Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo

Listful Thinking

What do Madonna, Martha Stewart, John Lennon, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Johnny Cash have in common? Each is (or was) a list maker. These successful people, along with CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, all use lists to keep track of their ideas, thoughts, and tasks. Finding enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished and allow for some downtime can be a struggle. It's no wonder ...

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TitleListful Thinking
Release DateJan 13th, 2015
PublisherViva Editions
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Productivity, Business

Reviews Listful Thinking

  • Basanja
    I read Nook version.First, lists are difficult for me. I need How to Make, Use, and Not Loose a List 101. I thought this might be the book; especially, when early on there's an exercise in list making. It's the only one. The topic never comes up again. This book is for the extroverted, affluent, busy person with friends, family, goals and dreams. It is not for the introvert, SAHM, without friends or extended family, or a blog, living paycheck to ...
  • Jennifer
    I'm always on the hunt to be more productive and looking for some new tip that I haven't heard of yet. Unfortunately, I didn't find it in this book.Since I'm already a list maker, there really wasn't anything new here. A few resources for online apps and task outsourcing services (most of which I'm already familiar with, and some already out of date since the book is a few years old). Not many actual examples of checklists that one can use as a t...
  • Garette Johnson
    "Listful Thinking" is full of tips and trick to getting things done. My biggest fear as a list maker is not actually getting it done. I think many people suffer from this paralysis. "Listful Thinking" puts you in touch with management apps to help keep lists up to date and where you are. As an artist and designer it keeps me on track and productive. Many people have a misconception that creatives are not organized or focused. I believe the artist...
  • Naeema Alaradi
    أنا فتاة قوائم بامتياز .. قوائم للسفر و للبقالة و للحفلات .. قوائم المهام و قوائم الكتب .. احببت هذا الكتاب كثيرا و أحببت الافكار التي فيه .. بالطبع لن استفيد من بعض النقاط الخاصة بالتطبيقات الالكترونية و لكنه رائع و يناسبني تماما :)
  • Darcie Rowan
    Although I'm an avid list maker for my career and personal life, Paula Rizzo included new ways of thinking through list making that has helped me tremendously. "Listful Thinking" is fantastic for people like me, who sometimes feel overwhelmed and need smart list making skills to ease the load & become more productive. The author includes great tips on time management, backtiming (loved this!), outsourcing and list making in the digital world. Not...
  • Glen
    This is not what I expected. My mum reviews books and passed on an ARC copy for me when I started my new job (I'm notoriously unorganized). Slightly patronizing, I thought, I'm an adult, I can use a list. But the book was surprisingly useful. It's one of those books that takes a prosaically simple subject and goes in directions you never thought possible. Lists seem so obvious, everyone scrawls a shopping list on an old receipt, but there's so mu...
  • Laura
    Are you an organized person who still gets overwhelmed from time to time? I feel your pain! Luckily, Paula Rizzo's "Listful Thinking" offers a fresh approach and NEW tricks to staying on top of your schedule no matter what life throws at you. As a health and fitness blogger, I'm always encouraging people to do things that make you feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. Along with healthy eating and exercise, I encourage you to read thi...
  • Ella
    3.5This book is filled with some useful tips but could have been a little better formatted.
  • Ann Gomez
    Paula Rizzo really nails the importance of list-making in this bright, refreshing book. I love the research that she incorporates and wide variety of inspiring list-making ideas. As a Productivity Consultant, I am constantly telling people about the critical need for a great To Do List. I am so glad to see a book dedicated to lists! I also love that Paula's style is so genuine and practical. Great job Paula!
  • Marjorie Elwood
    Books about organization are my porn and this one was very useful, with its suggestions about prioritizing and electronic resources to help with organization, and its tips about the kinds of lists to make.
  • Jay
    Excellent take on lists. Rizzo covers how she uses lists in a variety of contexts. Note that she actually talks about lists for some specific purposes that she has used in her life, including wedding planning and destination trip planning lists. While I suspect I won’t need that specific expertise in my future, I did like how she described the kinds of things on the lists – and that could be used for other lists. I also appreciated her discus...
  • Erin
    This book is the perfect read for anyone who needs a productivity boost. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know how to get back on your feet "Listful Thinking" is for you. As a college student, I have found myself procrastinating way too much on assignments and feeling absolutely crazy trying to cram in everything the night before. Although I'm a very organized person, Listful Thinking taught me how to correctly make a list and complete it...
  • Marnely Rodriguez-Murray
    The perfect book if you love making lists - not just love it, but HAVE to have lists in your life. Paula gets you organized and teaches you how to make productive lists!
  • Arianny Rodriguez
    What incredible insight to productivity Paula Rizzo has. This book is a must read for all. As a working mom, I found that her tips help me get the most out of my day.
  • Nathan Albright
