Never Me by Kate Stewart

Never Me

I was a thief of men…a whore.Not the conventional type that got paid for sex. I was the girl you talked about in your sad inner circle. The girl you shielded your boyfriend from as you cleverly covered him with your body when I came near. I was a threat to you.Keeping him safe in your grasp was smart.One incredible week was all it took to forever change me.I was NEVER going to be you … until I met HIM.*****This is a coming of age R...

Details Never Me

TitleNever Me
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Did Not Finish

Reviews Never Me

  • Christy
    4-4.5 Stars! This story has the kind of blurb that jumps out at you. Once I read the blurb, I knew this was a book I wanted to read. Though the story took a bit of a different direction than I was expecting, it was one I still enjoyed. As Nadine’s story begins, you can tell she is going to be one of those women you hate. You know who I’m talking about… the girls who only go after the unreachable guys- the guys with girlfriends. She’s not ...
  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    <4.5 Never Say Never StarsWell, I start by saying I bought this book because of the blub alone: "I was a thief of men…a whore."I mean hello bad girl! While I am not a fan of cheating, I was completely intrigued by the concept of a story from the other side. I had ideas in my head and I was ready to "hate" on a book character. I could not have been more wrong about what Never Me was truly about and I was beyond pleased with what Kate Stewart pre...
  • Didi
    3.5 SECOND CHANCE STARS!GOODREADS!!! I need HALF stars!Had I reviewed this book based on the first half and my opinion of it...things would have been very different. But surprisingly enough, the second half was just lovely and totally changed this book for me. This is NA, a genre I'm increasingly hesitant about but it didn't necessarily fit all the typical NA tropes. To begin with, our heroine, Nadine is a self-professed whore. YEP! That's right....
  • S.M. West
    4.5 “My perfect stranger” STARS“Maybe sometimes we need to bare our souls and see what we see in the eyes of strangers.”The premise of a self-professed slut targeting taken men for one night stands had me all in. This was my kind of book. Yet, I thought I knew how it would unfold. I was so wrong but that’s okay because that was one of the things that I really liked about this story. Nadine Rhodes sees life as her against the world. She...
  • Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡
    ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 You Are My Stranger Stars☆☆☆☆☆ OK Kate Stewart, I think you could write a crossword puzzle and I would absolutely love it. Flawless story of flawed characters finding who they are in this world. "It was simple. I loved sex and I loved men. It wasn’t an addiction. It wasn’t a hobby. I wanted what wasn’t mine. No, I wanted to borrow what wasn’t mine. I gave him back to you and you were never the wiser. I was th...
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Never Me by Kate Stewart4.5 stars!! “I’m not the guy who gets you, Nadine.” His voice was shaking like mine. I looked up to see his face twisted. “I’m not the one. As much as I want to be, I am not the guy who gets you.” From the blurb you think that Nadine is going to be one of those girls you hate but nothing could be further from the truth. Nadine has loved once…a mistake that she will never repeat again. What happened in her p...
  • Saunders
    So she says she is a whore - not the paid type she does f**k for sport. Her favourite game is to go after other women’s men - a bit like fishing. With no moral compass she casts her line, she hooks them and winds them in. Last count she had netted 17 men.But then she meets - Spencer Thomas Diamond - lawyer and a very different fish. She makes it clear to Spencer what her end game is - she will only have him once and then will walk away until sh...
  • Michelle
    Nadine is not your typical girl. She’s not one that is going to get caught up in her feelings or games of the heart. She has her own code she lives by. No strings and men that are completely unavailable. She is not the typical heroine that I’d fall in love with. But, it’s pretty hard not to. When a bit of money lands in her lap, what better way to spend it than a road trip to the coast. In moments as she is splashing in the Atlantic Ocean s...
  • Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    It's official! After reading all of Kate Stewart's books I can easily say she's one my favorite authors. She kills me every time and I take pleasure in it, because I have faith in her and her writing. No matter how unappealing or flawed her heroine/hero is or the how story takes its twist and turns, I know it will all be worth it.Nadine definitely had her flaws and insecurities. She had her own ways to get laid. The attached and unavailable, so s...
  • Cassia Brightmore
    Nadine Rhodes is a whore. She is the self-professed Grinch of Love. She meticulously stalks her prey, carefully chooses the next notch on her belt and does so with enough flair, style and sex appeal that you can’t help but admire her for it. She is a gift to man, beautiful, sexy and only looking for one night - that’s all these men ever get with her, just one night with no strings attached. She only ever targets guys who are attached, guys wh...
  • Beth
    5 Bucket List StarsThis book is freaking awesome. Done. Said. End. Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish before you "go"? You know a bucket list of things to do? Or maybe you just keep a mental list of the cool things you have accomplished..... Been to the Iditarod....check Climbed Mt Vesuvius.....check Given birth with no pain meds.....checkNot sure why I did that last one. Kinda stupid in hind sight but I was determined that if wo...
  • Taryn
    "Kiss me goodbye, Nadine, and go hit all your levels. Go take over and do all the shit you were meant to. Just know it’s okay to trust and get hurt, or you aren’t living at all."That line in the book... Oh, what it did to me! Spencer. Goodness. I loved his character! He's wonderful. Forgiving. Welcoming. Nonjudgmental. He worked his way through the wall Nadine erected, pushing past her boundaries and making her see there is more to life than ...
  • Jessica Florence
    Never me. A very beautiful story. I did hesitate at fist with this one bc of the blurb. Not a fan of cheaters But don't let that stop you. That is a very small part of the book. Nadine Is a super sexy woman and she knows it. She uses that very weapon against men. Men of her choice of course. She sees them. With their girlfriends. Baits them, hooks them, and reels them in. One night with her. All she wants is that look. The look of pure heat/ lust...
  • Sharon Dunn
