Rushed by Brian Harmon


When Eric is summoned to help protect a coven of real-life witches from a murderous magic man, he thinks he has an idea of what's in store for him. After all, he's done this kind of thing twice before. But right from the start, nothing seems to be going right. For starters, it's only two days until his wedding anniversary, and if he's not back in time for the romantic getaway Karen has planned for them, he'll have worse things to worry about than...

Details Rushed

Release DateApr 29th, 2014
PublisherBrian Harmon
GenreHorror, Thriller

Reviews Rushed

  • Kristie Madore
    I am still conflicted, but will finally give one 5 stars! The imagination needed to create the plot and deliver the way this author does is simply amazing!
  • Steve Bouchard
    The third book in Harmon's "Rushed" series delivers just as much as the first two. Harmon has definitely been working on plotting and details, and presents a good underlying mystery along with the adventure. While the humor is not as prevalent as the first two books, it's also not as forced, which is good. The reveal of the "Magic Man" is also surprising, but plays fair with the reader. As the series plays on, Eric now has new allies, and another...
  • Jill M. Sopko
    GreatAlways a great read, this series. Initially, I was uncertain because it felt like the plot had a lot of holes and Karen was being obnoxious and nagging, and their banter is one of the best things about this series. But as usual, the plot came together perfectly, totally made sense, and ended well (Karen gets normal about 70% in). I'm glad to see it's been set up for a sequel because I can't get enough of this series.FYI: Harmon's other books...
  • Debbie Torres
    Something Wicked and Everything ElseThis has to be my 2nd favorite book after the 1st book. Eric's new adventure had every feeling you can imagine from excitement to intense good and evil. It is humorous and scary, including many twists and turns. Holly and Del, along with Eric, are my favorite characters. The ending is not what you expect. I would highly recommend this book.
  • Bleumoon
    I love this series!You constantly ask "why would he do that? " but in reality you might be opening that door or walking down that dark hall or driving off to help a coven of witches. The characters are likable, lovable even, the story ranges from funny to edge of your seat with some mystery thrown in. Highly recommend this series to everyone!
  • Dolly Guadalupe
    The start of this novel was a bit slow. But it quickly had me on the edge of my seat, eager to turn to the next page! Once again, Mr. Harmon sent us on another Eric Fortrell adventure. I loved the new characters introduced (especially Holly!), and just how mysteriously twisted the plot was. Be ready to be surprised!
  • Marie Theriault
    Amazing bookI read it in one day. It was full of beasties, Chris's and I love the humour between wife a d husband. I am not sure about Holly but we will see. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  • Wanda
    Not my kind of bookI really anticipated reading this book but it took me 4 days to read. It was so repetitive that I kept falling asleep. I can say that I wanted to finish it to see how it ended.
  • lauren
    Another crazy action packed story!I love the rushed series. Who knows what your going to come across next! Can't wait to see what the next one has in store.
  • Kristen
    I'm a new Brian Harmon fan. I thought the first two books in the series were much more entertaining than this one. Not that I didn't enjoy this one, it just was quite repetitive and kind of got boring. The end was interesting because I wasn't expecting it to be who I thought it was, but the fight was less epic than I had imagined in my head.
  • Lori Anderson
    Oh my! I got this on a whim via Kindle and boy oh man, I loved it. LOVED it. Weird, quirky, dark, but also funny as hell when you least expected it. If you like Stephen King books you'd probably enjoy these. The entire series of four (so far -- not sure if he's going to write more) is entertaining and responsible for my not being able to go to bed at a normal time. My biggest complaint is the overuse of the word "clearly". If there was a drinking...
  • Julie Powell
    I have loved this series and wish there were more! Book three is just as well written and filled with action, mystery and humour as the first two and the characters are realistic despite the fantasy setting.The plot here has the usual, however it has surprises and even with the idea of witches and magic, it still retains its mystery and realism.I do like the protagonist and his modest ways and certainly his humour, especially with his wife - what...
  • International Cat Lady
