The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

The Bulletproof Diet

In his midtwenties, Dave Asprey was a successful Silicon Valley multimillionaire. He also weighed 300 pounds, despite the fact that he was doing what doctors recommended: eating 1,800 calories a day and working out 90 minutes a day, six times a week. When his excess fat started causing brain fog and food cravings sapped his energy and willpower, Asprey turned to the same hacking techniques that made his fortune to "hack" his own biology, investin...

Details The Bulletproof Diet

TitleThe Bulletproof Diet
Release DateDec 2nd, 2014
PublisherRodale Books
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Diets, Nutrition, Self Help

Reviews The Bulletproof Diet

  • Sean Liu
    I really wanted to give this 2 stars but hey, I'm drinking the coffee so let's go for 3. Unfortunately, Asprey is extremely salesy and if you're not into used car salesman-types, he's going to make you very uncomfortable. He also loves to tout the benefits the Bulletproof Diet will have on your body as if it is going to shred you up with minimal exercise—I can promise you much of his fitness tips are misguided. Aside from dubious testimonials s...
  • Jeff Zapotoczny
    My wife and I were interested in this to see if we could learn anything to augment the mostly primal/paleo way we've been eating the last few years. We picked up a few great ideas (mainly realizing we may have been eating too much protein and not enough saturated fat), but were mostly left disappointed.Dave Asprey is reaching very hard to brand every salable aspect of his lifestyle while simultaneously avoiding identifying it with the paleo/ances...
  • Annmarie (Annie) Kostyk
    There are always naysayers. I also think it's a bad idea to skip breakfast. Being vegetarian twice in my life, I had to stop both times. Why? Deep depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and my skin looked old and crappy. Back on animal protein and a high good fat diet and I feel great again. AND... I lost quite a bit of weight, no inflammation and no puffiness. For vegans, sorry. Every vegan I know starts to look super unhealthy after some...
  • Alex
    Asprey's Bulletproof Diet is worth paying attention to.I've gone through several diets in my life. And just when I thought there was nothing better than Tim Ferriss' Slow-Carb diet mentioned in the 4-Hour Body, I came across Dave's work. That marked a significant moment in my approach to nutrition and health, and changed a lot of things in my life.Dave is an unusual wealth of information. He had his own struggles with nearly every health problem ...
  • Matt
    In many ways he is the George Foreman of the coffee drinking world. He sells coffee and sells it well, he's come up with one idea and is so proud of it he's put his brand on it. in every paragraph.The guy is a hack, a used car salesman. This book is an overloaded with broscience, celebrity endorsements and bulletproof branding, with little or no empirical data to back up its claims. He is selling the bulletproof brand and the dream of an upgraded...
  • Amir Tesla
    You have to avoid toxins that trigger the immune system. Antinutrients such as preservatives, colorings, pesticides, etc. are all toxins.- The main categories of naturally occurring antinutrients are lectins, phytates, oxalates, and mold toxins (mycotoxins). - Lectins: A lectin is a type of protein that permanently attaches itself to the sugars that line your cells, disrupting small-intestine metabolism and damaging gut villi (fingerlike projecti...
  • Lisamarie Landreth
    Five-star reviews are reserved for books that are a life-changing, paradigm-shattering force to be reckoned with that I'm compelled to force on everyone I know. The Bulletproof Diet delivers on all counts. I started this book while in bed with terrible back pain because if pain is the truest roadmap to where God is working in our lives, somethings gotta give with my diet and exercise routine. Throughout the course of the next couple weeks I start...
  • Johnny
    I’ve never been interested in health. I’ve tried a couple of fad diets in order to shed pounds quickly (often too quickly) and I’ve exercised myself into health problems on more than one occasion (particularly memorable was the ankle problem related to jogging and the heart symptoms related to cardio workouts). So, when a friend insisted that he was concerned about me and recommended this book, I was skeptical but purchased the book out of ...
  • Eric Vance Walton
    No matter how much I tried to silence it much of the nutritional advice given in this book made my psyche scream, "NO!". If I wouldn't have already been reading research supporting the amazing health benefits of grassfed butter and beef I probably wouldn't even have tried the diet. Disclaimer: I'm not drinking the bulletproof coffee but have introduced 2tbsp (sometimes more) grassfed butter into my breakfast and on my vegetables throughout the da...
  • Sean Cameron
    I found this book to be very informative. He gives away a one page PDF of the diet's principles for free which I have been using and feeling the benefits. Now the books out I could learn the story and science behind it all.People complain that he pushes his products but I feel he lays out what to get and how to get the right quality and offers his version. You can do it all without buyin his brand, it's just easy to buy his brand.I've only dabble...
  • Doug
    Since I followed the diet for a month, I thought I'd come back and revise my original review (in its entirety below) well as my rating (downgraded from a 4 to a 3). The diet is NOT the easiest, nor most palatable I've ever been on - one gets tired of a greasy mouth feel to almost everything ON the diet. That's the bad news... the GOOD is that I did lose a total of 12 lbs in 4 weeks - not bad. However, it ISN'T a diet I can realistically stay...
  • John b Reno
    Dave delivers againI have been listening to the bulletproof radio podcast since 2012. Since I started just basic changes that year I saw a huge difference in my athletic performance. I took this all the way to triathlon and full ironman distance with great results. I am now not training at all and maintaining my weight and lean mass (I actually look better than when just was exercising 10hrs a week) and excelling mentally since the past few weeks...
  • Aj Warner
    scares you straight First book I read on my new kindle. Could not put it down. Back on track after losing my way over the last 5 months and adding 20 pounds of weight and feeling brain fog again after 2 years of living awesome. Anyone and everyone should read the book and then make their own life decision after having more information to guide them.
  • Lani
