Zhukov's Dogs by Amanda Cyr

Zhukov's Dogs

A good dog doesn’t ask questions, especially when The Council holds their leash. Lieutenant Colonel Nik Zhukov never disappoints—never questions the orders given to him—even as each mission further reveals how corrupt his handlers are. For the sake of national security, the desensitized prodigy pretends he’s just like any other seventeen-year-old living in the year 2076. At least until it comes time to pull the trigger.On the verge of pro...

Details Zhukov's Dogs

TitleZhukov's Dogs
Release DateOct 27th, 2014
PublisherCuriosity Quills Press
GenreScience Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult, LGBT, Fiction

Reviews Zhukov's Dogs

  • Marjolein
    Read all my reviews on http://urlphantomhive.booklikes.com This book turned out completely different from what I expected when I started reading, luckily it took a turn for the better.Nik is part of a junior division of intelligence where teenagers are trained like dogs to follow orders. When he's sent to the now underground city of Seattle on a simple infiltration mission, he may loose more than he care to.The first fifty pages or so, I didn't e...
  • Milica
    This book could have been so much better if it was longer...for two books. Because, you see, there is a lot of going on here - Nik infiltrating underground rebel group, falling love in Val and trying to save Seattle in the process...and all that and so much more happens in only two weeks. As you know, most of the YA dystopias are trilogies and for a reason...When you're writing a dystopia, you need to build a whole new world. That takes pages thi...
  • Casia Courtier
    Despite what my blog posts are for my book reviews, there are actually quite a few authors and books I gush about. Let me just say this, Zhukov's Dogs by Amanda Cyr was completely gush worthy. This book is a young adult science fiction dystopia published through Curiosity Quills Press, and, let me tell you, it is worth reading!It starts off like a prisoner of war memoir. We literally meet Nik Zhukov, our main character, in the midst of incarcerat...
  • Victoria
    Copy by NetGalley.3.5 stars In my eleven years of service, I’d never heard of something as extreme as crushing an entire city. The fact Aiden just told me I was going to have a hand in the crime made everything else on my mind seem trivial. Good dogs held their tongues and relied on nothing more than the briefing sheet in front of them, though, so I tried to keep my nerves together and not think about the mass genocide I was being asked to take...
  • Rebecca
    I was given the opportunity to read to review this book by Curiosity Quills, as part of the Blog Tour, and I GREATLY enjoyed it!!The year is 2076 and less than 40 states are still considered habitable, thanks to the destructive power of nature leaving them ruined and inhospitable. And yet there are still people living out there, mining resources, living underground. And the Council wants to crush one such city for ownership over their valuable op...
  • Robyn Koshel
    Zhukov’s Dogs is the most innovative dystopian novels, I have ever read. Amanda Cyr captured a world that is so vivid and real, it is frightening that a future a could be so deliciously bleak. In Nik Zhukov’s ruined future, there is no place for the old, it is survival of the fittest- at seventeen, Nik ploughs through the ranks to find things are not all they seem to be. Zhukov’s dogs is filled with arbitrage, intrigue and enough action to ...
  • May Fungi From Yuggoth
    This is the kind of story I think of when I consider the definition of dystopian. As I read it, I kept thinking this must be like reading a memoir of Guantanamo, or a historical recounting of the horrors in Eastern Europe in the 1990's. Perhaps a more apropos reference would be to the medieval Children's Crusade, during which children of all ages were scarcely trained, then shuffled off toward Jerusalem as cannon fodder in an ongoing wE that even...
  • Diane
    Received a complimentary copy to read and review. I couldn't put it down. The characters and the story are very interesting. It has some great twists and turns. I recommend it to others. Readers won't be disappointed. I look forward to reading more of Amanda's books.
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/ Zhukov's Dogs was quite a surprise: an indie that was well written, engaging, nuanced, and even had an interesting romance. The plot flowed smoothly and organically, without being overly complicated or people acting out of character just to push a plot. Best of all, our lead is not bound by morality or conventions - he'll kill an innocent or fall for another guy without fe...
  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    (I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I found this book a particularly intriguing one. The blurb sounded really interesting and I found myself pulled into the storyline almost straight away.Zhukov was a really well-written character and it was good to see the storyline written purely from his perspective. Although the book kind of went straight into the action, I still found it really ea...
  • Camly Nguyen
    Nik Zhukov is a dog (not literally) at the Y.I.D. and a very good one at it. He completes his missions and does what he's told without question. One day, when his boss and best friend Aiden sends him out on a mission to spy on some underground kids, he accepts wholeheartedly. But the real problem only starts the moment that he meets those so called "kids". They are organized, numerous, kind and ruthless. They accept Zhukov as one of their own and...
  • Lady
    Love Destoys The Vilest ConditioningThis is a stand alone as far as I can tell.Nik is a product of his upbringing for the most part. His father is military elite. His best friend is THE military elite... He was born and bred to be a soldier. Nik has never questioned anything that was instilled in him by his father or his indoctrination except where Aiden is concerned. Nothing and no one will get between them ever! They are the family they chose. ...
  • Lisa
    You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow BlogDystopian world and military is a huge feature in this book. This book starts off like a prisoner’s memoir. Where Nik Zhukov is in the midst of incarceration and his impending execution. But his story is told through an interview and flashbacks where the reader learns about him and his past and how he ended up where he is. The story was really strong, the writing was amazing, and I just loved the w...
  • Stacie Johnson
    At first I wasn't sure that I would like this book, then the story pulled me in and I was unable to get out. The characters in this book jump off the page and pull you back in. It is a story about whether to follow your heart or your orders. The main characters show exactly what they would do for those that they love, even when betrayal and treason are at stake. I highly recommend this book.
  • Geoff Strayer
    Some books grab you straight away, some take forever to do so, and some never do.This is the second type.I need to head off on a tangent for a bit, sorry. So sometime back, a certain novel was awarded a Hugo for being the best of the year. I tried to read it, and was instantly lost in the undefined terminology, cultures, world, and a distressingly nonlinear flow. That was Ancillary Justice, and I maybe got 10% of the book read before I deleted it...
  • Thistle
    Not only can you not tell a book by its cover, you can't tell it by its title either.Based on the title, Zhukov's Dogs seemed to be a good match for me: I enjoy it when troops/people are referred to as dogs, and I've taken a liking to books about Russian characters. The brief blurb both made it sound interesting and made me wary:On the verge of promotion, Nik is dispatched to the underground city beneath the icy Seattle tundra. What should’ve b...
  • Kim
    Zhukov’s Dogs begins with Nik Zhukov in prison for treason. We then find out how he got there and why he did what he did. His father is military. His best friend is military. It is all Nik has known and he has always done what he was told. Until he was asked to spy on the undergrounds of Seattle and fell in love with their leader, Val.I really enjoyed the rollercoaster ride the story takes. Nothing has ever distracted Nik until the right woman ...
  • Heather Brown
    Nik Zhukov is a 10-year military veteran in what is left of America, but he is also only 17. As one of the top operatives in the Youth Infiltration Division, Nik has been trained to fulfill all sorts of dangerous missions. This time his disillusionment with the government and the all-powerful Council may get Nik killed. Charged with infiltrating Seattle's rebel forces, Nik assists their leader, Valery Grey and his team while drawing them close. P...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    I really liked reading Zhukov's Dogs and it was much more intriguing than I'd initially thought it would be.