Scar Girl (The Scar Boys, #2) by Len Vlahos

Scar Girl (The Scar Boys, #2)

When The Scar Boys ended, the band has fallen apart. Harry and Johnny are barely speaking, and Cheyenne is feeling desperate about Johnny, who has retreated into silence. It's only through their music that the group is able to rebuild their relationships, and they slowly begin to reach musical success and fame. In Scar Girl, Cheyenne, Harry, and Richie tell their own stories as they discover the ups and downs of being rock musicians—including m...

Details Scar Girl (The Scar Boys, #2)

TitleScar Girl (The Scar Boys, #2)
Release DateMar 1st, 2016
PublisherCarolrhoda Lab
GenreYoung Adult, Realistic Fiction, Music, Romance

Reviews Scar Girl (The Scar Boys, #2)

  • Doris
    Having not read Scar Boys, which was the first book, I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to get everything out of Scar Girl as I should so I had this book for a bit before I was ready to read it. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. I really liked it…a lot as a matter of fact. I had read some reviews and some were saying it was because of the interview format of the book that they didn’t like it. I have to say again, that I ...
  • Read InAGarden
    With the title Scar Girl, one would think this book would be Cheyenne's story as Scar Boys was primarily Harry's story. But Scar Girl is so very much more and it is all the better for it. Scar Girl is set as a series of interviews between an unnamed interviewer, Cheyenne, Richie, and Harry as they look back on the beginnings of their career. While the story is told via the interviews, it is not a back and forth question and answer interview but m...
  • bjneary
    Thank you to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group and Carolrhoda Lab for the ARC, Scar Girl by Len Vlahos. If you loved Scar Boys, you will love the band’s success while you will be tremendously saddened by the band’s secrets and those effects on each member. Vlahos does another stellar job of crafting a band story that is so much more than that- the energy created from their music vibrates and reaches deep into our souls as Johnny, Harry, a...
  • Cheryl Ann Roberts
    I read The Scar Boys because a friend of mine, the drama teacher for Mt. Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, NC was working with his Advance Theatre class on adapting the book for the stage. Len saw the show and provided the cast and crew with advanced copies of Scar Girl. I liked both the book and the show and asked if I could borrow an advanced copy.First off, the title is misleading. It's not Cheyenne's story, it's all their stories. It's more...
  • Sandy
    Everyone has a story and everyone wants to be a part of something. When I read Scar Girl, I felt this was the purpose of the whole novel. The whole band felt so alive when they were together in The Scar Boys: they just melted together, their instruments and their lives coming together and they felt whole. But now in this sequel, things are changing and changing quickly. Ever since Johnny accident and he lost his leg, he is missing more than just ...
  • Corey Daniel
    Scar Girl picks up right where Len left us at the end of The Scar Boys, dealing with the aftermath of everything: things aren't perfect, relationships aren't the same, limbs (okay, just one) are missing, and the teenage angst of never really saying what you mean or should say is pasted on every page :) Now, I don't want to give away anything specific since it's not going to be out for a while but here are my generalized thoughts :)In many ways Sc...
  • Wendy F
    Scar Girl was good. I enjoyed it. I loved the way that the story was told as an interview. It was a unique and an interesting way to tell the second part of the punk rock band’s story.I just don’t think it was actually necessary to tell it. I really loved the way the first book ended. You, as the reader, knew that things were still bumpy. They weren’t over the rough stuff, but it ended in a good place. I was hopeful that things were going t...
  • Tweller83
    I liked this book. It is more mature than the first one in my opinion. The characters are all still wonderful and they are in such dire, adult situations that I completely understand why it is more mature. I feel so bad for all of them, okay except Richie. Life has not been kind to them and they each handle it in their own way. The book was done very realistically and I don't think it could have ended any differently and been true to life. I reco...
  • Julie Trapp
    Followup to Scar Boys. Cheyenne, Harry, Johnny, Richie are in a band. Johnny gets Cheyenne pregnant, but she never tells him as he is involved in a car accident & loses a leg & she doesn't want to stress him about the baby. She loses the baby & with help from her sisters (one of whom who had a miscarriage also) her parents never find out (how clueless can you be?). An agent hears them at a gig & they hire him. Cheyenne starts drinking (runs in th...
