Get Over It! by Corinne Mucha

Get Over It!

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TitleGet Over It!
Release DateMay 9th, 2014
PublisherSecret Acres
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Autobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Relationships

Reviews Get Over It!

  • David Schaafsma
    This is a memoir of Mucha's break-up of her first serious (3 year) relationship, which consumed her as breakups can tend to do, for years. This is also a kind of cathartic guide to her own breakup that can be helpful to others, probably directed more to twenty-somethings more than any other age, though it has a kind of effervescence that would also appeal to teens. . . or anyone! And is useful to anyone, since no one at any age knows how to break...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    This was a really intriguing graphic novel, although I didn't find the story original or different. I loved the artwork and the messages within the book.
  • Abbey
    I read the whole thing in 30 minutes and immediately started it over from the beginning again.Corinne Mucha offers such vulnerability in sharing her own experience with immense heartbreak and the process of getting over it. As someone who is currently in the midst of this transition, I found this comic way more helpful than sort of self help book. I loved it.
  • Reinad Abu Rabah
    This is such a great book honestly ! , i believe that I would power my words in the same comic , sarcastic & entertaining way to put up with a break-up She simply got the guts & courage to spread her painful & awful break up here for people to read it , yet she made it thru all those memories & loneliness crashing her heart pieces into small ones ! the process of her getting over the obsession she had for that person is "generally" a process we c...
  • Nicole
    It's just so good.
  • Shira
    Corinne Mucha, you're my favorite, but you broke my heart twice in this book -- once by saying that the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" was a song from the 90s (when it came out in 1983), and once by implying that the movie Say Anything came out in the 90s (when it came out in 1989).I might spend three years getting over it.
  • Grg
    Who knew crushing loneliness and heartbreak could be so funny? Corinne Mucha is the best!
  • Tracy
    I really liked the way this memoir was put together. It's about dealing with breakups (heartache) and realizing that you are gonna be okay no matter what. It's very personal and raw, and comforting to know you're not alone in these feelings. In the end it's always gonna be okay~ and things don't always work out as planned (or imagined).
  • Skunk
    I found this at my local library and thought I would give it a try. I now want to get a copy to loan out to friends when they are having sad times over breakups. This was an endearing read that I could relate to...all of the feels. It shows a look into the crazy and complicated emotions of a person going through a breakup. Love is complicated, and heartbreak can be worse.
  • Jean Davis
    I enjoyed the format and the illustrations. I wish I had found this book in college. I remember lots of these emotions! I think this would be a comfort to many people who feel misunderstood in the aftermath of a break up.
  • Julie
  • Taylor
    I related to this too much
  • Joe Decie
    Brilliant book! do you like comics autobiography? funny and sad, but mostly funny/sad autobiography? then you'll love this.
  • Lauren
    "Every step is heavy when you feel sorry for yourself."
  • Mel Staten
    I got this book as a part of a book swap and I gotta say, my swapee has great taste! This is a sweet honest graphic novel about getting over a break-up after a long period together. I wasn't aware of Corinne Mucha before, but I'm looking forward to following her work now, which is uniquely quirky and expressive.
  • Harris
    An amusing and heartfelt look at the end of a relationship and it's lingering effects upon life. Corinne Mucha's depiction of her breakup with her first serious boyfriend of three years, whom she had moved across country for right after college and with whom she remains friends in spite of their complicated relationship is humorous and sympathetic, with great art. Taking a self-deprecating look at her situation, Get Over It! is a great read for a...
  • Melle
    Ack! This is the book I wish I could have put into 22-year-old Melissa's hands or 30-year-old Melissa's talons. Corinne Mucha perfectly and achingly captures the process of relationship dissolution and grief. The vulnerabilities, the insecurities, the irrationality, the moments of clarity, the pain, the ugliness, the absurdity -- she gets it all right. Every young adult (especially young straight adult female) who has ever felt the rejection, los...
  • Hollowspine
    I loved the art in this collection, and couldn't help but laugh at the Brain/Heart exchanges. I also loved how she illustrated her hair, the antenna pony tail I found fascinating. In this short, colorfully illustrated comic memoir Mucha takes her experience with a difficult break-up and exposes her pain for all to see. I found it brave and humorous and pretty truthful. No matter how you try to reason with yourself, sometimes it takes years for th...
  • Emilia P
    Heart to brain, heart to brain. Mucha is so good at capturing her palpable sense of despair and keeping her sense of humor at the same time -- and her drawings are so intricate and light-hearted at once. She needs more exposure! She is amazing and unparalleled! Or perhaps I just want to keep her all to myself. Regardless, this is another great one from her -- doesn't quite have a satisfying conclusion, but Corinne, you know I'll always keep comin...
  • Liz
    Ah Corinne Mucha, you never fail to present an honest and interesting look at your life. Get Over It! is probably going to end up being my favorite book of 2014, I know there are still a few months left, but seriously, this book has so much going for it. The art is fantastic, the story is both engaging and funny, and Corinne is adept at illustrating visual metaphors in totally unique ways. You will never read a relationship quite like this one. G...
  • Kandarpa
    Corinne's work is fabulous. Not only does she have a unique drawing style, but her narration stays very true to her throughout her work (specifically and generally). I enjoyed that this book was a long-form story about getting over a heartbreak, but it had a good amount of humor and lightness to the heavy subject.
  • Keenan Krum
    When I first cracked this book open, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just looking for a quick read to pass the time and expand my library. This book was an extremely well done representation of grief and the stages one goes through to put themselves back together, or at least its what I did anyway.
  • Ashley Holstrom
    Okay, so maybe this isn’t a cute one about relationships. It’s about a breakup. But it’s still a goodie! Reading Corinne Mucha’s work felt like reading my own diary from a time of heartache.From Cute Graphic Memoirs About Relationships at Book Riot.
  • Megan Kirby
    I might not want to hear my friends wax on and on about their significant ex's, but I will gladly pay $15 to read about Corinna Mucha's. Funny and heartfelt, rounded out with Mucha's angular, sketchy style.
  • Laura
    Smart and humorous, Corrine casts an internal view into the turmoil and hell unleashed once first love wilts. Corrine has a playful, imaginative mind that is able to hold universal appeal and compassion especially to the wounded self.
  • Caitlin
    A comic that I'm not sure I can do justice with my own words. Corinne Mucha touches on the messy, the undefined, and the unexpected of relationships, in a way I related to so much I didn't think it possible. I chuckled, cried, and smiled, all in 30 minutes. Highly recommended.
  • Johanna
    yes, do.
  • Catherine Eves
    I think this book is excellent but I read it to feel better about my breakup and it made me feel WORSE.
  • Elsbeth
    Basically the exact story of my breakups. Somehow I enjoy reliving it?
  • Carla A
    A very accurate depiction of a bread up in all of it's glory but as is the theme for my reviews this day it just kind of dragged in parts so I can't give it the love everyone else is feeling.