Tin City Tinder by David Macinnis Gill

Tin City Tinder

A farmhouse explodes in the middle of the night.The town drunk finds a burned finger on his front porch.An elderly woman is left to burn in an abandoned building.A serial arsonist hides in plain site, plying his fiery trade in the dead of night. Who will his next victim be?Boone Childress is a former Navy intelligence operator, a hero turned firefighter who returned home to the North Carolina mountains to pursue a career in forensic investigation...

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TitleTin City Tinder
Release DateApr 7th, 2014
GenreThriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Tin City Tinder

  • Marsha Graham
    I almost stopped reading this Amazon freebie several times. It had what could pass for a plausible story-line, but it was giving me mental whiplash so I started and stopped reading the book multiple times because: One POV (Point Of View) per chapter please. I-he-we-they-us all in a paragraph makes me cringe. Your, You're, they, their, there, they're, its, it's, etc. Learn the difference between the words. Please god, tell me you got a copy editor...
  • Ted Tayler
    "An easy read"A very enjoyable thriller. Easy to read. You will learn a lot about fighting fires and how to stay alive. A plethora of characters who all added something to the story. The ex-navy firefighter, the Japanese exchange student, the local drunk and many, many more. Heck, the whole town was involved. There's even a little romance thrown in for good measure. You could do a lot worse than spend a few hours reading this one.
  • Heather
    This book is like a bad restaurant. Picture this: you decide to go to a new restaurant. It's small, it looks family-run, but it might have promise. You enter and it's a bit hazy. You pick your booth and see that the table is not exactly clean. The floor is a bit sticky and a bit dirty. A server comes and haphazardly wipes off the table and the booth seats, so now you are seated at a damp table on damp pleather. Your server comes bouncing over, a ...
  • Brad Thomson
    The story had promise but the number of typos, excessive to the point where it became a distraction took so much away from enjoying it. It needs a copy editor to take another pass or four through it to give it a much necessary clean up.
  • Patricia McIntyre
    DisjointedSomewhat entertaining but so many errors / typos that pleasure was diminished. Too predictable and not very suspenseful for being a thriller.
  • Michelle
    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself, I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA
  • Jeffrey Miller
    What is it that makes a good story? Some might argue a strong plot or story line; others may argue compelling characters. Either way, authors have to find a balance between the two in order for the story to work and for readers to stay engaged.That’s what readers get for the most part in David Macinnis Gill’s Tin City Tinder, the story of a serial arsonist on the loose in a small North Carolinian community and the Navy veteran who tracks him ...
  • Marilyn Groves
    Probably more like a 3.5, but the author has corrected the gazillion typos that caused poor prior reviews, so am going to bump mine up to 4 to even it out :) Liked the primary characters - Boone is a navy vet, college student, and rookie volunteer fire fighter. He is also stubborn when he believes in something.And he believes that there is an arsonist causing the fires, and sets out to prove it. Good story line, enjoyable supporting characters.Th...
  • Donald R Coscia
    Young firefighter bucking heads with red neck justice.Young firefighter bucking heads with red neck justice.Well written novel aboutWell written novel. I liked the compilation of characters. North Carolina is really backwoods where their laws are concerned. The author has made quite a few grammatical errors.Whether by design or not I am not sure. But I recommend this book it is a good story and Wil keep you turning the pages.t
  • Michelle Bacon
    A great whodunit!Boone Childress is an ex-navy petty officer now attending college and working as a volunteer firefighter. A string of fires light up the county giving Boone reason to believe that these fires are not just random. He begins his own investigation with the help of some classmates.In spite of all the spelling and grammatical errors in this book, I really enjoyed the story and the mystery it had to offer. Well deserving of a 4 star ra...
  • Cheryl
    Great little mysteryAlthough this was the first in the series I read it second. Great little story and I love the dynamics of the character interaction. A few most likely typographical errors but a little distracting. Storyline is interesting and makes me miss North Carolina. I am looking forward to reading more of Gill's writing as his creative style is great and enjoyable to read and keeps you guessing on the "whodunit?"
  • Michael
    The main character, Boone, was supposedly an ex-Navy man and 23-years old. This retired military man thinks the author hasn't any idea abut being in the military. Boone showed no maturity and confidence that is instilled in service folks. I felt like the author wrote this for juveniles rather than adults. The story plot was okay but not great. There were several grammatical errors that was distracting. To the author: quit putting in the cussing b...
  • Diana
    The story line had potential. It was a good firefighter mystery, with interesting characters. The author, however, should stay away from romance as the conversation between the two main characters was childish. I, also, was annoyed by the lack of editing with missing or wrong words, etc. It is distracting and unforgivable.
  • Patricia C Robbins
    BRAVOBRAVOThis was a delightful story populated with likeable characters and obnoxious characters. The mystery was the glue holding the plot together. I like Boone and Cedar and I'd certainly read more of his adventures.
  • Randy Evans
    Good little story, fast read. Wasn't bad, wasn't great. It was alright just nothing that's goin find a place in my long time memory. If you read a lot I would say read it, if you read only a couple of books a year there's better one's out there.
  • Daniel Ryker
    A great beginning to a Mysterious book series.Follow Boone as he is faced with the job of learning about life, girlfriend's and those who would kill and destroy everything in their path. A very good book and beginning to the series.
  • Marilyn
    GoodGoodthe firefighters that were the good get had some rotten firefighters in the department's.the way this country sheriff's department were less than effective.
  • Sheila Myers
    An interesting plot line based on the efforts of a new volunteer firefighter and the racial prejudices of some small town officials. The fast-paced action and colorful characters more than make up for some of the grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Kari Morandi
    Young adult novel?Read like a young adult novel, but not a very good one. I only managed to read the front quarter and the last few pages and didn't feel like I missed anything.
  • Helen Pickering
    Tin city tinderLoved the book except the bad language but I laughed out loud in places especially the Japanese language great read
  • Bill Barnes
    OK ReadDavy Crockett killed a bear, not Daniel Boone. Lots of grammatical errors and not NC used. Editor needs to stop using spell check and start reading.
  • Janet
    very good
  • Muriel
    Very poorly edited, if at all. There were several cases of switching person in the middle of a sentence. So many times there were words just missing in a sentence. This can ruin a book for me.
  • Deliasue
    This read was a thriller from page one, Boone Childress is a sleuth and a good one, he keeps this mysterygoing until the end.
  • Martin Pingree
    This turned out to be a very good book. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Loads of fun.