Transmetropolitan, Vol. 6 by Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 6

Despite -- or perhaps with the aid of -- drugs, drinking, and paranoia, Spider Jerusalem and his filthy assistants are hot on the trail of the horrifying truth behind the newly-elected President's campaign. Features three stand-alone stories: "Nobody Loves me, "The Walk" and "Dancing in the Here and Now," and also includes the three-part "Gouge Away" storyline.

Details Transmetropolitan, Vol. 6

TitleTransmetropolitan, Vol. 6
Release DateFeb 1st, 2002
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Fiction, Cyberpunk

Reviews Transmetropolitan, Vol. 6

  • Sr3yas
    Witness. Here I am: Spider Jerusalem, media element, TV celebrity, quotable, that wild and crazy guy who does that controversial muckraking column that no one really reads... lost in mix.Another face in the crowd. Spider is having a bad time in his city. His column was silenced by the government once and they are threatening to do so again at the first sign of trouble. On the top of that, Spider is now a well-known celebrity which is not a good...
  • Sesana
    Things are starting to get really interesting here. Spider goes on the attack, and it costs him his job. Funny thing is, it looks like he couldn't be happier. Watching him go on the attack is pretty satisfying, actually, and seeing the hammer come down doesn't ruin the effect. I sort of feel like the best is yet to come.
  • Sam Quixote
    Spider Jerusalem steps up his campaign of showing the world the truth about President Callahan aka the Smiler, and vindicating the death of Vita Severn. But as he builds his case by going through the list of people involved with Callahan’s election, each of the witnesses is killed off. Worse still, he’s about to lose his job at the Word and become a true outlaw journalist, hitting the road and dodging bullets and the President sets his sights...
  • HFK
    Transmetropolitan is ruining my review page with all the well deserved 5 stars I am throwing at it. It is unnatural, unrealistic for all books to be equal. It is too fiver. I need me a lot of one and two star reads after I am done with to keep the righteous balance.To be fair, even the sixth volume deserves all the shiny stars, it has been my least favorite compared to the previous volumes. This is actually an odd feeling to have considering that...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Gouge Away! Spider Jerusalem makes his comeback and starts his revenge path against the highest authority in the country, The Smiler, Callahan. I hate Spider Jerusalem (who does not), but he is doing all the right things in all the wrong ways, so I'm happy for him that he manages to sucker-punch those who have wronged him and especially, Vita Severn.Just a little reminder though, the dosage of sacrilege in this volume is higher than the previous ...
  • Joni
    Sexto tomo que incluye del 31 al 36. Primeras tres historias unitarias, comenzando con una que trata de distintas versiones que circulan en televisión de Spider, ya toda una figura, dibujada por varios artistas muy buenos que le dan al universo Transmetropolitan aire fresco en cuanto a vista. El segundo es más introspectivo y a modo de agenda se relata una caminata por la ciudad. El tercer unitario son las asistentas de Spider se van de gira mi...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    At this point, I'm not going to bother you with the plot. If you've made it to Vol.6 you're probably very aware of what Transmetropolitan is about and where it's going. I'm just wondering how Warren Ellis came up with such a pertinent vision for his project. Was our society that bad twenty years ago? It is now, but has it always been? Transmetropolitan has become some kind of ultimate educational tool to me. It is a meaningful object of consumeri...
  • Devann
    actual rating: 3.5I'm not sure if I liked the whole '3 one shots + one 3-part story' format of these past few volumes. I mean the one shots are related to the main story, but it still means that it takes me a while to actually get into the volume. Still, we get a fun one shot with Channon and Yelena and then shit really goes down in the last three issues. I'm definitely excited to see what happens next.
  • Jeraviz
    Qué gozada de historia. Tal vez la palabra "gozada" no sea lo más adecuado ya que hay descripciones con las que se me ha revuelto el estómago. Pero vamos, que es una historia de 10.
  • Jay
    It took a while for me to get into this series. It was a bit all over the place, and it took a while for the real plot to go into motion. But when it did- wow! I really love it. It's a very gritty novel, but it reflects society in that way. Society isn't nice or friendly, and while day-to-day life may not be as sordid and bleak as it is in Transmetropolitan, but there are circles that are similar. And society is reflected in this piece.I can't ex...
  • Artemy
    Payback! Yeahhhh. It was really satisfying seeing all the assholes get what they deserved. Another great volume.
  • Travis
    "I have a cunning plan!"The sixth Transmetropolitan collection, like the previous volume, is a mixed bag. The main story, "Gouge Away," is a strong investigative reporting tale and nicely ties together the Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5: Lonely City and Transmetropolitan, Vol. 4: The New Scum stories. Spider Jerusalem's talents really get to shine and his articles make a huge impact after the media attempted to defang him with popularity. The othe...
  • kaelan
    I have a hard time judging the extent of Transmetropolitan's self-awareness. It idolizes Hunter S. Thompson as the epitome of journalistic prowess; it relegates its female characters to the role of sidekick and/or inamorata; it contains a surprising number of good old fashioned gore-heavy fight scenes for a comic that is ostensibly about political reporting.The present volume, for instance, finds the series' two least facile female characters, Ye...
