Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5 by Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5

SC, TPB, in cello, New, Written by Warren Ellis. Art by Darick Robertson. Published in June of 2001. Softcover, 144 pages, full color. Mature Readers. Cover price $14.99.

Details Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5

TitleTransmetropolitan, Vol. 5
Release DateJul 1st, 2001
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Fiction, Cyberpunk, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5

  • Sr3yas
    Ladies and Gentlemen, We are back in Black!After the events of the fourth volume, Warren Ellis opens this installment with a great stand alone chapter featuring a very interesting interview.... of Spider himself. He contemplates about death, life, the concept of the fair game, and finally ties it all up to the main story arc beautifully.The next two chapters are also stand alone in their own term, one featuring random rants of Spider and another ...
  • Sesana
    That's better. After volume four's loss of energy, this is back to the same peak. And it's probably because Ellis gave Spider an actual target: police brutality and corruption. How horribly topical, more than a decade later. I was surprised, after an appropriately manic beginning, how disturbing, even frightening, this story became. I don't know if this means the book is going to be taking a slightly more serious turn going forward, but it kind o...
  • Sam Quixote
    The Beast has been replaced in office by the Smiler, a far more sinister President with plans to obliterate the man who pursued and mocked him throughout the election, Spider Jerusalem. Following a Senator's sex scandal leads Spider and his filthy assistants, Yellena and Channon, to massive corruption within the police force of the city where a hate crime has been essentially buried. But when Spider raises his hackles on the police, he finds that...
  • Gavin
    Wow. I love righteous fury. Ellis does it like no one else. I also love the poetic beauty he uses to describe the city and his relationship with it. The duality of filth disgust and garbage versus the positivity of energy, discovery and people. At first I found it a bit wordy...but it arts up the second act perfectly...The Smiler has come to power, Spider vowing to take him the midst of this, a brutal hate crime takes place, outraging Sp...
  • J.G. Keely
    Series review here. My Suggested Reading In Comics Series review here. My Suggested Reading In Comics
  • Devann
    This volume has a few standalone stories at the beginning and then a 3-part story centering on police brutality that I assume is leading into the next volume. As always the story has to balance the absolutely depressing fact that all these issues are more of a problem than ever today with funny moments that will keep you going. I think this volume did that pretty well because Yelena and Channon were featured pretty prominently and I love whenever...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Do not binge-read Transmetropolitan. Try to alternate some socially-accepted books before going back and picking up a volume of Spider Jerusalem's fight against the corrupted authorities. You'd get tired of the city, its filth, its stories. Same old ugliness, same old crap.Lonely City felt like a filler volume at first, a confined story that Spider Jerusalem must write in his column. But hell escalated quickly at the middle part of the book and d...
  • Artemy
    Shit. For me, living in Russia, stories about police brutality and killings of peaceful protesters and civilians, and about the government controlling the press, they just strike a little too close to home. I guess, for US it should be the same. This volume was really sad.Ugh, I actually love this comc book a lot now. So glad I decided to give it another go after my first, disappointing attempt at reading volume 1.This trade also contains issue #...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    Every time I feel like Transmetropolitan doesn't know what to talk about anymore, it comes out the left field with the greatest storylines. Spider Jerusalem finds fun and creative ways of getting into trouble with the law as he investigates a brutal murder the police seems oddly disinterested in. What ensues has nothing to envy to the great conspiracy theory novels, yet keeps the fun, edgy and oh-so-pertinent edge that makes Spider jerusalum who ...
  • Juho Pohjalainen
    I like Spider. He's a fucking asshole, but a good person underneath it all, always seeking to do the right thing no matter what it takes or how much it hurts him - and more to the point, bloody entertaining with what he does.
  • Dann
    Warren Ellis' graphic novel series is unmistakeably well written. The 90's art style perfectly suits the story, and even suits the cyberpunk genre. It is a gritty, ultra-violent series, with a nice, different take on hacker altruism, inspired by the sci-fi novels of the 80's. Having said that, it is a very difficult series to read. Pure nuggets of creativity are often dimmed by schizophrenic breaks--often by the protagonist--which, I understand, ...
  • Jessica
    This series has felt very familiar in terms of present day political and social climates but it has really hit the nail on the head in this volume. It hits so close to home it was almost difficult to read. I did like how the assistants and Spider became vigilantes/superheroes because they sought out and told the truth. It made me happy. Now I am just concerned about their well being...
  • Sue Smith
