Odin's Promise (Odin's Promise, #1) by Sandy Brehl

Odin's Promise (Odin's Promise, #1)

ODIN'S PROMISE is a historical novel for middle-grade readers, a story of the first year of German occupation of Norway in World War II as seen through the eyes of a young girl. Eleven-year-old Mari grew up tucked under the wings of her parents, grandma, and older siblings. After Hitler's troops invade Norway in Spring 1940, she is forced to grow beyond her "little girl" nickname to deal with harsh new realities. At her side for support and prote...

Details Odin's Promise (Odin's Promise, #1)

TitleOdin's Promise (Odin's Promise, #1)
Release DateApr 20th, 2014
PublisherCrispin Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, War, Young Adult, World War II, Fiction, Childrens, Family

Reviews Odin's Promise (Odin's Promise, #1)

  • Heidi
    I found Odin's Promise to be a beautifully told story of courage and perseverance in the face of immense challenges. Mari's very appealing as a main character, an eleven-year-old girl whose 1940 Norwegian village has been taken over by the Nazis. She struggles to adjust to the often frightening changes in her world. But through it all her beautiful Norwegian elkhound, Odin remains by her side. But after Odin makes enemies of some of the soldiers,...
  • Linda Johnson
    I just ordered 2 copies of this book from Barnes & Noble, one for me and one for my mother, and I am so excited to get them!When I first read the book description, I immediately thought of my mother, who was also born and raised in Norway during the German occupation. Only difference is, my mother didn't have a Norwegian Elkhound, instead she had her beloved horse Raska who helped her get though these hard times. Ironically though, our family did...
  • Alex (not a dude) Baugh
    Life hadn't changed much for Mari, 11, and her beloved elkhound dog Odin when the Nazis invaded Norway and some German soldiers moved into her village, Ytre Arna. At least, not until one day in late August when she and Odin ran into two soldiers, nicknamed Scarecrow and The Rat by villagers, while berrying on the side of a mountain. The soldiers were forcing her Jewish neighbor Mr. Meier, to walk at gunpoint despite his being injured and bleeding...
  • Renee
    Odin’s Promise is a moving historical middle grade novel set in Norway shortly after Germany’s invasion in 1940 during World War II. In a style reminiscent of Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars, the author introduces us to Mari as she and her Norweigian elkhound, Odin cross paths with German soldiers “escorting” her battered and bleeding Jewish neighbor out of the village. We soon learn that the German’s occupation of Norway has created a ...
  • Liza Wiemer
    ODIN'S PROMISE is a must for a MG schools/readers! From the very first page, I was swept up in this WWII story about an eleven-year-old Norwegian girl named Mari and her dog, Odin and the invasion of Nazis into her village. ODIN'S PROMISE is a riveting and beautiful story about courage, sacrifice, defiance, family, and love that will sweep readers up and transport them to Norway. The scenes are vivid and realistic, yet perfect for MGers. Students...
  • Sandy Brehl
    Full disclaimer- I wrote this book.I haven't been able to find any other way to add it to my lists than to rate and review it, so here it is. Read and decide for yourselves! I hope you enjoy it.
  • Shawnna
    Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.I really enjoyed this book. This is the story of young Mari, a girl living in Norway during WWII during the German occupation. At the beginning of the story, she is unaware that her family is involved in the resistance, but as time progresses, she is told more and more about what they and other Norwegians are doing to resist their occupiers. I read quite...
  • Kathryn Svendsen
    Odin's Promise is about an eleven-year-old girl, Mari and her dog Odin in 1940, in newly occupied Norway. The Germans had come and pretended to be friendly, but rapidly placed more and more restrictions on them including things like not being able to wear their traditional dress for celebrations. Food was heavily rationed, radios were forbidden and it became difficult to know whom to trust. Some Norwegians, in order to get more ration cards joine...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Mari and her dog, Odin, are suffering under the German occupation of Norway during WWII. The food is wretched, the schools are not even safe, and horrible Nazi soldiers roam the town, beating up old men and dogs. Mari's much older brother and father are working with the Resistance, and even her grandmother is trying to do her part to fight against the Nazis. Mari even tries her hand at helping a little, but when a tragedy occurs and she no longer...
  • Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    I loved this story! I first read about the German occupation of Norway and the Norwegian resistance in Steve Sheinkin’s BOMB and I thought the subject was interesting. I like World War II history and that time period in general, so this book was something I really wanted to read. While reading this book, I learned even more about the Norwegian resistance and the culture/history of Norway. Ms. Brehl wrote a believable, exciting story with charac...
  • Suzanne Warr
    I had a friend say that the cover didn't do anything for them, and while I personally enjoy the cover, I think it gives the impression that this book is much quieter than it is. Instead, the book paints bold pictures in your mind of a brave young girl and people as they lived under German occupation and held strong despite the ravages of WWII. A truly lovely read, which you'll hopefully see for yourself soon. ;)You'll find the full review and upc...
