Shark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18) by Tim Dorsey

Shark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18)

Bottom feeders beware: the Sunshine State’s favorite psychotic killer and lovable Floridaphile Serge Storms has found a new calling, legal eagle, and he’s going to make a killing as a crusading attorney—and star as a dashing lawyer on the big screen—in this madcap escapade from the insanely funny New York Times bestselling author Tim Dorsey.When it comes to swimming with the sharks, there is no bigger kahuna than Serge Storms. Binging on ...

Details Shark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18)

TitleShark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18)
Release DateJan 20th, 2015
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreHumor, Mystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Shark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18)

  • Melki
    ...whenever something goes to hell everywhere else in the country, Florida puts it on roller skates with rocket thrusters...And who's usually there lighting the fuse of the rocket?You got it - Serge.Ah, Serge Storms, an old-school criminal, is very Robin Hood-like in his dealings. His motto? Leave the vulnerable alone, or rescue if need be. If you're an elderly pensioner being screwed by a faceless corporation, Serge will be your stanch defender....
  • Jeanne
    Serge is back and up to his normal mayhem! Not too many laugh-out-loud moments in this one, but there's just something about Serge and his sidekick Coleman that make it a good read anyway! 5 out of 10.
  • Fred Forbes
    OK, I'm hooked on the series. Whenever one is published I manage to track down Tim Dorsey and grab a signed copy. (He must be the hardest working author in the business - check his website, he is everywhere. I mean New Hampshire bookstores in February! It helps that he is an interesting and nice guy.) Back to the book, the protagonist is Serge Storms your friendly serial killer and dispenser of justice in unique ways to those who would harm Flori...
  • Paul Pessolano
    “Shark Skin Suite” by Tim Dorsey, published by William Morrow.Category – Mystery/Comedy Publication Date – 2015Here we go again with Serge and Coleman. I honestly love this writer and his characters. I now have all but two of his books and can’t wait to get another one in my hands.For those of you who don’t know Serge A. Storms he is a serial killer but seems to kill just the bad guys. His sidekick is Coleman who is always high of eit...
  • Paul
    There comes a time, in regards to every great book series where the reader realizes it is time for the series to end. Unfortunately the author and or publisher seldom would agree, and therefore you wind up reading books in a series that seem to have been written on autopilot. It has happened with most of my favorite authors; James Lee Burke, Clive Cussler, and now Tim Dorsey.I started this series when Florida Roadkill first came out based solely ...
  • Linda
    I received this book in a giveaway. But after lending it to my mom (who thanked me for introducing her to a great new author), I subsequently purchased the Kindle edition, which is my reading preference. The giveaway book has been donated to the library so more can meet Tim Dorsey. And Mom, who volunteers at the small library, will try to acquire more Dorsey titles.Which is all to say that this is a fun read. Full of endearingly nutty characters,...
  • Frank
    SHARK SKIN SUITE is a a classic Serge Storms book that could have been co-writen with John Grisham. This is a funny courtroom thriller that can stand up against the more serious faire in the biz. The crime is layed deep. The courtroom drama is palpable and Coleman is as fucked up as ever.The book does get a bit slow at times. Some scenes read like fodder to thicken up the book. Ive read leaner Serge Storm tales. Perhaps thats a demand of the cour...
  • Barbara Nutting
    From Thomas Edison in Ft Myers, Guy Bradley in the Everglades to all the crazies at Fantasy Fest - I have enjoyed another ride through Florida with Serge and Coleman! I'd like these road trips better if we could skip the gutter language and strange sexual exploits - they don't add to the story!! Like a shark I'm learning to skim past them, because I love the rest!
  • Newly Wardell
    still really funny. i kinda fell in love with the reporters.
  • Sue
    from chapter 21: "massive lengths of Spanish moss draped from overhead branches like an endless cavern of ZZ Top beards." now who wouldn't like descriptions like that of southern Florida... OK.. so I read this book because Tim Dorsey is visiting our library in late February - not my usual choice of book to say the least but he can sure tell a story - he writes like he has had 10 cups of strong coffee before he ever sits down - rapid fire things g...
  • Doug
