Voices of the Sea by Bethany Masone Harar

Voices of the Sea

The Sirens of Pacific Grove, California are being exterminated, and seventeen-year-old Loralei Reines is their next target. Lora may look like a normal teenager, but her voice has the power to enchant and hypnotize men. Like the other Sirens in her clan, however, she keeps her true identity a secret to protect their species.Lora’s birthright as the next clan leader seems far off, until the Sons of Orpheus, a vicious cult determined to kill all ...

Details Voices of the Sea

TitleVoices of the Sea
Release DateJul 22nd, 2014
PublisherWiDo Publishing
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Mythology, Mermaids, Paranormal

Reviews Voices of the Sea

  • Anda
    Okay so I don't quite read fiction books with mysterious crimes and such but THIS, this was so catchy that I just couldn't let it out of my hand before finishing it (at 1:30AM last night). I enjoyed the mythology references also. It made me tremble and shiver as the action unfolded, thinking WHAT is going to happen next, even though in a corner of my mind I was aware that it's all fiction and I shouldn't get so emotionally involved :)) In short, ...
  • Megan Lee
    This creative tale of modern sirens and their struggle for survival against the Sons of Orpheus (a sort of mythological mafia)is a riveting read! Harar's adept storytelling breathes new life into the classic myth of sirens and their origins. Using equisite description and well-placed mythological markers, the novel is packed with the sensual and the magical, rocking and lulling like the siren's voice and the sea itself.Full of plot twists and wel...
  • Katherine Hajer
    Her whole body shivered with delight as she embraced the sounds of the sea and the harmony of her own voice. Ancient magic swelled within her, the ocean blessed her song, and a strong wind tousled her dark brown hair until it flowed wild behind her. Voices of the Sea achieves something extraordinary in a very confident, accomplished manner: it seamlessly blends the two YA sub-genres of fantasy and amateur detective into a very enjoyable, readable...
  • Ricki
    Seventeen-year-old Loralei is the future Guardian of her Siren clan. To outsiders, she appears to live the average life of a teenager, but like her ancestors, her voice has the power to entrance men. But the Sons of Orpheus are determined to destroy all Sirens, and when members from her clan are savagely murdered, Loralei feels a responsibility to protect her people. When Lora meets Ryan, a new student in her school, she can't help but be drawn t...
  • Jen
    The chilling opening scene of this young adult novel drew me in, and the alluring twists and turns of this paranormal story held my attention like a song of the Sirens Harar writes about. Loralei is a relatable, strong-willed young protagonist who readers want to see succeed on her quest to protect her clan and grow into her role as the future Guardian. Lora is surrounded by a cast of passionate family and friends, including an unexpected new arr...
  • Debra Metzler
    I didn't think I'd like it, but I couldn't put it down! Like Divergent and The Hunger Games, Voices of the Sea explores the complicated emotions and changing tides of the teenage years. Family tragedy, young love, and generational expectations all converge in a story that made me want to stay up and read another chapter. It would be a great present for any young adult, a gripping family read-aloud, or a page turning story perfect for a plane flig...
  • Noël Miller
    This was a great read. The characters are fascinating, the mystery compelling. The plot is woven together tightly, and keeps the reader guessing. The romance is flirty and passionate, but I would recommend this as a great middle school read, too, as the book stays within bounds for younger teens.
  • Karin
    Love, Love, Love! Great first novel for Beth!The characters develop very well thru the book and I loved the touch of fantasy set in the real world mixed with bits of Greek mythology!
  • Karen
    I normally don't read YA, fantasy and especially not YA romance/fantasy. But this one also has mystery, murder and a psychopathic killer-- right up my alley! Also, I really loved the setting of Pacific Grove, California. The ocean was described beautifully and a very clear presence throughout, adding to the literary quality of the writing. There were some definite twists and surprises in the plot, kept me reading pretty much straight through to t...
  • Angela Cruz
    This is a fantasy with a touch of romance. This is a short, stand alone book. The story ended with an open feel so hopefully there will be a sequel. I recommend this for young adult, adults because there is tragedy, but it is tastefully written. There was references to mythology that was added throughout the story, which made it more interesting. This modern day siren story is completely original, the plot is full of twists and turns, I was anxio...
  • Pyper at Reading Lark
    Voices of the Sea is Bethany Masone Harar's debut novel. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and I'm happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book!Voices of the Sea is a captivating book about a Siren clan in Pacific Grove, CA. The book begins with the brutal murder of one of the clan members by a man named Ortho. The Sons of Orpheus seem to be hunting the remaining sirens on Earth and the Pacific Grove clan must protect itself.Loralei is a 1...
  • tamilnadu09
    I've read my fair share of dystopian and paranormal novels- and even a few Greek mythology ones- but this is the first tale of modern day Sirens that I've come across, so kudos for originality. It was also extremely well written, so double kudos for that. This isn't one of those 'page-turner, stay-up-all-night' type of books, but nonetheless the overarching mystery element will keep you reading till you finish. The author does a nice job of tying...
  • Elizabeth Naranjo
    This young adult paranormal novel starts off with a riveting scene--a beautiful young Siren is brutally murdered by a man we'll come to know as Ortho. The scene is from the murderer's point of view, and throughout the novel we shift between his perspective and that of Lora, our heroine. Lora is a seventeen-year-old Siren, part of a secret clan living in Pacific Grove. Privy to a particularly gruesome detail about the above murder, Lora realizes h...
  • Melissa
    Having read a good amount of YA Fiction, it seems I can often predict which characters are going to fit into which roles. Generally, I haven't gotten into the habit of predicting who is the love interest, who is the bad guy, etc. As I began to read Voices of the Sea, it became quickly clear that I wasn't going to figure this out. Just when I thought I was sure of who was who, a small change would come and send me back to Square 1. To me, this abi...
  • Chris Burton
    A wonderfully marvelous book that pays attention to the fact that not evrything can happen in a week but spaces out events in a more realistic manner. Thought this was a uniquely modern take on the greek mythology of the siren and what they may have evolved to become in modern times while still keeping to the core greek mythology while expanding the story and filling in some details. This story also throws in other characters from greek mythology...
  • Amanda
    Awesomeness!Full review to come on blog tour stop on my blog!
  • Polly
    Well I finished it. it was recommended to me so I kept waiting for it to get good but it was just really bad in my opinion. now off to find something worth reading
  • Callie
    ***Goodreads Giveaway Winner*** I absolutely love this book. it was well written and keeps you enthralled until the end.