    Absolutely unforgettable!!! There are not enough stars for this one. If the first line don't get you, nothing will! I loved this book. I don't like to say too much and give everything away but "Never Me" will keep you on the edge of your seat. At one point, I was screaming at the book, "No, No! You have got to be kidding me!" It's a must read and a recommend to all!! I loved that it was NOT a cliffhanger! Thank you, Kate. I don't think My heart c...
  • TLBC
    ARC provided...Slight spoilers.Sounds good right?This book was so much more than that blurb. Nadine (h) is a selfish girl, she uses men and tosses them out when she's done; always pursuing the taken ones. She gets a thrill from it and treats it like a game. She is beautiful and knows it. After graduating college her wealthy father gifts her some money, so she pays off her debt and decides to take a road trip to see the ocean with Rory her best fr...
  • Mara De Guzman
    4 Never Never Stars!ARC received from the author for an honest reviewReview also posted on Mara’s BookshelfMy first Kate Stewart book and I didn’t know what to expect. When I first read the blurb, I thought “Wow, this sounds all kinds of sexy messed up heroine” and I wanted to read more so I said yes reading and reviewing it. And it’s a good thing that I did. I have to say though, Never Me was more than just what the blurb made it out t...
  • Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert
    Sometimes you going into a book thinking you know exactly how it’s going to go but then it somehow surprises you. Never Me was that type of book for me. It was a love story that built up slowly and before I knew it, it sucked me in. I so loved Nadine and Spencer and I even teared up at one point. Nadine is young, beautiful, smart, and a self-proclaimed whore. She doesn’t do relationships. She doesn’t have men peruse her, she “invites” t...
  • Megan
    4.5 Blown away that I liked this as much as I did. I wasn't expecting to love it. I expected it would be a decent read, it was, and it was MORE! STARSWOWOWOWOWOW- serious reaction after I finished.This book was almost like whiplash. The blurb does NOTHING for what this book truly is about. Honestly the cover and ratings is the reason I read it bc the blurb did not pull me to read it and even now after I've finished, the blurb is still nothing exc...
  • Janey
    A new author to me, the blurb for this book was intriguing, and what hooked me to dive in.Nadine was a thief of men. Not the kind to steal and run, but to invite wanton eyes into her web and play for a while, before returning them.She made a decision to go on a road trip with her good friend, Rory, where they meet a group of friends that they immediately engage with. They follow them to other destinations, having fun, making memories, breaking do...
  • Shazza66
    Not sure why but I never expected this one to top Room 212 but it certainly exceeding all my expectations.Loved all the characters especially Spencer who was my absolute favourite he is everything you dream of and more, much more.Nadine is 19 and uses other women's men for just sex and nothing else she considers it a sport, her outlook on life, love and romance completely changes after she meets Spencer, damn he would change anyone's life.Spencer...
  • Aliyeh
    Five stars for Nadine and SpencerI read this one on a whim and I'm really glad I did. both Spencer and Nadine were both beautiful lead character's, each in their own way. We meet Nadine when she is both young and lost. She will only sleep with men who have girlfriends and only once. Having just graduated college at the young age of 19, her father gifts her enough money to take a vacation. so she pays off her best friend Rory's rent as well as her...
  • Giulie Kiessling
    HOLY H.E.Double Hockey Sticks!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I just right now finished Never Me. I put my Nook down and immediately had to write my Review! My emotions are ALL OVER the place!!!! I don't know if I still love you Kate or want to dislike you for the feelings I'm feeling!!!! I LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I thought after Room 212 it couldn't be topped but Holy Hell........ I WANT SPENCER!!!!! It's Like Fine Wine, it gets BETTER With age!!!!!! I...
  • Brit
    Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided by the author for an honest reviewi highly enjoyed this book after picking it back up. review to come
  • Tiffany Readz
    Never Me is my second Kate Stewart book and I will have to say, I am a big fan of her writing. She creates a female character with a tough outer shell she shows to the world, while just wanting to be loved like anybody would.Nadine is young, too young to be as bitter and broken as she is. Having a tough childhood, no mother around as she and her father scrimped to get by, helped fuel her attitude. Nadine is playing a game with men so she can guar...
  • Jessica *The Lovely Books*
    4.5Well my pretties, this is definitely not a book about a twenty something year old virgin who's never in her life touched a penis let alone kiss a guy. Nope, not that kind of story at all. Most of you probably took one look at that blurb and saw "whore". How many female characters do we get to see that embrace their sexual side? Or ones that are just plain whores. Looks like it's your lucky day because Nadine is so not what you will expect. You...
  • Jennifer Smith
    If it is at all possible to give a book more than 5 stars ... this would be one of them. I was truly HONORED AND BLESSED to receive an advanced copy of Kate Stewart's new emotionally charged book Never Me. If any of you have read or followed my reviews I'm humbled beyond words for you doing that ... but you know then that I tend to mix a little spoilerish snippets in them as well. So bare with me cause this is gonna be hard to do!!!Never Me ... w...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    "I'm going to get between those thighs, Nadine, and you are going to beg me for more. And when you do, I'll rub it in the right way by f@$&ing you senseless and making you wish you had given in sooner"I absolutely loved this book! It was sizzling hot and all in all it was a such a beautiful love story with lots and lots of attitude.Nadine makes a fantastic heroine. I loved her feistiness, no nonsense character and it was clear from the start that...
  • Karrie Mellott Puskas
    Never Me is right up there with one of my top reads for the year! Seriously Nadine and Spencer as well as Jack, Amy, and Rory sucked me in. I didn't want to put my kindle down! This story is off the charts! I fell in love with these characters. I grew fond of the relationships they were forming and just when something great was about to happen my heart sank! It's a great emotional book! You want to see Nadine and Spencer together you are rooting ...