    I really enjoyed this book, even though I didn't think it was quite as good as the previous two books in this series. I still find the depiction of the main character's relationship with his wife - and his constant communication with her by telephone - rather juvenile, but as with the previous installments, the tale was engaging enough that I didn't mind. I was up half of the night finishing it! I hope the next book in the series comes out soon.
  • Amanda Jo heller
    I loved these books. I am realizing that the ending of each one kind of.just throws a ton of stuff in, almost like there were invented Connections to make it fit... the books are still great reads though I loved these books. I am realizing that the ending of each one kind of.just throws a ton of stuff in, almost like there were invented Connections to make it fit... the books are still great reads thoug
  • Maria
    I really enjoyed this book more than the 1st two . His constant communication with his wife is exactly what my husband and I do on a daily basis so that wasn't unbelievable as some reviews suggested. it was thoroughly engaging if you want to be swept away. isn't that what reading books is all about? :)
  • Amanda Davis
    I really liked this book. It was very interesting. it moved kinda of slow but when the action started it picked up and was riveting! The ending was a twist though, as I didn't expect the "magic man" to be who they were revealed to be. All in all, the book was compelling, interesting, and completely engrossing. Brian Harmon is and excellent writer and I look forward to reading his other material!
  • mona dickson
    Something wickedThis is one of the best book I have read in months. This book will make you laugh ,giggle, scare, and not want to put it down till the end. Actually all I can say is........I loved this book. And the first book and the second...once you read one you'll want to read them all. Well on to his next book
  • Amie
    I did not enjoy this book as much at the others in this series - though it was still a delightfully fun adventure. The story ends with a promise of much more to come and certainly trouble brewing with Holly schmoozing her way into the "team". I would definitely read more of this series if more was ever written.
  • Joanna Zavala
    Awesome!!I loved this book I love all of them so far. it really grabs you and keeps you. I think this book is great for anyone, no matter what genre you prefer this series is definitely worth reading!
  • Scott Thomas
    Something wickedly for sureFrom the very first chapter I was hooked. I love the action and creativity. This has creatures, magic, powerful sexy women. twists and turns from the start. Great and exciting read. Can't wait until the next journey.
  • Marie
    I loved itI have always loved books that had mystery and sci first with some action all packed in one book. I have read all 3 books in one in half months time, it would be great to add to this series with a new adventure for Eric and Holly. great readings!
  • Aurora
    A no personality male high school English teacher with no skills outside of existing is the only one who can save a group of beautiful, magical, highly talented young women. Yes, drivel this bad still exists.
  • Shelleen Toland
    This time Eric is summoned to help a coven of witches from a magic man who is a murderer. This time it is 2 days before his wedding anniversary so this has made his wife pissed. Will he make it back on time and alive? This is book 3 of this series.
  • Mark B. Northrup
    Just fun readingJust fun readingThis is just a fun series with lead characters that are clever and self deprecating in nature. Also, who doesn't want an Isabelle?
  • Darrell Eiland
    Great seriesGreat seriesall three books were amazing , just incredible journey was great a lot of great characters Eric and his wife Karen has some of the best one-liner comedy in a book ever. hope there is more to come!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wendy
    On the edge of my seat!I have read the first two books and this one was the best so far! His stories are like no other, and he had me on the edge of my seat for hours! Don't miss out on this one!
  • Yolanda Garza
    The 3rd book in the Rushed series was even better. The characters really caught my attention. Each witch having a different power and the fact that he has to save each one and bring them home. Really didn't see the ending coming. But overall a great read. Hope that there is another one.
  • Dallas Brown
    I really hate holly. Ugh Just no. I can't imagine her being an even remotely useful companion. Her character is a shallow, juvenile, under developed sweet feminine cliche and completely obnoxious.
  • Milbry Garcia
    I can't get enough.I love the freshness of this series. It never gets old. Easy to follow and love all the characters especially Eric. I really like going on his adventures and feel like it's all culminating into a great last ending!
  • Gerry Runte
    Better than first and second in this series