Blood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8) by C.J. Box

Blood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8)

It is elk season in the Rockies, but this year a different kind of hunter is stalking a different kind of prey. When the call comes in on the radio, Joe Pickett can hardly believe his ears: game wardens have found a hunter dead at a camp in the mountains; strung up, gutted, and flayed, as if he were the elk he'd been pursuing. A spent cartridge and a poker chip lie next to his body. Ripples of horror spread through the community, and with a possi...

Details Blood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8)

TitleBlood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8)
Release DateJun 1st, 2008
PublisherG. P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Fiction, Westerns, Thriller

Reviews Blood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8)

  • Rex Fuller
    Brilliant. The story is clean and firm like newly tightened wire. Great surprise ending. My only regret is we don't see how, or even whether, Joe Pickett gets out of trouble at the end. I understand the reasons for doing it that way (dramatic ambiguity, teasing for the next book, etc.). However, to render perfect justice, which I thought was a hallmark of the series, the good guys have to come out okay. Even so, I would go so far as to say this i...
  • Jon
    It's been about 3 years since I have picked up a Joe Pickett novel. This is the 8th in the series. This one is very good. Box does a nice job of mixing folksy charm with messed up violence. Series definitely gets better as it goes along.
  • Shari
    Joe is still doing 'special project' work for Governor Rulon who is becoming less and less likable, using Joe but does he really appreciate Joe? A hunter of hunters has killed three elk hunters. This hunter then field dresses his kills just like real hunters do to best preserve the meat. Of course, our hunter of hunters is not preserving this human meat but making a powerful statement. Suddenly Randy Pope, the Game and Fish director, wants to be ...
  • Mike
    Entertaining, action-filled Joe Pickett tale, with someone murdering hunters in Wyoming. Throw in some animal activists, some overeager vigilante types, the Governor, and old nemesis Vern the previous game warden, and the fun is on.
  • Michael
    C.J. did it again. Joe is handed the keys to an Escalade which is a Cadillac SUV but parks a Yukon, an SUV but GM, not Cadillac. Does he do this on purpose? I don't know and I don't care, it's fun to find these meaningless errors (or puzzles if you will) which have nothing to do with the overall quality of the story Mr. Box shares with us. So why, you ask, do I point them out? Because they are fun and my pointing them out has nothing to do with m...
  • Helen
    Despite the graphic details in these books on all manner of topics, I love them. Joe is great! As is the narration.
  • LJ
    BLOOD TRAIL (Licensed Invest-Joe Pickett-Wyoming-Cont) – G+Box, C.J. – 9th in seriesPutnam, 2008 – US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780399154881First Sentence: I am a hunter, a bestower of dignity.Joe Pickett, now working director for the Governor of Wyoming, is called to go to a murder scene where an elk hunter has been murdered and his body treated like the quarry he sought. This isn’t the first such killing. The Governor puts Joe on the multi-a...
  • Anthony
    One of my favorite Joe Pickett books. There is a serial killer on the loose in Wyoming. The killer is going after hunters and treating them like deer: Gutted, skinned, decapitated and hung up. Joe is asked by the Gov. to find out who is doing this. Joe is reunited with his old boss, Nate, and the regular cast of characters that we have come to enjoy over the years. Box has really tightened up his story telling. I didn't find myself skipping page...
  • Dorothy
    What a ride! What a read! I think C.J. Box has got the hang of this Western thriller thing. This is the eighth entry in his Joe Pickett series and they've gotten better and better. This is easily the best one yet, in my opinion.The events in this book take place a bit less than a year since the last book, Free Fire, which was set in Yellowstone National Park. We find that Joe, who was fired from his position as game warden in Saddlestring, Wyomin...
  • Peggy
    This book is aptly named. By my count 10 murders with one more about to occur at the book's end makes this one bloody trail indeed. Joe Pickett is the former game warden in Saddlestring, Wyoming. The highly independent, unpredictable governor has hired Joe to work just for him on special projects. The governor calls on Joe to investigate the grizzly murders of hunters. The hunters have become the prey. Even with Joe and a world renown tracker on ...
  • Susan Grace
    A bit bloody and I easily figured out "who dunnit" and still an enjoyable read.
  • Koeeoaddi
    No one writes Wyoming like C.J. Box. Curling up with one of his books is like getting in out of the wind, he gets the people and the places just right and you can almost smell the sage as you turn the pages. So why only two stars? 1. We get it, Mr. Box. You. Don't. Like. Animal. Rights. Activists. Enough, already! Look, I laughed when the tree spiker wound up in the tree in the beginning of Out of Range, and for a book or two it was fun, but seri...
  • Frank
    Another excellent entry in the Joe Pickett series. I have been reading these in order and they just seem to get better and better. In this one, someone is hunting and killing hunters. It appears that the perpetrator is making these kills because he is against the hunting of animals...but is this the real reason? Why is the killer leaving a red poker chip next to each victim as a calling card? And why does it appear that the victims knew each othe...
  • Chris Jensen