    I guess I should be happy that I read this in 2017 instead of the year it was published. This book claimed that most coffee has mold! There was even an explanation of the research it took to find this out. Of course I had to look this up! Relax, it's not true. Even Folgers uses a wet processing to prevent any mold from growing on the beans. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have been drastic enough to stop drinking the only liquid that lets me deal ...
  • Caroline
    I seemed to be spotting lots of claims but either no or poor evidence to support them. It shows an inadequate understanding of evidence by an author and reader when correlation between two or more factors is held as causation as is frequently done in this book.I have abandoned this book, some readers might find it helpful but I am not convinced by Asprey's claims. The book starts well and held my attention but soon its general lack of evidence ir...
  • Andrea
    Very interesting! After reading this I joined a Bulletproof FB Group to get some more information on real people's results. It definitely intrigued me based on the science behind this diet. I have tried and do enjoy the Bulletproof Coffee.
  • Lynda
    'Biohacking' is a word that conjures up something very technologically advanced and only reserved for geeks. This is not true. I am glad I read through the entire book. There is much wisdom to be found in this book, not to mention that my grocery bills will go down because I will cut spending on cheese, alcohol, certain nuts, nut milks, gluten free bean chips, and certain fruits. Many so-called foods are not helping us in terms of optimizing heal...
  • Edward
    Dave Asprey is a former high-tech entrepreneur turned biohacker and the creator of Bulltetproof coffee and the Bulletproof brand. He has a popular podcast, Bulletproof Radio, which I listen to regularly. This book summarizes a lot of his philosophy in biohacking and how lifestyle, especially diet can affect how you can improve how you feel, your physical and mental performance and overall health. Overall, there are many excellent tips and advice ...
  • Mike Harmon
    What does your Mom get you for your birthday?...I now get books on healthy eating. Yea - thanks mom. I actually already follow many of the guidelines set forth in the book, but did pick up a few tweaks and inspiration to be more disciplined. Asprey doesn't provide any hard statistical evidence; it's all based on his extensive first-person experimentation. He's also quite the used car salesman. When reading books like this, I always look for sever...
  • Lauren
    I was definitely intrigued by this book, and have even incorporated some of this diet into my daily routine. However, this diet is 50-75 percent fat and my husband who is a registered dietitian with a masters in sports nutrition said that no matter what this guy claims, he says there is no way this can be safe for long-term. Then I started listening to the authors bulletproof radio podcast and realized he is kind of a dick. He has these awesome g...
  • Brad Lockey
    Alright then, 2 weeks for the full Bulletproof Diet.I've started Bulletproof coffee and love it. It does keep me satiated for a long time, and I now intermittent fast for about 15-17 hours daily.My wife thinks I'm nuts, but some nuts have mold in them ... read the book, you'll get it.Losing weight, eating butter and the right fats, testing the body and finding what's good and what's bad is smart. One "diet" does not fit everyone body type and rea...
  • Danny An
    I must say that this is the most thorough and powerful diet book I have read so far.You'll learn the basic science behind boosting your mental performance while losing weight, staying young, and extending your life span.If there is one health/diet book you want to read, read this one. It'll change your life. I've already lost 5+ pounds easily in the past week following this diet about 85% of the time.
  • Ryan Hawkins
    I didn't read this because I wanted to loose weight. Rather, I love reading about food/nutrition, I had heard of Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee, and I had started doing it in the morning and really enjoying it for a week or so. So, I decided to officially read the book. I think it is unfortunate to call this a 'diet' book. It is more a revolutionary nutrition book, with some practicalities about what to do.As a background, Asprey was a Silicon Val...
  • Tami Sparks
    I can’t believe the people saying he is salesy. I never once thought that and he even states if you don’t want to use brain octane fuel to use coconut oil but that it doesn’t give exact same results. I actually tried the brain octane fuel prior to reading the book as a friend gave me some to try. I have more focus since using the product and eating better.I enjoyed the book because so many books and diets say what you can and can’t eat bu...
  • Lindsay
    Way too sales pitch-y for me. Also just wasn’t buying the science behind this “I researched this FOR YEARS and spent a lot of money, so trust me on this”. Massive eye roll. Got more than one star because he had a few bits in here that were valid—lower carb diets can be healthier. But damn, does he really believe everything has mold toxin in it??
  • Tony Bonk
    Best nutrition book I have read. It combines the logical aspects of vegan and keto into a fat-based diet combining animal fats and protein plus veggies plus gives reasons and timing recommendations for enjoying carbs.
  • Palimpest Living
    I have mixed feelings about this book. The pros: - It was well organized and contained a lot of great information, often in unexpected areas such as which fruits/veggies are highest in fructose, highest in pesticides, most likely to be GMO, etc.- The author was very honest about places where he hated what he had to write (such as pointing out the beer is simply not “bulletproof”.- Much of the dietary advice was very sound, and the author was ...
  • Fab Mackojc
    I specifically waited until after following this diet properly for two weeks before writing this review. I feel pretty good generally but it was tiring cooking two meals a day for two weeks when I normally don't cook at all. There were also times where I didn't feel so amazing because my body was adjusting to a very different approach to eating.I'll try my best to review just the book, but I wanted to talk about aspects of the diet as well. Overa...
  • Zain
    I had heard a lot of good things about this book and diet and was hoping that it wasn't too good to be true. Unfortunately, after doing some digging around there are many rabbit holes one can go down to find the fallacies in Asprey's claims. The book itself is an easy enough read, although like everyone else commented on, the used car salesman attitude gets old really fast. I'm pretty sure every other sentence started with "As a biohacker, I..."....