The Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2) by Brian Staveley

The Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2)

Brian Staveley's The Providence of Fire, the second novel in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, a gripping new epic fantasy series.The conspiracy to destroy the ruling family of the Annurian Empire is far from over.Having learned the identity of her father's assassin, Adare flees the Dawn Palace in search of allies to challenge the coup against her family. Few trust her, but when she is believed to be touched by Intarra, patron goddess of the em...

Details The Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2)

TitleThe Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2)
Release DateJan 13th, 2015
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy

Reviews The Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2)

  • Navessa
    EVEN BETTER THE SECOND TIME AROUNDFor those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that I don't fangirl often…or lightly. I'm a decidedly picky reader. And the pet peeves, lawd, the literary pet peeves I have. It's rare that a book comes along and blows my frigging mind. It's even rarer when an author can pull this off not once, but twice. Brian Staveley pulled this off. Hard. Wanna know how good this book is?Disney greeter: ...
  • Petrik
    4.5/5 StarsWhat a great improvement. The Providence of Fire, the 2nd book in The Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne trilogy was one of Goodreads nominee for best fantasy in 2015 and it’s for a good reason. Almost everything in the book, starting from plot progression, character development, actions, climax scenes, pacing and world-building are better than the first book in the series.Before I start my review, I must address one FATAL TYPO in the bo...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Read this in Jan but only wrote down a star review on a piece of paper. Hmmm.. I found a few more like that, I think I'm going crazy er.
  • Melanie
    1.) The Emperor's Blades Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! No matter who you have in your life, or who you do not have, I hope your day is filled with love and amazing books. Well, I'm not sure how I'm really going to function with the ending of this book, but okay. Holy shit! This book was so amazing! I thought The Emperor's Blades was action packed, and then this book just blows all those expectations out of the water! “You can explain a lot...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Reread before The Last Mortal Bond with the usual crew at BB&B Original Review:3.75 What a great ending!!! “They will not be ready to rule it,” he said, his eyes silent as the stars, “until they are willing to see it burn.” I remember reading A Game of Thrones years ago and hating Jamie Lannister with the fiery heat of a thousand suns, but by A Storm of Swords I starting thinking maybe he wasn’t such a horrible person and in a huge tu...
  • Em Lost In Books
    So I finally read this. My first thought after finishing this book was that I shouldn’t have waited this long to finish it. Story picked right where the first book ended. Kaden and Valyn are on their way to Annur, and Adare discovering the truth about his father’s death. Brothers go to Kenta where they separate ways and decide to meet at a particular monastery after a certain period of time. But both brothers fell in trouble and did not meet....
  • Deborah Obida
    What did I just read? That ending killed me I just can't, just when I thought things has gotten bettet it got worse than before for the siblings.This is going to be a very in depth and lengthy review cause I love this book as much as it frustrated me. Some parts made me laugh so hard but sadly those parts were so few. Most parts of the book was so tense that I had to hold my breath for a while, I was so scared for the siblings, I still am cause I...
  • Sh3lly
    This book was SO frustrating at times. OMG. I'm just going to list the good and bad, as I saw it.The Good.- I liked the new characters Kiel, Nira and Oshi, and Kegellen was funny.- I loved the idea of the gods coming back in physical form. There is a lot of potential with that.- Triste had a very interesting development.- The leaches' abilities were expanded a bit more.- Gwenna had some POVs.- There was more of a fantasy vibe to this one.Okay, y...
  • C.G. Drews
    OMG I HATE THIS BOOK SO MUCH THAT I LOVE IT. Shh that makes sense. But seriously I am in pain and I hate everything and rughghah qughhaur jaurkhgHGH KGH.Also I listened to the audio and the voice at the end is all perky and like "I hope you have enjoyed this audible recording!" WELL NO. GO FLING YOURSELF INTO THE ABYSS. I DIDN'T ENJOY IT DAMN YOU.*drastic sobbing*Okay but I also rated it 5 stars so. Just bare that in mind with all my raging. And ...
  •  Charlie - A Reading Machine
    Just Spectacular The Providence of Fire is a marvel of modern epic fantasy with an an absolutely killer storyline that is bursting with richly detailed characters and heart in your throat moments.The first book of the ‘Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne’ trilogy was one of the reasons I started reviewing books. It resonated with me in a such big way and I dug it so much I felt like I had to give something back and simply buying the book was not ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum can always tell when I really like a book by how fast I devour it. I gave myself plenty of time to read Brian Staveley’s The Providence of Fire, anticipating it would take me at least a week or more to finish this huge honking tome of a novel, but it turned out I made short work of it, chomping through 600+ pages of this in a little more than three days.I just loved t...
  • Solseit
    I dedicated some time to making a much longer review on books 1 and 2 of the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne! Let me know what you think about it!https://aristeainwonderbooks.blogspot...- - - - -Oh wow this was a treat.I am still a bit confused about the end - well not confused I just need to connect all the dots really. Some quick points: this is the first book in which I am liking the female characters way better than the male characters. Gwenna...
  • Stefan Bach
