The Queen (The Original Sinners, #8) by Tiffany Reisz

The Queen (The Original Sinners, #8)

Once upon a time, Nora and Søren made a fateful deal—if he gave her everything, she would give him forever.  The time has finally come to keep their promises.  Out of money and out of options after her year-long exile, Eleanor Schreiber agrees to join forces with Kingsley Edge, the king of kink. After her first taste of power as a Dominant, Eleanor buries her old submissive self and transforms into Mistress Nora, the Red Queen....

Details The Queen (The Original Sinners, #8)

TitleThe Queen (The Original Sinners, #8)
Release DateOct 27th, 2015
GenreErotica, Bdsm, Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews The Queen (The Original Sinners, #8)

  • Jennifer Kyle
    "I've created a monster.""You didn't create a monster," "You just let her off her leash." In this last novel, Tiffany Reisz fills fans in on the events that occurred during the time period when Nora walked away from Søren and became Mistress Nora. With the help of a great King, Nora conquers New York's heartless dominatrix and comes into her own. "I want my own money, my own house, Freedom. Money is Freedom." Make no mistake, Søren is heavily ...
  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    4.5 Jabberwocky Stars! Well, I waited as long as I could before I read this final installment within The Original Sinners series. I knew the end of this book would be the end of seriously my FAVORITE taboo BDSM series. Reisz has constructed so much more than a simple cast of characters here. She gave us a community of men and women that come from all backgrounds, some histories were ugly and heart-wrenching but within their playground stories I f...
  • Amy | Foxy Blogs
    ✿•*`*•✿ THE QUEEN REIGNS! ✿•*`*•✿My journey with this crew started a little over two years ago. I noticed this series at the bookstore and was intrigued by the title and the compelling book cover. My curiosity was piqued when I checked goodreads and saw lots of friends LOVED IT. I had to READ IT. The ‘shock and awe’ feeling I got in The Siren when we meet Soren is still one of my most fun SHOCK-moments in reading. You may be w...
  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    It’s LIVE! * Amazon US * Amazon Uk * ★When I read a book from this series it's like visiting old friends. A STUNNING end to an EPIC series!' ★The propensity of each story from this series to make me feel deeply is immense simply because of the history ingrained in my mind and heart. I'm in love with every single character. There are so many layers with so much depth. Their lives are firmly and forever entwined. The Original Sinners Series i...
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    5++++ Everything Stars The beauty of an exceptional writer is the ability to bring everything home. Tiffany Reisz captured an unconventional story and turned it into a meaningful erotic sensual mix of emotions. While this entire series started out as a shock factor for me, it was the writing that won me over. The subject matter required an author with religious sensitivity and extremely erotic creativity and Tiffany Reisz did it BRILLIANTLY!!! D...
  • Akanksha❤ Søren♰
    All hail the QueenGUESS WHAT IS OUT TODAY?????TRUST ME GUYS, THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHINGA must read, so do that ASAP!~The end is toooo close. ~Just got my ARC!!!!So excited, yet feeling so miserable. Its the end. I don't think I can handle it.Søren forever and always.~I'll die. No jokes :(With a shattering final confession, the last link in the chain is forged in The Original Sinners saga. It's the closing chapter in a story of salvation, sacrifice ...
  • Jasmine
    5 STARS!! ★★★★★ "There are, in fact, only three ways to become a queen. Signing up isn't one of them." **SPOILER FREE REVIEW (but involves major gushing of the entire series)**It breaks my heart to write this review because it feels like I'm officially saying goodbye to a series I've come to love so much. This alluring world that Tiffany Reisz has created, these complex characters that I've admired; we've reached the final chapter of an...
  • warhawke
    Genre: EroticaType: Book 4 of 4 from The Original Sinners: White Years series (The Original Sinners #8)POV: Third PersonRating: Coming back after a year of hiding, Eleanor Schreiber was desperate for a new start. With the help of King of the Underground, Kingsley Edge, she reinvented herself as Nora Sutherlin and became the most sought after Dominatrix. But newfound freedom didn’t mean she was emotionally free from Søren who will always fin...
  • Candace
