World Trigger, Vol. 1 by Daisuke Ashihara

World Trigger, Vol. 1

Destroy thy Neighbor! A gate to another dimension has burst open, and invincible monsters called Neighbors invade Earth. Osamu Mikumo may not be the best among the elite warriors who co-opt other-dimensional technology to fight back, but along with his Neighbor friend Yuma, he’ll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it.Upstanding Osamu always does the right thing, whether it means pitching in to save Earth after school or tur...

Details World Trigger, Vol. 1

TitleWorld Trigger, Vol. 1
Release DateOct 7th, 2014
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Shonen

Reviews World Trigger, Vol. 1

  • Elizabeth
    My first try at manga and it wasn't bad at all!
  • Jennifer
    I'm behind the curve on picking up this title, which is apparently super popular.I was surprised by this title. It has action and seems to be building towards becoming an immensely fun/entertaining shounen action manga, and the premise seemed like something we've seen many times before (giant monsters attacking a city in Japan, ::yawn::). However, I enjoy this take on the common storyline. The fact that Yuma is an alien, and Mikumo is a stereotyp...
  • Eden Grey
    World Trigger is a very Shonen Jump-style manga. The characters follow certain tropes, but each have their own slightly unique aspects. The action is flashy and large-scale, but not very thrilling or suspenseful. Instead, the reader is drawn to the cool weapons and interesting character and monster designs. The high level Border agents are flashy and cool, but there are a lot of them. Each volume of the English manga features extra content and th...
  • Dylan
    Great start to an entertaining new shonen title! So looking forward to getting more volumes. I find the art and characters to be delightful! Duck faces!!! Highly recommend this if you like Dystopic storylines and action.
  • Sarah ~Sehrenity~
    Reminds me of a cross between Bleach and Attack on Titan. I like it.
  • Doc
    This book is rated teen according to the people at Viz Media and it might have something to do with the theme of fighting nigh unstoppable creatures from an alternative dimension and the violence that happens in these conflicts (of course that is all covered by the description of the book when you open up this entry.) There is some violence none alien damage considering one character gets his arm cut off and impaled (thanks to their triggers they...
  • Sesana
    Actually a pretty decent shonen. The setup sort of reminds me of Pacific Rim, with monsters from a parallel world coming through portals to wreak havoc. A ton of exposition in this volume, but a lot of action, too.
  • Mike
    There's the spark of something here, despite a plethora of cliches.Review: https://derailmentsofthought.wordpres...
  • June
    If you finished this first volume and are wondering what is so unique and interesting about this series, I strongly recommend you keep reading until Volume 4 at the very least. This series is slow and won't reveal its uniqueness for a while.One of the things that make this series unique as a battle manga is its focus on strategy instead of power. Characters in this series almost always use their brains. Unlike those in other battle mangas, they d...
  • Carrie
    4.7/5 **light spoilers? below**I was really surprised how much I really liked this manga considering that I read much more josei manga nowadays. This one is for the science fiction genre lovers out there. The world has changed, strange holes or portals shale up Japan and bring terrifying monsters. BORDER is an organization that has brought order by battling these creatures, safeguarding places they appear and prepping the surrounding areas for ev...
  • LaPommequirougit
    J’ai entendu parler de ce manga, diverses fois, de plus la couverture m’attirait énormément ;).L’histoire est celle d’une ville dans laquelle un jour, une brèche s’ouvre. De celle-ci arrive des ennemis qu’ils appelleront les Neightboor. Ces derniers vont détruire la ville, tuer beaucoup de personnes, or un groupe de personnes se disant préparer depuis un moment cette arrivée va les tuer et les anéantir. Dès lors une organisati...
  • Isaiah Counts
    I picked this book out not for the cover or because i read the back simply because I wanted something new to read and this decision was almost good. The story line was garbage plus the main character was a bit to stubborn and stuck up but had some incite along with witty remarks towards the sub character. During this novel the action was pour and the story was too slow that had a mystery to it that was revealed too early and could of made the boo...
  • Galion Public Library Teens
    Review by K.M. : "This is a cool sci-fi manga about things from another world that came through a crack in the sky. They are called Neighbors. Very good manga. " (2018, 5 stars)Review by D.H. : "It was interesting to see Yuma's abnormal characteristics being taught by Osama, even in a time of war against aliens. My dad and my sister [would like this]." (2015, 5 stars)
  • Elinor Master of Gifs
    Un très bon premier tome ! J'avais entendu peu de choses, mais des choses très positives, sur cette série, et je suis bien contente de les avoir écoutées ! du bon shonen comme je les aime, et même pas trop classique pour l'instant !
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    Really amusing. Being a kaiju nerd, I appreciated the giant alien monsters. The main character kinda reminds me of Deku from My Hero Academia. The story also scratches that itch... the story of someone outside who sees through our cultural blinders and plays outside the rules.
  • Dallen Malna
    I'm not really impressed with this start...The art just isn't to my taste and the story feels like I've read it all before. hopefully it picks up otherwise I may skip ahead to just read where shonen jump is...
  • Elle
    I have never found a manga I loved. . . until this one. It was hard to put down and I finished it in record time. Anyone looking for a less gory Attack on Titan type manga is in luck. Everything about the manga is fantastic so far, I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one!
  • Sarah Baker
    Good premise, characters I can like and hate. Let’s see where it goes.
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this series. It kind of reminds me of Pacific Rim with an increased comedy aspect. It's unique compared to most manga plots out there and I like it.
  • Jennette
    Good series but they never translated past vol 8 ish don't bother buying any more
  • A. L.
    Picked this up on a whim since it was at the library. I actually liked it far more than I thought I would!
  • Austin Collum
    An interesting start to what could be a good series. Have to see where it goes from here.
  • Rollin
    World Trigger, while intriguing, fails to actually interest in its first volume. The greatest sin any manga can do without being actively bad is to be boring.
  • Gavino Esparza
    I thought this book was great because of the action
  • Kathleen
    This looks like the start of a fun series!
  • elissa
    I don't think this series is really my sort of thing but I will say Arashiyama has my heart even though he was in 2 pages lol
  • Augustus
    World TriggerBy Daisuke Ashihara.2.75 Stars.This wasn't a bad book but it's characters failed to leave a lasting impact. The plot sounds promising and I will be reading more of the series.
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog What a surprise! This is a very interesting, unique, and fascinating sci fi/dystopian manga. Everything is just a bit different than what I usually read in this type of story and the pacing/reveals are well done. By the time I had finished the second volume, I wanted more - and now!Story: A 'gate' opens up in the sky above a Japanese city and out pour monsters - destructiv...
  • Jessica
    A gate to another world opened in Mikado City allowing the "neighbors", giant alien monsters, to come through and spread terror and destruction. Luckily, the mysterious Border Defense Agency appeared with repurposed alien-tech to set up defensive measures and protect the city. 15 year old student Osamu Mikumo is serious, believes in helping people, often gets bullied, and is secretly a Border trainee. When he finds out new transfer student Yuma K...
  • TeenFiction Teton County Library
    YA GRAPHIC NOVEL ASHIRIHARA DChris’ Rating: 4 StarsLiving in a futuristic world where gates from another dimension allow “neighbors” and their robotic war creatures to bring terror to the inhabitants of earth, Border Agents do their best to protect their city from destruction. But when Osamu Mikumo is saved by a stranger, and finds out that he is a neighbor, he wonders if some neighbors could be “good.” Yuma, the neighbor, seems to have...