  • Veronica Zaleha
    I enjoyed this as much for knowing the author, thanks to his visits to our school, both after the publication of The Scar Boys, and recently again to promote Scar Girl! I love that my students relate to the stories, especially boys, especially if they are musicians. In each book, Vlahos uses creative conventions to tell the story. The first is a long college admissions letter (which the main character discusses writing in the second book). The se...
  • Ilsen Leon
    Omg I know it took forever to read this book but it was only because of school... But anyways it was really good! The sequel was just as satisfying as the first book. I love the different personalities throughout the book! I was gasping at what was happening because it left me shocked. I thought I was going to cry at the ending because when I started reaching toward the end, it started becoming really sad.. But the author knows how to wrap up a s...
  • Ellen Zarate
    Same great cast of characters picks up where "Scar Boys" ended. Vlahos did a good job of letting them all grow up a little bit. If you liked his first effort, definitely catch up with Johnny, Cheyenne, Harry, and Richie. Johnny is coping with life as an amputee, Cheyenne is sorting out everything about Johnny and looking for herself, Harry is just doing the best he can to be the good guy to/for everyone, and Richie just wants to make music. Power...
  • Karin
    Having not read Scar Boys (yet!), I wondered how accessible this title would be. But it was great - I never felt lost and I'm now totally interested in going back and reading the first story as well. Loved the characters, loved the late 80's punk scene setting (authentic, thank goodness), loved the interview framework. And then was actually surprised to finish and realize the author is a dude. He got the girl voice just right. Loved it and can't ...
  • Hayley
    Set in the late 1980's and picking up where The Scar Boys (2014), this follows the Scar Boys band through to recording their first record, with the focus more on Cheyenne, the bassist, instead of burn victim Harry. While not quite as fresh as the original novel, fans of The Scar Boys will not be disappointed with this sequel. See my full review here.
  • Hannah
    Picking up where "Scar Boys" left off, it is told as if it is an interview of the band years later bring up the days when the band had its hardships and really took off. Cheyenne is dealing with several things including Johnny cutting her off, a pregnancy and the loss of the baby which starts a drinking problem and a run of bad decisions. Everyone is telling the story as it happened back then and getting to the core of the Scar Boys and their mus...
  • Kelly Sierra
    I really liked the way this book was laid out. At first it can be quite annoying, but soon the layout of interview questions and responses help mobilize the story. I'm not sure why this is called Scar Girl, other than the story really focuses on Chey and Johnny's stories respectively. Some moments really had me sniffling while other moments left me content, most especially the ending in regards to the band but mostly in regards to Harry's life.3 ...
  • Bebe Haase
    I liked this a lot more than I thought I would.This book was so deep. It went into a ton of scary and crazy detail. Things happened that is scary and I learned a lot from this book. This was a solid end to a duology. This was a dark and crazy ride of a story and I found myself having to put it down because it was so deep.xoxo,Bebe
  • Laura
    If you thought the end of The Scar Boys was the end of the band, Scar Boys, well... here's an oral history of the band later, post-success and post-album release. Fans of the first book will enjoy it, but I wouldn't recommend starting here.ARC provided by publisher.
  • Maryann
    I don't like series! I avoid them at all costs. But ScarGirl (sequel to Scarboys) was wonderful. Same characters, same format and the same fast paced, emotional, read. I would say fine for most mature 12 year olds- drinking, sex and discussions of abortion.
  • Heather Newman
    I was so looking forward to this sequel. But I started reading and couldn't finish the book. The two perspectives just weren't clear enough and it was just confusing. If you were really into the first book, you might like this, but it just didn't hold my attention.
  • Jill Adams
    Takes the ideas from the first book deeper...loved all of the references.
  • Tony
    This is good but extremely sad.
  • Lucy
    What a heartbreakingly beautiful book. I'm not going to lie to you, many tears were shed. Scar Girl was a perfect following to Scar Boy.