    A Fitting Conclusion'The Queen' brings everything full-circle. Going from the present-day wedding of Griffin and Michael, then jumping back in time to re-tell parts of Nora's story during her time apart from Soren, I am amazed by the complexity of this story. Even though the content had all been covered, loosely, in earlier books in the series, reading Nora's account added a new perspective. Like another piece in a complicated puzzle, each book i...
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    4 stars! Well this is it. The end of the Sinners. At least until TR writes some more right? The Queen is the story of Nora and Soren in their time "apart", broken up with each other and all around broken. Soren wants his Eleanor back, and Nora wishes to be accepted for who she is now, Mistress Nora. Both are at a stalemate as they cannot change their wants and needs. This book details the years before the beginning of The Siren.Anyways, I really ...
  • Kirsten
    4.5 -I can't believe it's over- stars! "I'm still Elle Schreiber. No matter which end of the whip I'm on, I'm still Elle Schreiber." We've come full circle with the story of these sinners. Although it's sad to see them go, I take comfort in the fact that I have an amazing 8 book series that I can go to whenever I want, and still cherish the lives of these amazing characters. In The Virgin we learned what happened that year. The year that Elle l...
  • Beverly
    This is by far one of my favorite series of all time and I am so sad to see it end, but I think Reisz wrapped up this series perfectly. Throughout The White Years Reisz has taken us on a journey of the past, so that we can understand how our “nonnegotiables” became who they are. “You’ve always been a queen in my eyes. Especially now.” We have watched Eleanor in all the facets and time periods in her life and The Queen focuses on her b...
  • Michelle
    The Original Sinners series is concluded with the final installment of the White Years, The Queen. We got to know the cast of characters via the Red Years, the time where Nora Sutherland ruled the world of Kink as the most desired domme, but in the White Years all the gaps are filled as we meet Eleanor, the submissive.The Queen gives us the period of time after Nora returns from the convent and is brought into to King’s world and trained to bec...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
  • Geri Reads
    "You have a conscience. But you know what they call a sociopath with a conscience?"It sounded like a the setup to a joke so Elle took the bait. "No, what do they call a sociopath with a conscience?""They call her 'Mistress.'" And that's all she wrote. This was the perfect bittersweet ending to a series that have personality captivated me. Why must all good things come to an end? Well done, Ms. Reisz!Full review to come!ARC provided by Harlequin i...
  • TeriLyn
    **The Queen generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**5 "You've always been a queen in my eyes." StarsA perfectly fitting end to a series I will hold close forever. These characters have come to mean so much to us as readers it's bittersweet to bid them farewell even though Tiffany Reisz sends us off beautifully. When you follow a series such as Reisz’s The Original Sinners the characters become peopl...
  • AJ
    “You know what they call a sociopath with a conscience?”… “They call her ‘Mistress’”4.5 stars and a very satisfying finale to an amazing series More than just a fascinating, heart-pounding and engrossing read, The Original Sinners series has been an experience. Reading these books is like entering a different world and I have loved every moment that I’ve spent with these incredible characters - the dynamics are some of the best an...
  • Dαɴιjα
    Book eight. The end. This is the moment I've been both dreading and looking forward to for a long time. I hate having to say goodbye to another series this year, especially one with so many characters who've become dear to me over the few years I've been reading about them, but it's time. I'll miss the series, I'll miss the Sinners, I already miss Kingsley, but it's time to let them put the past behind and enjoy their happy endings. That's what T...
  • Gitte TotallyBookedBlog
    The stars in the skies are not enough for this book and series‘The world didn’t often reward those who loved outside the lines.’I want to reach into my chest and rip out the overwhelmed and beating part of my heart that belongs to Søren, Nora and Kingsley. Then I want to fly thousands of miles and personally show it and hand it over to Tiffany Reisz on bended knees for her to understand just how much I truly feel. What an incredible series...
  • CC
    In the Queen we learn how Eleanor became Mistress Nora. The book starts in the present, then the narration goes back to the time when Eleanor returns to Kingsley’s townhouse in NY. Eleanor is broke without any prospects but Kingsley has a plan. From the first day Kingsley saw Eleanor, he knew they shared a common bond and Kingsley is determined to have Eleanor reach her full potential. So, during this time, Eleanor - or rather Mistress Nora’s...