    Listening to this book was a pleasant diversion, and the book was short, and one of the benefits of listening to a book like this (or reading it, if you choose), is to find plenty of material to read that the author references.  My own feelings about this book are somewhat mixed to positive, in that the author's politics, fondness of Oprah, and some of her software choices (like her love of Asana) are somewhat irksome and irritating, although th...
  • Sue Smith
    Let it be known that I am a compulsive list maker - I have always done them and probably always will. I don't make frivolous lists mind you - my lists are for things to be done or are upcoming to be done or are things I want to try to do, or for menu planning or Christmas gift planning - but all in all are lists to keep me on track and be conscious of time and money. (I think that's why I love Goodreads - to keep track of my books read and to be ...
  • Angela Holland
    Do you like to make lists? Are you looking for a way to organize your life? Then take a look at this book. For myself I enjoy making lists and am always looking for way to improve on this. I actually listened to the audio version of this book and it went rather quickly. You may want to have a pen handy to take a few notes as the author gives you some good resources. I have actually requested the book from the library as well so I can take a look ...
  • Ash
    Great book on being organized and writing lists. I am a list-maniac (if there is such a word) and I love making lists of everything - book TBRs, shopping lists, TODO lists, movies to watch list, music to download list. You name it and I have a list written somewhere for it. Haha. So this book was tailor made for people like me. Even though I am super organized already, I got some more ideas about apps and tips to maintain lists. Definitely worth ...
  • Katie
    I love lists. I love crossing out items from a list when I've completed them. I have different journals that just house different types of lists.This book did not bring anything new to the table. It could've been cut down to a short list as follows:1. Make lists for everything.2. Yes, everything.3. Start now.Side criticism: Why does she have a whole section about making a list of what to say if you meet a celebrity? Really?
  • Renee Ortenzio
    I’m already a big list maker, so I didn’t get any new info. The part about outsourcing is a little much. Most people can’t pay for these types of things or have access to interns.
  • Suzanne
    Too many of the APPS mentioned are out of date or do not exist. Too many of the ideas are not new. I wanted to like this book, I read every page... I am an avid list maker... but this book fell short of my expectations for new ideas! I will donate the book to our local library, hopefully a few other people might get tips from this book.
  • Heidi
    As a list maker and productivity addict, I was drawn to this book immediately. I didn't find much that was new to me in it, but it did inspire me to keep up with my listing ways. There were some sections that didn't fit me at all (the way we plan trips, for example, is very different) but on the whole I enjoyed reading the author's suggestions and methods for staying organized.
  • Tersit Shifaw
    Had great points but was too long and took a y examples to explain one thing. Learned a few tips though.
  • Connie Gruning
    This is a book everyone should own. Not just read; OWN! I highly recommend a physical copy and not an electronic copy. I think this book has so many gems that you will want to ear-mark and highlight so many areas!!Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed written by Paula Rizzo is a book you will use!! I believe you will use this book over and over again!!It doesn’t matter if you are already a great list-...
  • Karen
    Listful Thinking got me inspired to use lists to really get organized. As a sometimes list maker, I had no idea how lists could fill a whole book. I have been doing some things wrong in my list making, and feeling overwhelmed just looking at those lists. This book goes over all kinds of lists: lists in life choices, lists for productivity, lists for purchases, and lists for every major move in your life. Paula is all over the list making habit, ...
  • Lindsay
    This was the first book I listened to using my local county library's subscription to Hoopla. I downloaded the app during my lunch break, and this was one of the recommended books based on the genres I selected as my preferences. If you are feeling disorganized, this book can help motivate you to get back on track. I have always been a list-maker and note-taker, but I feel like I have been more lax the last couple of years. I definitely feel more...
  • Shaiza Shamim
    This book is such a gift. The tips are helpful and handy, and the recommendations are filtered and useful (plus every app the author recommends is free, free, free) but what I found most valuable is this: it explains how to "set your list into motion." Sure, everyone can make a grocery list, no one needs a book for that. But what about the big stuff? Like moving, or taxes or house-hunting? For me, those are the kinds of things that lead to a clou...
  • Katie Lebarron
    This is a fantastic book for anyone who is looking to organize their life, or who loves making lists.I have never understood why I enjoy making lists of everything but this book shows I'm not the only one. But using lists successfully is what foils a lot of people. This book gets into how to keep your lists organized and the best ways to use lists to make yourself most productive.The book is filled with tips of how to change what you're doing or ...
  • Kathy Gubser
    Whether you are organizationally challenged or a confirmed list-maker, Paula Rizzo’s Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed is a must-read for the New Year! An award winning TV producer and blogger (, Paula shows you how to use lists to tackle everything from organizing a party to taming challenging work projects.If you are new to list-making (and list using!), you’ll learn how to fr...