  • C. Varn
    Ellis captures something of the paranoia of a pre-9/11 late 90s and early aughts here where he really moves Spyder Jerusalem into the main political intrigue of the comic. Damaged from the death of the death of Vita Severn, Jerusalem launches into the President Callahan, "The Smiler." There are still bits of world building here, such as Yellena and Channon day away from Spyder, but mostly this moves the comic forward. Darick Robertson's art gets ...
  • Jessica
    Spider attacks, gets some revenge and then some. I'd say this is a pretty good set up for the final acts.
  • Fox
    One of the things I adore about this series is the pacing. What seemed to be stand-alone stories end up tying into the plots of later issues, there's a brief interlude and then a three part story that sets your heart racing. Warren Ellis strings his readers along the way that one imagines Spider Jerusalem's columns must - it's a rare gift, and a striking one.The pace continues to pick up, but not so much that the ending is always a cliff-hanger. ...
  • Donald Armfield
    After Spider finds out the new running president is out to shit on the world. He only has one choice wipe him out. Callahan wins easily and Spider finds out hes part of Vita`s murder.Second Issue was boring but the last one literally goes out with a BANG! Next volumes 7-10 (revised) After Spider finds out the new running president is out to shit on the world. He only has one choice wipe him out. Callahan wins easily and Spider finds out hes par...
  • Eric
    4 1/4 stars
  • Gaz Watson
    this series, for me anyway, has improved greatly since it started. this 6th volume has probably been my favourite so far. Spider's finally become a more coherent character.
  • rhea
    ♫ you can gouge awaystay all dayif you want to... ♫
  • The Library Ladies
    (originally reviewed at )I bet some of you were wondering if I had just given up on “Transmetropolitan”. Well guess what? NOPE!! I just took a break from it because, as much as I love it and have really enjoyed re-reading it, it’s both a bit manic and a bit too real for me at the moment, a theme I’ve noted a few times during my re-read. So I just needed some space from Spider, his Filthy Assistants Channon and Yelena...
  • Vittorio Rainone
    Spider Jerusalem si è accorto di essere sulla via del disinnesco: da reporter scomodo si sta sempre più trasformando in una celebrità, con tutte le banalizzazioni del caso: c'è chi ha sfruttato il suo personaggio per mettere su teatrini televisivi che non avrebbe mai voluto vedere. E' tempo di reagire, è tempo di incazzarsi e soprattutto far davvero incazzare qualche potente. E chi meglio di satana in persona, il nuovo Presidente, il sorride...
  • Andrew
    I started reading through Transmetropolitan last year, but took a break at the half-way point (issue 30). I picked it up again today and read this volume (issues 31-36). It was good to take a break, since I think reading too much Transmet at once is maybe not a good idea.This volume has three single-issue stories that set the stage for a three-part story that looks like it will change the status quo on the series quite a bit. It all works really ...
  • Zec
    I’m having a blast. Sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned story about revenge. Things are picking up, the plot is unravelling and the pieces are falling into place. Plot-wise, this volume was perfect. Truth be told, I did not expect to be a fan of the tone of this series, it’s too abrasive, crass and manic just like the protagonist Spider Jerusalem. But he’s written so well, with actual emotions and fears and cares that you just ha...
  • Jared Duran
    This series continues to be scarily relevant--I get chills reading it. The level of investigative journalism is certainly elevated beyond the realm of believability, but the notion of holding those in power to account for their actions is crazy-satisfying. I dare anyone to read this series and not see direct correlation to what's going on right now with the current administration.
  • Karen
    It’s eerie how accurate these books are for today’s political climate. They leave you with a feeling of smug satisfaction and severe emotional distress. In other words: if you haven’t read Transmet yet, now is a great time to dive into it. Highly relatable political sci fi. Vol 6 is one of the weaker volumes, but still holds up nicely.
  • Otherwyrld
    There's a lot of call backs to previous stories as Spider starts to fight back against all of the things that have happened to him and those around him since he returned to The City. In some ways this is a much more linear tale once the pieces start to fall into place, but its quite a messy way to get to it. The fallout from this is going to be immense.
  • Sebastien
    This one doesn't hold a candle to the previous volumes. It's just a bit too generic. The whole shtick of Spider being an invincible douchebag is getting old, and the suspense is dying off. The '90s-era vision of the 23rd century is also not holding up too well the more I have to look at it. It's Transmetropolitan, so it's still alright, but this one isn't great.
  • Friz Allen
    yes. just when i thought the series might've capped at Vol. 5, Gouge Away comes through with an epic and wild adventure. the Truth will always prevail, or else Spider Jerusalem will make sure it does.
  • Joshua
    This series just keeps getting better and better. It continually, albeit crudely, reminds the reader why journalists and writer's exist: to challenge power and make sure corruption is found out...even if said writer is corrupt as fuck.