  • Bj
    5 "The Birth of the Red Queen" Stars! All hail the queen! Without a doubt Tiffany Reisz is the queen of BDSM erotica. Proving once again her incredible talent at weaving together a provocative, erotic tale, with an affinity for religious symbolism and the further development of what has become one of my favorite trio (Nora/Eleanor, Soren and Kingsley) of characters of all time, Tiffany Reisz has earned another 5 Stars in by book! In The Queen, we...
  • Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends
    EVERYTHING! There were so many favorite moments for me in this book, but this moment in particular was EPIC! Go Nora! “Off with her head.” And to my beautiful King: UPDATE FOR THE RELEASE DAY:BOOK REVIEW: 5 MILLION STARS AND THE SUN THE GALAXY AND EVERYTHING BEYOND! “Don’t call the painting perfect even if you see it that way. The painting didn’t create itself. Call the artist perfect. If she was perfect it was only because He was per...
  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    The End : Part TwoI think this is the end for real this time, but future short stories or cameos wouldn't surprise me.3.5 stars. I debated too much whether to go 3 or 4. My personal feelings were closer to a 3, but I believe the book deserves a 4. Strangely enough, I could copy/paste a good portion of my review for The Mistress (which was The End : Part One) into this review. Much of my thoughts are still the same. Full circle, and all that. I'm ...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    ...the same dark and stormy night.... It's 2015 and Søren, Nora, Kingsley and the rest, are still busy with that wedding at the scottish castle - just like in the last book ☺But this time - after the wedding happened - Nora tells Søren the one story she's never told him before.They have until 9pm to talk about the past, because in just a few hours, something will happen - and we have NO IDEA WHAT!!!!!!And then we're back in 2005.She just left...
  • Jennifer
    The Queen is part of Tiffany Reisz's erotica/BDSM series titled Original Sinners. It is book #8 in the series as a whole and book #4 in the prequel series distinguished as The White Years. The Queen picks up right where the last book The Virgin leaves off and continues to offer readers flashback scenes which has come to be expected of the The White Years installments. Readers will see what happens after Søren, Kingsley, and Nora's year apart, an...
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    One of the best series I've ever read... It was so, so good! :) “I’ll come home,” Søren said. “I promise.” “Please,” she said. “You take my heart with you.” He kissed her forehead. “Little One, you are my heart.”
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    The Queen (The Original Sinners #8) by Tiffany Reisz5 stars!! “God said ‘Love is patient. Love is kind.’ He never said ‘Love is easy.’” This was one bittersweet read and I have been dreading this day for such a long time. I have been reading this series for years and these characters have wheedled their way into my heart and soul and to think that I may never read about them again is heart breaking. As dysfunctional as these charact...
  • AH
    Initial Thoughts:It's really hard to review this book without spoiling the rest of the series goes....If you've ever wondered how our lovely Little One became the Red Queen, then this is the book to read. Lots of our favorite characters in The Queen - Griffin, Michael, Kingsley, Juliette, and of course, Soren. We meet a few new characters and some loose ends are tied up (not literally) with a few old characters. This is one of my favori...
  • The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog
    Review-Jo Facebook: http://thehopelessromanticsbookblog.b... "We made a deal, remember? You gave me forever and you would give me everything. I fully intend to hold up my end of the deal, no matter what it costs me." My journey with this amazing series began three years ago with "Little Red Riding Crop" and it wasn't long before my girl crush for Nora Sutherl...
  • Sammy Loves Books
    "We made a deal remember? You gave me forever and I would give you everything. I fully intend to hold up my end of the deal, no matter what it costs me.""I have given you my heart, my body and every secret about me you would ever want to know. I have put my priesthood on the line for you. My work, my reputation, my happiness and quite often my own sanity. What more do you want from me?""Eleanor, I had to take a leave of absence after you left. I ...