Ghoul (Special X, #2) by Michael Slade

Ghoul (Special X, #2)

Dressed in a cape and top hat, with a bone white face and madman's eyes, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill - bloodily, perversely, inexplicably.In Vancouver, the horror rock group Ghoul cavort onstage, their act a bizarre and violent front. But, for what? Drugs? Snuff films? Dirty money? Contract killings?Inspector Zinc Chandler of Special X thinks he knows.Is there a connection between London's orgy of killings and Vancouver's unde...

Details Ghoul (Special X, #2)

TitleGhoul (Special X, #2)
Release DateMay 2nd, 1989
GenreHorror, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Suspense

Reviews Ghoul (Special X, #2)

  • Orient
    A thrilling BR with my favorite GR villain BR partner, Craig :)Woot, a creepy killer is stalking UK. Nah, it’s not Craig, don’t worry :D Great? Whoa, wait it’s not all, buy one - get four! A freaking discount on killers!!! Exciting, huh? What is more exciting is that the writer, Michael Slade, is a team of three writers - criminal lawyers, with great experience in criminal minds. And what do we get? A bloody realistic, very graphic book tha...
  • Nate
    A hideous disappointment after how much I truly dug Headhunter, which in my opinion is one of the ballsiest and most compelling mixes of the crime/police procedural and horror genres I've ever read. I really, REALLY wanted to like this book and spent a long time looking for it so I had nothing but the best intentions here...but I'd be reading it and I just wouldn't feel that thrilling, morbid spark I got from the first book. Then I'd put it down ...
  • Tony
    What's my favorite horror novel of all time? Tough question, but the one novel that always first comes to mind is the sophomore effort, Ghoul, by the amalgamation of Canadian lawyers known as Michael Slade.Don't be fooled by the tittle. This is not a book about monsters or the paranormal. Ghoul is a psycho-thriller featuring the hunt for a deranged psychopath by detective Zinc Chandler, a member of the elite Canadian serial killer task-force know...
  • James
    i have to admit to being rather conflicted on the rating of this book, which i desperately wish i could have given a 3.5 if able, but in the end, there was just too much that i found appealing to give it a flat 3. my biggest complaints seem rather few when i think about them list-wise, but it's a strong list. there were, for a large portion of the book, too many story lines going on at one time, and by the time they were all pulled together, it w...
  • Lee
    A police procedural/horror story, that's the warped mind of Michael Slade. The second in the "Special X" series, and after "Headhunter", it's hard to believe this is a father and daughter writing team!This is a perverted, gory, blood fest. And a damn fine thriller.
  • Jeff Gamble
    quite possibly one of the best written horror novels ever.never before or since have i found myself reading a book one minute and then standing on the otherside on the room staring at the book wondering what the f*** is goin on.its worth the verbal acid trip to find out.
  • Michael
    If you like to take your mysteries with a liberal dose of WTF, Michael Slade is the author for you. Plot twists, surprise endings, questions left unanswered or with solutions incorrectly guessed at by the all-too-human beleaguered police force abound. Coming on the heels of Headhunter, the second novel in the Special X series is a gruesome nod to such "dangerous" elements of popular culture as rock music, comic books, and horror novels.Despite be...
  • Duane
    What an amazing book! Though I know that the depiction of a multiple personality in this novel is not actually the way such things work, it was easy enough to suspend disbelief, because of the completely captivating story and the concise prose style of the three people who write as Michael Slade. I found this thing in a used bookstore not too long after it came out (lucky me), and noticed a blurb on the back that said it had Cthulhu Mythos conten...
  • Nan Silvernail
    In the London sewers a madman schemes to bring back Lovecraft's Old Ones while a sadistic killer's victims float down to the Thames. A Vampire stalks young girls and drains their blood. A homophobic bomber strikes and then sends Victorian flower poseys. Meantime, in Canada the Death Rock group, Ghoul wails on the stage. Predators stalk their victim in a prison's shower. A sexually obsessed heiress makes her last call to an escort service and a ni...
  • Monique
    Whoa this book is off the hook...a powerful bloody book with intersecting stories of a demented and violent serial killer, two sets of cops searching for him and glimpses into the lives of other characters..This book has everything sick and twisted you could want in a book: gory, violent detailed murder, psychosis at its best and hints of romance..but it also throws in incest, homosexuality, AIDS, death, rock and roll and of course HORROR...Scary...
  • Jeff French
    Headhunter is one of my favorite books. Ghoul is the follow-up to it. While I don't think Ghoul is in the same league as Headhunter, it deserves 5 stars for it's twisted plot, great characters, gruesomeness and shock value. The RCMP are up against killers who feel the need to compete against each other for the most notoriety, or so it seems. When the ending is revealed, the reader realizes that Slade has gone back to the same well as he did in He...
  • T.L.
    Read this years ago when first released to paperback and I loved it. Turns out Michael Slade is the pen name of a Canadian father/daughter writing team. What a twisted imagination these two have. I approve!
  • Meghan Schulz
    Slade is my favorite author. Great character development and the fact that his books take place in and around Vancouver makes them that much more scary. A must read for those who like psycho thrillers