    Entertaining. I read this while vacationing out east and it was the type of easy reading that made the end of the day something to look forward to. It's not a very complicated plot. I sort of figured it out about half way through the book. Work for a fish and game agency, the working relationships with hunters, Native Americans, the politicians and the overly ambitious bureaucrats is spot on and very entertaining to view through the eyes of C.J. ...
  • wally
    12 jul 16...and on to another from box for me. ole joe pickett...he has something in common with travis mcgee...they both lost a brother to death. victor. the last story, i think that was the 2nd? time, 2nd story? that joe p's bro is mentioned. free fire. they're everywhere! they're everywhere!13 jul 16, finished, great story!
  • Adrienne
    My husband likes these Joe Pickett mysteries & if you like tails of the new west (especially Wyoming), you'll like them too. I listened to this on audiotape with him on a recent car trip. The main character is a game warden who ends up solving murder cases. You have to be willing to suspend disbelief and go along with a little frontier justice, but its a perfectly enjoyable ride.
  • Clyde
    As the book opens, Joe Picket is just settling into his new status as a game warden without portfolio. He hasn't a territory of his own and is acting as a general troubleshooter, traveling around the state wherever needed. When someone starts hunting and killing hunters in a most gruesome fashion, the Governor naturally puts Joe on the case as part of a multi-agency investigation. Surprisingly Joe's boss and bane, Randy Pope, becomes directly inv...
  • Karen
    This is the first C.J. Box book I have read; it will not be the last one. At first, I didn't think I would like this book. I didn't like the title and I didn't like what was written on the book jacket. But it was the book assigned by my book club, so I thought I would give it a try. And I am so glad I did! Note to self: don't judge a book by its cover!
  • John Ethier
    Great story and a very good finish
  • Jen
    Blood Trail is the eighth book in C. J. Box's Joe Pickett series. In this adventure, someone is hunting elk hunters in Wyoming. The first couple killings appear to be hunting accidents, but when a man is hung and gutted like prey, the police, the state game warden, even the governor take an active role in finding this human hunter. And their first step in solving the heinous crimes is to call in Joe Pickett.The stakes are raised in the investigat...
  • D.F. Haley
    C.J.Box continues to be a reliable resource for a well-told murder/adventure story. In this instance, he's recycling a lot of the story elements he has previously used in the "Joe Pickett" series. Some of them I like a lot (his family relationships to his wife and to his older daughter), others are OK (his lack of social skills and his strong sense of what is right and wrong), and some are just annoying (his tendency to scrap with authority and h...
  • Lori Schiele
    Wyoming Garden Warden, Joe Pickett finds himself in a bind. The hunters who are supposed to be hunting the elk, are being killed themselves. And not just killed, but strung up like the animals they hunt, as well as gutting and skinning them. The only clue is a red poker chip placed in the their mouth.Because elk season is close to a "religion" in Wyoming, the hunters are demanding the murderer be found. The FBI is called in, as well as a Native A...
  • Elly Wendy
    3* I am really enjoying this solidly-written, action-packed series. I like stories set in remote areas, outdoor and animal and hunting themes, and the conflicts arising from the various perspectives about those issues. There is a lot more too. Another Good One!
  • Nancy
    Joe Pickett, family and Nate Romanowski are at it again. Someone is killing off hunters in Wyoming, but Joe feels it is personal since each is left with a poker chip in his mouth. Joe's kinda boss is more than ready to support him (yes, hell as frozen over!) with all the help he needs. Wh6y? Joe has an idea but, as things progress life takes a bad turn.I love this series. I love learning about Wyoming, the Parks there and what game wardens do.Gre...
  • Maynard
    I always look forward to a C.J. Box novel featuring Joe Pickett. Although the story starts out slowly, it quickly picks up pace and as we approach the denouement, the reader can't help but be transfixed as he or she turns the next page and is already looking forward to the page following.
  • Sarah
    Good as always. I really enjoy the taste of Wyoming and the West I get every time I read one of CJ's books. Like Nate, it makes me want to bury my face in a sagebrush and inhale the wonderful scent. I miss it!
  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    Wow! The twists and surprises in this installment were amazing! And Nate....oh boy...I don't have the words! I loved this book! I'll be back with a more detailed review when time allows!
  • Nolan
    This series just improves with every book, and I take a good deal of comfort in the knowledge that I’ve a lot to read before I reach the end of the series.Hunters are being murdered during the height of the hunting season, and no one knows why. Ah, but they aren’t merely being murdered; they’re being skinned and decapitated as if they were the game they’ve come to hunt. The state’s fictional governor realizes he’s an endangered politi...
  • J
    Yes, CJ Box is back! This book was interesting from start to finish. I read it in a couple days and didn't want to put it down. Fast and easy read. Lucy is 10, Sheridan is 16. Sheridan no longer likes to hang out with her dad and Joe is a bit hurt.Joe is still working as a game warden, but reporting to the governor for "special assignments". Apparently, he is constantly traveling all over the state to cover for other wardens who are sick/unavaila...