The Ghost of You (The Ghost of You #1) by Amanda Burckhard

The Ghost of You (The Ghost of You #1)

Emmy has everything she’s ever wanted: a hot boyfriend she adores, great friends, a promising future, and even a well-connected family. But one night rips it all away.A car accident shatters her world, claiming the lives of her twin brother and her best friend. In the wake of the accident, her friends drift away, her family falls apart, and her boyfriend cheats. The grief is more than she can handle, so she finds escape at the bottom of a bottl...

Details The Ghost of You (The Ghost of You #1)

TitleThe Ghost of You (The Ghost of You #1)
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Reviews The Ghost of You (The Ghost of You #1)

  • Kim at Divergent Gryffindor
    Emmy has the perfect life - perfect grades, friends, family and boyfriend. But when her twin and his girlfriend dies in a car accident, everything goes astray. She takes pills to "see" her brother, her family is torn and her grades are dwindling. Then she meets Logan, who sees past the mask that she is wearing. Slowly, her feelings for him grows, but she has to choose between the past and the present - the pills or Logan.The Ghost of You was an e...
  • Julia
    THE GHOST OF YOU is a haunting and captivating YA novel about loss, grief, and how every person deals with the demons of their past differently. It's a beautiful and gripping story that had me hooked from start to finish. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me FEEL. I can't recommend it more highly.
  • Natalie Decker
    A lovely, haunting, captivating tale from the first page to the last. It grips your heart and keeps it until the very end.
  • Jess at Such a Novel Idea
    This review originally appeared on Such a Novel Idea.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion in any way.4.5 / 5 starsI’ve read a lot of books about death and suicide this year. A LOT. So much so that I had to put myself on a self-imposed ban of these books, because it was flat out depressing me. And as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, sometimes it is smart to stay away from...
  • Bri
    What I liked: I liked seeing how Emmy changed over the book. It's clear from the chapter after the funeral for her twin how she's changed. It's in the way she talks, the way she acts. Yet despite all that, you can see the few things that Emmy enjoys still. She still has her cousin Brayden and her best friend Skye right there for her. Even though Emmy doesn't tell Skye everything you can see how close the two are and the connection between the two...
  • Sarah LeBlanc
    Powerful. Heart breaking. Emotional. Affecting. Compelling. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe this amazing book, which had me crying in bed at 2am. Crying like a complete and utter baby.I don’t even know where to begin. I had an incredible amount of feeling hitting me while reading this book. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride, which ended in the perfect way. It wasn’t one of those books that took you for a ride, and t...
  • Lynda Dickson
    On the eve of their junior year of high school, Emmy loses her brother Derek and his girlfriend Jess in a car crash. Unable to cope with his loss, Emmy turns to painkillers, which literally allow her to "see" and "speak" to Derek. Is Derek haunting her, or is Emmy going crazy? As her dependence on the pills grows, Emmy's grades start slipping, and she becomes more withdrawn from her friends as she tries to hide her secret from them. The only one ...
  • Kim Person
    I adored this YA romance ~ but so much more. I don't know what it is but YA is so much more angsty and seeing that my YA, heck even NA, years are well past me perhaps I'm able to stand back and gauge the reality of the characters and whether the story would be more "believable" to me. This has a paranormal element to it I'd rather think that then go the other direction ~ this only makes sense if you've read the book. It was an emotional read for ...
  • Nicole
    4.5/5I enjoyed this one way more than I thought I would! So intense; I couldn't put it down!
  • Raven Desroches
    This book was such a wild ride, my emotions are everywhere but I loved The Ghost of You so much. Definitely recommend it. Full review to be posted Feb. 24th :D
  • Riva
    This is what we call cliffhanger, i need more!
  • Audi Forest
    4 Tearjerking Stars I decided to read this book because the blurb got me curious as to how the story is going to play out. It's the first time I've ever read a story about a heroine who gets addicted to painkillers to mask the pain and grief that threatens to consume her. Emmy had everything a young woman such as herself could ever ask for. But all that gets taken away from her in a blink of an eye; she loses her twin brother, her parents, her fr...
  • Holly
    *I received a copy of this book for a blog tour.*Review can be found on The Fox's Hideaway. My Review!Books like these are always so hard for me to read and review. They hit closer to home than any other stories. I knew The Ghost of You would be emotional, and although it was, it didn't impact me as much as I thought it would.I think a lot of it had to do with the main character. Although I liked Emmy, I wasn't completely connected to her story. ...
  • Caro [The Book Rogue]
    You'd think a contemporary with an actual hallucination/ghost would be a bit on the weird side, but it wasn't at all. I pretty much enjoyed having Derek around, probably because he was cute-boyish-snarky at first, but was also Emmy's conscience -- the one she should've listened to. It's one of those very weird mysteries of traumas, I guess, that people like her hallucinate a lost piece of themselves half because they need it to feel better, and h...
  • Josebel Molina
    Lovely quick read.
  • czai (the Blacksheep Reader)
    The Ghost of You caught me off guard. I did read the blurb before joining the tour but it totally slipped off my mind when I began reading this. When I started reading, I was like sure-sure a party, then... then... Emmy's brother dies.The Ghost of You is one of those beautifully written, heartbreaking contemporary novels I've read. The moment Emmy's brother died, I already found myself loving the story and how it was written. Emmy voice and how s...
  • Faye
    There should be a warning that this was part tragedy or maybe I just forgot about it based on the blurb.This was heartbreaking, highly emotional for me, how one copes up with their situations, and at the same time it's about surviving and moving forward.At first I thought it was a paranormal genre but it isn't really (though I still think it could be).I felt Emmy's pain and grief when she lost her twin brother. I'd like to say I can't imagine it ...
  • Jess (the cozy reader)
    Big thanks to Amanda and YA Bound Book Tours for an ARC copy for review. Amanda Bruckard, oh my gosh.. Seriously, my feelings were going through this the entire time I was reading. Amanda knows how to give my emotions a work out, but it was so worth it because I loved this book. It was both heartbreaking and truly touching. I really loved Emmy Grayson and Logan King. They were perfectly flawed characters, sincere and real. It made me so sad see...
  • Elizabeth Miceli
    This is one of the best books I've read in a while. I immediately felt connected to Emmy... in a way I haven't since Isabella Swan and Hermione Granger. Emmy has a beautiful spirit and I love how real she is with Logan. There dialogue was spot on and he treated her with the utmost respect. The boy is fabulous. Her and her brothers relationship is dynamite- and it made me realize how much I want an older brother (even if he was only 2 minutes olde...
  • Dini Annav
    It was perfect! Smooth reading, I didn't know why I couldn't take just a second for break, I was coaxed the past 4 hours to turn to the next & next pages. I could feel Emmy's emotion & it felt so real. Amanda Burckhard is very talented, I'm new fan, I'll keep my eyes on her books from now on, and obviously for the sequel :)
  • Richelle Heard
    Hold onto your heart, this book is going to take you on an incredible journey of loss and love. Your heart will break and begin to mend right along with Emmy's, so get ready to feel all the the entire spectrum of emotions, from sublimely wonderful and to heart wrenchingly painful. This well written and impossible to put down. What more can you ask for?
  • Nicole
    Review coming up!