  • Bill
    If you're familiar with Slade's work, you know what to expect. I didn't find it near as shocking as Headhunter, so I was kind of disappointed. A lot of people liked this one, though.
  • Robjr73
    Horror...mystery...thriller...this book is all those things and if you're a fan of any of those three genres then you owe it to yourself to read this masterpiece
  • Robert Defrank
    Short review: don’t bother. Minor Spoilers:Longer review: I tried this one out because I understood it to be Lovecraft-inspired. It was, in the sense that Dungeons and Dragons ‘inspire’ Chick Tracts.From the very first quote on the very first page – a quote supposedly from Lovecraft, long discredited by Lovecraft fans and generally accepted to be an invention of August Derleth – I suspected I was in for a disappointing ride. The story c...
  • John
    I have read many a horror novel and i must say overall this may be the scariest one i have ever read.The sheer depravity and violence of the novel is nauseating at times ill admit however the complexity of the story and the insight given into the overall investigation taking place is well thought out and on point.Trust me when i tell you even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble piecing everything together and he is the greatest detective ever afte...
  • Jayce
    This is a book I would definitely class as entertaining. The various thematic killings read like a veritable who's who of horror literature and film. And the denouement, when it comes, is satisfying and delightfully outlandish.My only issue is that I find the police procedural style disjointed. The facts come in a staccato fashion, interspersed with the more usual narrative style that I find myself used to, such that it sometimes takes me out of ...
  • DarqueMood
    Awesome. It had all of the elements of creepy, psychotic, horror that I love in a novel. I'm interested in the other Special X novels in this series.
  • Myrna
    I wasn't sure if I would like this book or not. The synopsis sounded interesting, but the cover looked more like a slasher/horror novel than the mystery/suspense/thriller type that I usually read. I have two main criticisms with this book. 1. The storyline is too choppy with too much going on. I got to page 124 out of 380, and there seem to be no fewer than 5 different storylines that still haven't converged in any way, shape or form. Just when I...
  • Jenn Smith
    Been a while since I've read this but I just loved everything that this "group" did. Well written, great information on the Canadian geography. Nice twists that aren't predictable, and strong characters. All of the books under Michael Slade are written from factual tidbits taken from their collective legal careers and wrapped in a fictional story that truly transports the reader into the moment. Highly recommend, but not for the feint of heart. U...
  • Jenna
    I really like these books, there are a ton in this series, written as a collaboration of lawyers who are experts in forenzics and psychoanalysis of criminals. it's a mystery-thriller with only a touch of ick, but the whole book comes together at break neck speed at the end, and will NOT dissapoint you. It has an educational touch to it, as they have done their homework. its a wonderful rainy day book. or series of books.
  • Rachel
    One of the worst books I have ever read. Seriously. I found this on a book of "Best Horror Books" and I have to say that, while horror is not my favorite genre, there are many better books out there. Michael Slade is actually 3 separate people, which might explain why the book is so bad. One author wants to include every boring piece of research and slow down the plot. One wants to add sex and bad language to every scene, and one wants to include...
  • Laura
    This was the second book I read from my parents extensive collection of bad, paperbacks from the 1980's. It's a convoluted mystery novel (although I did figure it out long before the end) full of blood and guts that basically pins a lot of blame on horror movies/novels, punk, and the goth movement. It was okay...barely.
  • Gypsykat
    This book was dedicated to HP Lovecraft, Alice Cooper, Stephen King with good reason. Homage to Cthulhu is paid and there is so much blood, guts and gore with a wonderfully twisting, twistED, storyline, that it is now my all-time fave horror novel! As another reviewer (in another forum) said; "A splatter-punk's wet dream!!"
  • Jim
    It's been ages and ages since I've read this, but I remember this being as good of a "serial killer book" as I've ever read. And I have read Silence of the Lambs. If you can find this, hunt it down.
  • Jaime Contreras
    This book scared the beans out of me. The tale of a mindless killer and a brilliant police officer (Zinc Chandler) with his own demons delivers the goods. This book will hit you in the gut and terrorize your mind. I can honestly say that it is one of the best horror novels I have ever read.
  • Tracie
    Gruesome, serious crime fiction at its best. Michael Slade kept me up hour after hour turning pages like crazy... I literally could not put this down. Be warned though, it is graphic, raw and in your face like only Michael can do.
  • Janus Andersen
    Mislykket blanding af psykohorror og krimi. Ikke særligt spændende, ikke skræmmende og ikke tåbelig nok til at være sjov. Meget fanget i sin tid - med mindre man synes, at Mötley Crüe er helt vildt satanisk og ondt og fyldt med bøh. Faktisk ikke helt sikker på, hvorfor jeg læste den her færdigt.
  • Allan
    Wow....What a concept for a killer(s). Had me on the edge of my seat all the time while reading it. Is one of the best books ever written. Have read it three times already, and I am sure I will visit again.