The Admiral by James R. Gilbert

The Admiral

Set amid a reclusive community of aging yachts in mid-Atlantic, The Admiral is a swashbuckling tale of people riding out the holocaust on land caused by a risen sea, the effects of climate change and social collapse. The changes are still happening and Aqual, the scarred, tenacious granddaughter of The Admiral, founder of Akkadia, believes her people are becoming too complacent, too comfortable with their lives despite the ominous signs around th...

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TitleThe Admiral
Release DateMay 1st, 2014
PublisherChristopher Matthews Publishing

Reviews The Admiral

  • Wendy
    "The Admiral" by James R. Gilbert is an intoxicating adventure that begins when Aqual and her crew while on a routine voyage to Noronha rescue a sloop under attack by pirates. With the intelligence she gathers from Newton, its skipper and Nissa, a trussed up pirate Aqual makes a decision that sets events in motion that has her breaking the laws of Akkadia and defying the chairman of the Council, her estranged father Mikhail. With a broader outloo...
  • Alison O'Leary
    While I’m not a huge fan of sci fi, I’m a sailor and huge fan of the ocean--that’s what made me pick up this book, and I wasn’t disappointed. If this is Gilbert’s first attempt at fiction, I’ll join those (like Dr. Sylvia Earle, who’s quoted on his website) demanding a sequel! Filled with both scientific fact and action, it’s a real page-turner. I enjoyed the protagonist, Aqual, and her multi-faceted personality: warrior, lover, a...