    At least twice a year I need a shot of pure, unadulterated madcap humor. Nobody better to fill that need than Tim Dorsey and thankfully he's prolific enough to satisfy the requirement. Serge and Coleman are up to their usual antics and there is a courtroom segment that is really kind of cool. Serge is not quite as inventive in his methods of doing in the bad guys as he is sometimes. Dorsey describes Serge's reaction to the overly sedate manner in...
  • Georgette
    Serge is up to his tricks again. Except this time he may be headed to the dark side....true love and good deeds. Thankfully, the book goes batshit crazy as only Florida and Tim Dorsey can. Coleman is back, and with him? Ziggy Blade, his long lost brother. crazier than Coleman? Didn't think it was possible til this book! Reevis is cute, and Brook is a great new character. All ends not at all as you expect, which I both love and hate with the endin...
  • Eric
    This is one of the better written books of the series. Engaging start to finish. A quick read. As usual, lots of twists and turns and subplots, but everything gets wrapped up nicely. Serge and the whole cast continue to deliver their own special brand of Florida style justice. Highly Recommended.
  • Violet
    Serge goes to court! Not for his crimes, for then would be bye bye Serge, but there are some really bad people who deserved to be tried and sentenced. Some of them deserve to be simply murdered. Decisions decisions. Coleman decides to have a joint.
  • Jim Corbiere
    Finished reading " Shark Skin Suite " by Tim Dorsey. As usual it was great. Mr. Dorsey has not written a bad story yet. Staring my favorite spree Killer Serge A. Storms. Creative, hysterical, and crazy all at once!Serge is at it again.This time he has decided that he wants to work on the side of the law. In fact he wants to be a lawyer! But since he didn't go to school for it he can't be one unless he gets arrested and defends himself. So he will...
  • Barbara
    Who doesn't love a murdering psychopath? Well, one that only exacts wrath upon the worst of the worst. I live in Florida, and in light of the recent shootings near Miami, reading this book from 2015, Tim Dorsey nails it with a little Serge speech:You know what a fan of irony I am. … If you are arrested for possession [of pot which you had stashed in a gun magazine] you plea bargain and during your allocution you say, ‘I admit I was the one wh...
  • Jm
    It is the best Serge A. Storms yet. More depth, exposes more of Serge’s character, fewer interesting disposals but more intertwined stories. I would re-listen to a few chapters at a time just to get as many details as possible and because it is that fun.It is the first audio edition and I have read most of the series. It is even more entertaining than the print versions and Oliver Wyman does a fantastic job of bringing Serge and Coleman to life...
  • Brian Bandell
    This book was funny and had a lot of quirky Florida stories loosely based on things that really happened. The plot sometimes goes off in unrelated directions from the main story for jokes, but this does often product laughs. It's a little odd rooting for Serge, who is part hero and part creative killer. I'm interested in reading more books by Dorsey.
  • Delta
    I think I've found a new favorite author in Dorsey. I love his writing style and characters. It reminds me of Christopher Moore, but with less Gaiman influence. So good and I'm looking forward to continuing the series.
  • Mark Angell
    Not 4 MeHumorous, but for me a sick subject. Criminals are the good guys, and while bashing in heads they blurt out humorous. Dialog. They are bleeding funny statements. The author should be praised for his gift of humor.
  • Squeaky
    I've read quite a number of these, but most recently in 2009. This one is pretty good, and made me laugh out loud a number of times, and also made me head for the computer to look things up a few times. Can't ask for more from a book!
  • Kathy Heare Watts
    I won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway. I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily. So that others may also enjoy this book, I am paying it forward by donating it a local library.
  • David L. Dallaire
    If you know this series, you'll know you're going to laugh. The last few chapters, especially, Dorsey is firing on all cylinders and generates belly laughs as fast as the action is moving to its conclusion.
  • Jennww2ns
    Good but it would have been better if it had less mind-numbing trivia.
  • Sandi
    Not a favorite- not as many creative character removals and seemed to drag a bit too much with the law and mortgage stuff. Hoping back to normal (as normal as Serge gets) in the next one
  • Andrea Terry
    Didn't have the flair other Florida writers have in this type of genre...
  • Dominic Salvucci
    Another excellent book in the series, Serge and Coleman fight for common people, with a number of plot and story arch twists.
  • Carolyn Rose
    A manic-paced commentary on the mortgage crisis, the justice system, and Florida.
  • Tamara Santos
    Serge Storm story, always unbelievable and funny.
  • Diane
    Loved it!It would make a great movie!