    I hate this book. No, I love it. Pretty sure I hate it. Yet, somehow I love it. Brian Staveley's The Providence of Fire, the second novel in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series.Most divisive and conflicting book I have read in a long while. Well… actually, since its predecessor.Book that reminded me - because clearly I needed a reminder – how I shouldn’t expect anything. Or else I’ll get disappointed. Or, in this case, angry.Stor...
  • Choko
    *** 4.44 ***A buddy read with my Fantasy loving family at BB & B Second book, second amazingly engaging and ruthless jewel of contemporary Epic Fantasy! I knew I had stumbled upon something special when I read the first book, this one cemented it's place on my favorite shelf! Brian Staveley is one baaaad dude!!!The second installment starts at the same time as the last ended. We keep on following the three Royal siblings and their choices and act...
  • Armina
    Buddy read with Gavin 4.5 STARS This book surpasses its predecessor in many ways. It has better pacing, a lot of page-time from female characters(I really enjoyed the new POV chapters) and it feels markedly more epic. The main focus is on human emotion, hope, fear, anger, despair and how the lack of emotion could give people strength. How the three Malkeenians respond emotionally to the constant doubt and treachery and how those emotions change...
  • Brandi
    This is a really difficult book to review because it's one of those books that is an experience rather than a story. Brian Staveley is not only an invaluable new voice to the epic fantasy genre, and the literary world at large, but he's on his way to being one of the greats. Don't wait until HBO or some film producer pick up the rights before you read this- it's that good. Actually, if the people who produce GoT took this on I'd expect it to live...
  • Kells Next Read
    The weapon is a shield. The Foe is the friend. What is burned cannot burn again.Where do I even begin with the sequel to The Emperor's Blade. I don't think I have words to embody the tornado of emotions that swept through me while I read this one. I think that I should make it clear that I did enjoy the this read. I still can't say if I found to to be better than the first as I am still trying to process all that has taken place. For the most par...
  • Jaron Harris
    Wow, to say i was disappointed would be an understatement. I feel like the whole story just went completely off the rails. People were making inconceivable decisions left and right. The thing that sucks so much is that I really enjoyed the previous novel.
  • Bookwraiths
    My rating is 4.5 stars.Full review to come . . . sometime. :)
  • Kristen
    4.5/5The Skinny:Three siblings, all driven by their passion to do the right thing.Adare, far from the Dawn Palace, amasses an army to avenge her father. Kaden, relying on the assistance of two unlikely acquaintances, makes his way towards the Annurian Capital to potentially claim the Unhewn Throne.Valyn, chased by one group and held captive by another, is finally ‘free’. Unsure of who he can trust, Valyn is compelled by the need to punish tho...
  • Angela
    I finished this book several hours ago. I feel sure that if I were to wait another year I still wouldn't have the words necessary to begin to do it justice. I struggled with the review for The Emperor's Blades, partly because fantasy is my home in genre reading, but mostly because I had no idea how my mere words could stand up to the beauty and majesty that was created by Brian Staveley. I face a similar, or worse, problem now. In The Emperor's B...
  • Michael Sliter
    4.5 Stars out of 5 (rounding up, as always).The Providence of Fire continues the chronicles of the three siblings Valyn, Kaden, and Adare. I have two things to say to start the review. 1) Brian Staveley is a fantastic writer, and I am immensely jealous of his skill with words. The books have an absolute flow, and I have no idea how he can effortlessly weave in such apt similes and metaphors. 2) The characters constantly make hideously bad decisio...
  • Nasom
    Love love love!! I’m literally scared to read the last book, and i hope my babies survive (Kaden and valyn) Love love love!! I’m literally scared to read the last book, and i hope my babies survive 😭😭 (Kaden and valyn)
  • Bob
    In a stunning follow-up to The Emperor's Blades, Brian Staveley builds upon the character-driven adventure of the first book, expanding the history, mythology, and world-building to suitably epic proportions. More than that, The Providence of Fire reveals the treachery of the first book to be merely the opening gambit in a complex, wide-ranging game of conquest and rebellion.Like the first book, this second volume follows our three protagonists -...
  • Gavin
    This is a hard book to rate and review. In many ways The Providence of Fire was a stronger book than The Emperor's Blades. It was faster paced, full of surprise twists and turns, and just all round more exciting to read. Unfortunately all three of the main POV characters developed in directions that I disliked. Which is a pity because without a core of likable lead characters to root for this series becomes a bit like a poor man's A Song of Ice a...
  • Angela
    5 November 2015: $2.99 on KindleI finished this book several hours ago. I feel sure that if I were to wait another year I still wouldn't have the words necessary to begin to do it justice. I struggled with the review for The Emperor's Blades, partly because fantasy is my home in genre reading, but mostly because I had no idea how my mere words could stand up to the beauty and majesty that was created by Brian Staveley. I face a similar, or worse,...
  • Jody
    Wow! Great ending! Starting book 3 immediately.
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: I liked it, but didn't love it. The supporting characters really shone, while the "Emperor's Blades" seemed dull.Audio book: Simon Vance is excellent as always. He was one of the main reasons I decided to try out The Emperor's Blades. His performance is such that this series remains a must audio for me, even if it means waiting a bit longer to get my hands on the next book. Full Review So I gave this book the same rating as The...
  • Jarek
    Man I thought the first one was awesome....Jesus! This was grim,dark and brutal but so enjoyable. The characters grow, we see more of the world and the different aspects of it. The Ishien....wouldn't want to meet them...ever....I was pulled in by the hairs all the way into this tale. Looking forward to how this all resolves. Another 5 stars:D