  • Dave Hoff
    The Nazi occupation as seen by an eleven years old girl. The cruel treatment of Norwegian villagers, rationing, stripped of any resemblance of national pride. Mari and her dog Odin show defiance to the Nazi and Odin pays with his life, the girl is forced to grow up fast doing errands for the Resistance. A good history for middle school kids to show the dangers of a totalitarian dictatorship.
  • Julie
    I haven’t seen much from a kids’ perspective living in an occupied country, much less Norway. I liked the strength of the family, her relationship with Odin, and how she matured to be less fearful in the face of much to be afraid of. The characters were fairly superficial, particularly her friends, but I didn’t mind in the context of this story, which is more plot than character-driven. It’s a gentle read, despite the subject, with a pret...
  • Judy Cummings
    If you’re a fan of historical fiction, you’ll love this book. World War II, Nazis, a young girl and her dog—all the elements for a riveting story are present in Odin’s Promise by Sandy Brehl. Eleven-year-old Mari lives in the comfortable cocoon of her loving family in Ytre Arna, Norway. But when German soldiers invade Norway in 1940, Mari is forced to grow up quickly. While she no longer wants her parents and brother to treat her as a lit...
  • Laura
    Fictionalized account of Norwegian resistance during her years of occupation by Nazi Germany, as told through the perspective of a young Norwegian girl, Mari, and her family. In the story, each family member--Mari, her brother, Bjorn, her older sister, her parents, and her grandmother, as well as many of their friends--each demonstrate in ways befitting their stations in life the power of their moral courage and their choices that reflect resista...
  • Michelle
    Thank you to Kid Lit Exchange for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!#partnerOdin's Promise is a story of courage and resistance under the German occupation of Norway during World War II. The story is written through the eyes of Mari, an 11 year old girl who has been sheltered and loved in the arms of her charming family and is a relatable and likable character. This well written, middle grade historical fiction nov...
  • Sags
    I cried so much at the end!
  • Kid Book Reviewer
    Thoughts: Being Jewish, I have a special interest in World War II. My parents have always encouraged Oscar and I to read books about this difficult time, so we can understand it and learn from it. That being said, the World War II books I've read have been pretty much limited to ones detailing the struggles Jews went through - not for any particular reason, it just so happens that many of the World War II books geared towards my age range have to...
  • Christine Keleny
    I picked this up at a book sale event I was part of in West Allis Library earlier this year. I had a lovely talk with the author. It was just the kind of book I was looking for - about Norway, since I'm working on the research for book II of my Agnes Kelly series, which takes place in Norway! Serendipity helping again :)Stats: 237 pages, published in 2014Blurb: ODIN'S PROMISE is a historical novel for middle-grade readers, a story of the first ye...
  • Susan
    I had expected Odin's Promise to be about Norse mythology, which has never interested me very much, so I was glad that it covered historical events relevant to my own family. I found myself transported to a small Norwegian town by a fjord, where I sensed the peril Mari's family faced, as if the Second World War were still going on. Perhaps that war is ancient history for modern children, but books like this gives the reader a sense of its immedia...
  • Richa Jha
    I'll be gushing about Odin's Promise because I loved in on several counts. Besides a vivid physical landscape that Sandy paints of Ytre Arne (or indeed, of the beautiful Norwegian countryside in the 40s), the book presents an even more beautiful and varied emotional landscape of a proud set of people under the German invasion. Unlike the more widely available accounts of the atrocities against the Jews, this book helped me picture what it must ha...
  • Elise Hedlund
    Odin's Promise is a beautiful story of a girl, Marie, growing up in World War 2. Marie, the main character, has to face troubled times and take responsibility. I thought that Bestemor, Marie's grandma, was an especially touching character in this book. She was always there to support Marie but introduce her into a place where she has to take a stand, which Marie did, in her own quiet way. It helps to read this book on Kindle, because you can tran...
  • Barbara M. Britton
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mari and her brave dog Odin as they dealt with the German occupation of their home country Norway. I know more about the culture of Norway and how Mari and her family resisted the Germans in WWII. I did need Kleenex as I am a big softy where animals are concerned. I heartily recommend this novel.
  • Heather
    This is a sweet middle-grade read about a girl living in Norway under Nazi occupation. The depiction of oppression is real, without being heavy handed. Mari learns to be brave, but also wise, and to see her enemies as human while still standing in opposition.
  • Amelia
    I read this novel to my 9-12 year old campers at a Norwegian heritage camp before bed every night and it was perfect! It had the culture and history of Norway during the WWII era while maintaining a strong plot line that keep the children focused.