couples compete to lose weight with a prize of £50,000 to the couple that loses the most. The story is told by the diaries that Zoe and Greg complete for the radio station over the six months and alternates between each one.I really liked Zoe and Greg. They are a normal every day couple, albeit one that uses th...
  • Riley Vermilya
    Zoe and Greg were buff and beautiful when they first met, married and then life happened. They stopped caring and let their bodies turn into overweight blobs of their former selves. It takes an embarrassing small chair and green dress episode to trigger an extreme desire to overcome their sedentary and poor nutritional ways. I have to admit...I was laughing and found the visuals amusing AND have had similar scenarios with my own fat self. Elise e...
  • John Braine
    With most books that I don’t enjoy, I can still appreciate the writing or see why other people might enjoy them - and I just think this isn't for me for one reason or another. But now and then a book will come along that I just think is utter shit, and this is one.This was a daily deal on audible.com and I think I had heard of it before. So I nabbed it. It’s basically “Carry On Fatty”. Let’s all laugh at fat people. That’s it. And it...
  • Dragana
    Now this was a nice surprise. I picked this book because I needed a book cover with scales for a challenge, but I ended up enjoying it.❤ It's about a loving married couple. No problems or infidelities. They fight their problems together..❤ The topic hit close to home. My husband and I also gained a lot of weight after our marriage. While he managed to return to old weight, I am still in a battle. My fat and I are close friends, so getting sep...
  • Leah
    Last year I read the first of Nick Spalding's "Love" series, Love From Both Sides and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Seriously, seriously, proper funny with one of the most gross out scenes in a book I have ever read (and which, remembering it now, even beats out Greg's foot blisters in this book, yuck and yuckier). So I was really chuffed to see he had a new book due out called Fat Chance, and even happier when I spotted it on Netgalley during Augu...
  • Ginni Brinkley
    I was already ignoring the liberal sprinkling of the f-word and the very crude description of Zoe and Greg in a cupboard, but I don't and won't ignore the misuse of the "retarded". More review later when I've simmered down.Here’s my review from Amazon (added to GR on 4.11.17): So, Fat Chance...It's not just the use of the word "retarded" (of which more later) I didn't like, to be fair. The second page made crude reference to the main couple hav...
  • Marilee
    Briefly, I enjoyed listening to this humorous book about a chubby couple who enter a radio station weight loss contest. Towards the last third or so, it got a bit preachy and pedantic about what works for weight loss and what doesn't. This is a humorous book for the most part, with some laugh out loud moments at the absurdity of dieting competitively. But towards the end, when the story starts to evaluate what works and what doesn't, it bogs down...
  • Alisa
    A nice, easy read, a good plot, likeable characters, often amusing, occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, but some scenes are just too ridiculous to be funny causing you to roll your eyes in annoyance instead. On the whole, a good read, even if it is packed with cliché after cliché and recommended if you just want something light and easy and a bit of a laugh now and then.