The Night of the Moonbow by Thomas Tryon

The Night of the Moonbow

In this spellbinding novel of idyllic childhoods torn apart by the blossoming terror of child pitted against child, Tryon spins a tale of the hidden horrors that lurk behind children's innocence, and an inevitable explosion of evil.

Details The Night of the Moonbow

TitleThe Night of the Moonbow
Release DateMar 26th, 1991
PublisherRandom House Value Publishing
GenreFiction, Thriller, Young Adult, Coming Of Age

Reviews The Night of the Moonbow

  • Quirkyreader
    I have always enjoyed Thomas Tryon's writing and this story does not disappoint. Possible spoilers... there is a big "Lord of The Flies" element to this story. Also, it takes place on the eve of the United States entering into the Second World War. One of the main characters doesn't exactly fit with the other campers and his protagonist was part of the local Bund. This book shows how one person's ideals can infect the minds of others. Four more T...
  • Lee Foust
    Well, it's been 30+ years since I read The Other and Harvest Home, but I remembered them so fondly that, growing suddenly hungry for a subtle, well written, haunting little potboiler like I used to read in my youth, I poured through an old stack of pocketbooks on the shelf and came up with this, found in a thrift store last summer for 50 cents. Sadly, it wasn't quite up to the beauty of those mainstream horror gems of Tryon's glory days (at least...
  • Belinda
    Thomas Tryon has become one of my favorite fiction authors of all time. He's hard to classify--some of his work (Lady comes to mind) is obviously straight up fiction. Much of his other work is horror or has a horror undertone to it. This book falls somewhere in between. It's horrifying at times, but not in a traditional sense. This book gave me a complicated feeling--I loved it, but it was hard to "enjoy". There is a lot of tough stuff in this--b...
  • Randee
    This is the third Tom Tryon book I've read and the third Tom Tryon book I've loved. I first read 'The Other' years ago and recently reread 'Harvest Home' and marvel at how he writes stories that almost seem tailor made for me. It's amazing that he was a successful movie star who walked away from it all to write books and the very first one he wrote was a bestseller and turned into a successful movie. I love his prose, dialogue and descriptions of...
  • Kimberly Hart
    Loved this! A boy coming of age at a bible camp where everything goes wrong for him- including his past coming back to haunt him.
  • PhantomWolf
    A cautionary, coming of age tale in the spirit of Lord of the Flies.I enjoy Tryon's writing style and the book kept me effortlessly turning pages. At times his descriptions left me feeling as if I was at Camp Friend Indeed and he painted several of the characters wonderfully. I have never been to summer camp as a child, but Tryon managed to make me feel like a member of this one. What I did not like about book is that the actions of the character...
  • Suzanne
    Havilng never read a book about a boys' summer camp before, I didn't know what to expect. This was a strange story all about the boy campers set in scenearios of 1938.I would suggest this book for 15 or 16 year old boys.
  • Joemodz
    Great story; not The Other, but great to read.
  • Nickrijns
    4,5 Stars****This was buitefull written. It was a very intense story and that is why it took me so long to read it.Leo is kind off the outsider in Hut 7 and almost all the other boys from the camp bully him from being diffrent then them. This goes on and on and the "pranks" got worse and worse. Untill the last pages and last day of the camp when the decision made by the bullies will be a fatal one which they will never forget. From beginning till...
  • Christy J-Furem
    While this was a story that kept you interested in the fate of the main character, I would not call this horror. Even the review on the front cover, "A chilling nightmare...spine chilling terror..," is totally misleading. This is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, suspenseful but not terrifying. My favorite Tryon is "Harvest Home" which is a bit more chilling than this one. But overall, he has an extremely elegant way of writing that you don't see...
  • Becca
    This story of a boy's Bible camp gone awry was slow-paced, but when those layers began to unfold, I had some difficulty sleeping. Set at the precipice of World War II and including a camp counselor who is also a member of the German American Bund, the story boils until explosion at the end. Boys will be boys, and boys will be cruel when they adore a cruel leader. However, left to their own devices, the boys were not completely heartless, making t...
  • Jarod Silva
    If you're looking for a book that scares the living shit out of you, this isn't one of them.I chose to give it three stars due to the love of the characters. It was a very well written book. But it wasn't a horror novel. A story similar to King's "The Body", but more aimed towards a camp full of bullies. I was disappointed. The ending was good, I can say that. But all in all, I wouldn't recommend this to a horror enthusiast.
  • Joanne
    Actually, this book was reminiscent of 'Lord of the Flies'I read it because it was a main selection of the Literary GuildIt was well written, well thought out, but I can't say I enjoyed it because it leaves me feeling the weight of cruelty in our world.I doubt I will read any more books from this author
  • David Jeffers
    Maybe the blurb is a little misleading. And maybe the story takes a little longer to get where I was hoping it would go. But did I like the characters? Yes, yes I did. And sometimes, most of the time, that's enough to carry a story that's a little too long, whose blurb oversold it.
  • Ann
    I love this guy - he's got a real old-fashioned style and voice, which is great for setting a particular mood. There are things a person could criticize about it but I don't want to pick it apart and undermine what otherwise strikes me as a classic.
  • NK
    I never went to a summer camp but this is extreme drama for an eight week period. Boys will be boys - but, if convinced, apparently boys can be monsters as well. Overall it was good and a departure from my usual reads.
  • Ktbird
    Not his creepiest book, and maybe it felt a little dated, but it was a good end of summer read.
  • Floyd
    I like Thomas Tryon quite a bit. This book was engaging and extremely well written. The characters were well developed, believable and easy to empathize with.
  • Jaime Contreras
    This book hit a chord for me because it takes place at a Bible summer camp where mischief turns to mayhem. A group of boys bully an outcast too far and then watch out. Mr. Tryon knows how to build suspense out of normalcy. This is a first-rate thriller.
  • Timothy Juhl
    Written at the very end of his career, Tryon ventured back into his gothic horror beginnings. It is hard to read the author's works as he ventured through the 1980s and devolved into a reckless life, his novels never really catching on with the reading world.
  • Prudence
    As in Lord of the Flies, we are reminded that group dynamics can bring out the worst in people.
  • happydog
    I read this years ago and don't remember it a whole lot- but it is still on my bookshelf, so I must have enjoyed it enough to keep it!
  • Jerriann
    i read this years ago and enjoyed it a lot, very good book and i recommend it; it is a memorable, impressive tale.
  • Nick
    Another shot at recapturing Tryon's earlier magic.
  • Motunrayo
    it was superb,enjoyed every pages of it
  • Lew
    I enjoyed this book probably more because I went to a camp that seem very similiar to this one except i went to camp in the late 60's not 1938. It was a interesting story.
  • Roxanne
    found it in used books... $5 for a Tryon scare...cannot wait
  • Evie
  • Calvin Campbell
    Thomas Tryon is a fine writer, but not much of a storyteller. And this book is not, as promised on the cover, "A CHILLING NIGHTMARE". "TURGID AND OVERWRITTEN SNOOZEFEST" would be more accurate.