    Another episode that follows the words of truth written by journalist extraordinaire Spider Jerusalem as he navigates the murky waters of politics and big city antics. This one follows on the heels of the last installment that saw a change of political faces. The new man in power is shifter than the last but puts up a much better mask and is much more slippery. So much so that he knows how to play the political game that may see our hero caught i...
  • J.M. Hushour
    With the Smiler in the White House, Spider Jerusalem, journalist and psycho extraordinaire demands that politicians show him their penises.Yes, that's right. He and his filthy assistants chase down local office-holders demanding to see their penises.Thus, begins the real meat of Transmet, Jerusalem's real crusade for the truth, the complete out-fuckery of politics and media as it stands. Nothing is safe. The entire police force can be turned out ...
  • Friz Allen
    finally. i read the first three volumes of Trans out of order (1, 3, 2), but now i'm back on track. Volume Three, Year of the Bastard, was amazing and Volume 5, Lonely City, is the follow up i was waiting for. no disrespect to Volume 4 cause it contextualized important details that get expanded upon in V5. the parallels to the state of Journalism and Police are uncanny. unbelievable that this series was written 20 years ago. can't wait to continu...
  • C. Varn
    Classic but has aged unevenly Ellis has a gift for cynical characters, gonzo paranoia, and world building. This, however, does seem to have a retro-future feel from the end of 90s to the early aughts as much as it speaks to now. Spyder having a fully developed team does help cut against some of the revenge fantasy element of the work. Classic but has aged unevenly.
  • Julien V
    Discovery of the year! It's not "edgy", it's (insert superlatives) outrageous. Transmetropolitan makes Family Guy look like Sesame Street. Spider Jerusalem might be an asshole, but he fights the right battles: corruption, police brutality, xenophobia, you name it. Highly entertaining.
  • 'kris Pung
    Damn in the last book the Smiler is reveled to be the twisted evil f@ck we all thought he was and then there is absolutely zero about him in this book WTH. Dear Mr. Ellis, please stop being a giant dick tease.
  • Eric
    3 1/2 stars
  • BellaGBear
    Awesome and nasty, and that is exactly the combination I wanted. Also this book is a bit more clear again about what it wants to tell us, the reader, philosophically
  • Cyndi
    Spider Jerusalem's web appears to be falling apart. Hi octane living, riots in the streets, death and betrayal is everywhere......
  • Patrick
    Wow! Shits about to go down!
  • Travis
    "Life sucks, then you die."The fifth Transmetropolitan collection is a bit of a hodgepodge. This volume certainly is not as strong as the first first four volumes. Without the Presidential election the series loses a bit of steam. But digging into these six issues reveals some truly startling insights into the role journalism plays in our society. Many of the topics covered in these six issues are even more relavent today, including the hostile r...
  • kaelan
    Transmetropolitan has never been an especially smart comic. But as far as world-building goes, it most certainly has its charms (cryogenic-induced PTSD, cured-cancer-equals-tobacco-proliferation, low-key cannibalism...). Unfortunately, Lonely City—i.e., Transmet #5—finds Warren Ellis retreading past terrain. The reader is again confronted with police brutality and political corruption. Spider Jerusalem again antagonizes the baddies through a ...
  • Wade Alexander
    Half fillers issues and half a 3 issue arc. This book covers the beginnings of police corruption/brutality(like the first volume). The jump in this is the effects felt by the election in it's final pages. Not my favourite volume but still a good read.
  • The Library Ladies
    (originally reviewed at )I really have to pat Warren Ellis on the back, because boy has this re-read of “Transmetropolitan” felt so relevant and timeless. I’m now halfway through the volumes, and every time I pick one up I say to myself “Boy, this sure feels like the stuff that’s going on in today’s world of politics and government.” The journey of Spider, Channon, and Yelena continues to be absurd and over t...
  • Doc.
    Spider’s back, baby! With summer’s return, the gloom that had settled on our favourite journalist has lifted. The sun’s rays fire him up, allowing him to do what he does best: righteous indignation. We meet him as he’s in the midst of an extended monologue, and already Ellis’ writing proves miles better than anything he showcased in the previous volume. Spider’s love-hate relationship with the planet and its inhabitants is delivered w...
  • Otherwyrld
    What is The City? (capital letters deliberate). At one level it is a steroidal jacked-up and cocaine filled hyped-up version of New York (this has not been 100% clear in previous volumes but you can clearly see the Chrysler Building in one panel). You look more deeply though and The City is a microcosm of all that is both good and bad in the world, and in humanity in particular. I mention this fact because The City is a character in its own right...
  • Daniel
    Again, for the fifth time this story exceeds my expectations and takes me places that are disturbing, dangerous and downright mean. And I loved every second of it!Spider and his "filthy assistants" go deep into the murder of a street guy by a neo-nazi cult. These sexgangers as they are called kick a young man to death and videotape it. It is connected to some higher up people and so the police suppress the data and cover up as much as they can. S...