Transmetropolitan, Vol. 9 by Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 9

The forces of darkness are closing in on outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem and his merry, filthy band ? but now they’ve got their own rope around the neck of corrupt President Callahan, and it’s time to start tightening the noose. TRANSMETROPOLITAN: THE CURE is the ninth volume reprinting the acclaimed series written by Warren Ellis (PLANETARY, RED) with art by Darick Robertson (The Boys). Jerusalem and his cohorts step up their investigatio...

Details Transmetropolitan, Vol. 9

TitleTransmetropolitan, Vol. 9
Release DateDec 1st, 2003
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Fiction, Cyberpunk, Comic Book

Reviews Transmetropolitan, Vol. 9

  • Sesana
    This is the second to last volume of the series, and it's obvious on almost every page. Taken by itself, it feels very exposition-y, because it is setup for the last volume. That doesn't mean that it isn't satisfying. I loved seeing the pieces start to fall into place, and the last page is fantastic. If I'd been reading this in individual issues, I would have been delighted, but anxious for the month to be up. Watching Spider's ongoing deteriorat...
  • kaelan
    The Cure moves us one step closer to what I can only imagine will be a rollicking, gruesome finale. Problem is, I like Transmet best when it focuses on side stories, character sketches, world-building and the like. Frankly, because I find the main narrative arch—Spider Jerusalem's crusade against a corrupt, deranged and sociopathic president—unimaginative and, dare I say, rather boring.By this point in the series, President Callahan has grown...
  • Devann
    Probably more of a 4.5 but I do still think the last volume was better so I'm going to leave this at a 4. I probably should have actually reviewed this before going on to the last volume because now I'm having trouble trying to separate everything, but I will just say that if you have been impatient with the last several volumes then you will really love this because it's pretty much non stop action and very satisfying to read.
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    It's payback time.Time is running out for Spider Jerusalem. What stands between him and a story are his degenerative disease and the President himself, but still he managed to uncover and reveal something that have sent Callahan presidential chills in his spine. Oh yes sir, this is a great read. The Cure is fast-paced, non-stop and action-packed.It is also sad, and I cannot stop thinking about the real-world events that are happening right now th...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    This volume is a good example of what I'm saying when I argue that the series fizzles out: Spider's barely writing one line (it's a series about the power of the press), he's erratically fighting what he represents (absolute integrity) and the meaningful episodes are separated by air. It still has an intrinsic quality of discussing the mechanisms of democracy and it's still an above average thriller, but it's frustrating given how strong the five...
  • Otherwyrld
    Volume 9 is a quieter story, a regrouping before the final onslaught. It's good, but it didn't fire on all cylinders for me. The last page is the beginning of the final story though.
  • Negativni
    Uh! Ovo je bilo veliko razočarenje..Transmetropolitan sam počeo čitati nakon odličnog Y: The Last Man series koji me iznenadio složenom radnjom i kvalitetom kojom je napisan. Tražio sam nešto "slično" a Transmetropolitan je iskakao na sve strane pa sam njega uzeo čitati. Transmetropolitan naravno nije sličan Y: The Last Manu, nego možda Lobou, ako se dobro sjećam tog stripa, tu mislim ponajviše na "ultranasilje" kako to Amerikanci vo...
  • Sam Quixote
    Spider's brain disease (kind of like Alzheimer's) continues to kill him, the effects this time around are becoming more noticeable as he struggles to write his exposes. Meanwhile he and his filthy assistants are hot on the trail of Callahan's potentially Presidential-term ending exploits in his campaign and hunt down the last living witness to his depravities.It was cool to see Mitchell Royce, Spider's former editor at "The Word", get more of a l...
  • Joni
    Ante último tomo que avanza muy pero muy lento para cerrar con el numero que cierra a todo trapo. Quizá por la ansiedad del inminente final se hace largo el relleno que decora tan bien el mundo Transmet,, nada que agregar del dibujo, los pequeños detalles y los golpes de efecto, siempre estirando un poco más la crueldad y la violencia. Es un poco triste ver a Spider sucumbiendo a la enfermedad...
  • Javi
    Continúa mi relectura de Transmetropolitan. Lástima que no tenga el último volumen a mano porque me lo terminaría ya. Como siempre un cómic imprescindible. Grande Warren Ellis.
  • Jessica
    We be more to go and I will have completed this series. It's frightening and unreal how close to home this is to our current political climate. Especially considering it was written over a decade ago. Pay attention fellow Americans. And never be silent.
  • Angel Noir
    What an explosive volume! There’s so much satisfaction in all the time put into learning about the city, the side stories. It all really comes together in this dastardly piece. I’m loving how the series has begun to wrap itself up at this point.
  • Cyndi
    It’s all going straight to Hell in a wild hand basket y’all!!!!
  • HFK
    While reading The Cure I kept thinking and imagining Jesse Ventura driving a black muscle car in remote roads, heading to a secret meeting with Alex Jones, eerie music in the background whispering NWO... NWO...NWO. This meeting would take place in a remote warehouse, where the misters would shake hands with serious impressions on their faces, looking at the evidence of conspiracies that would lead them to one and only logical conclusion: The Mart...
  • Aaron
    Even in its 9th volume Transmetropolitan manages to feel fresh. The detailed, future-shock, ads-gone-mad art is a thrill to behold, and Spider Jerusalem ranks as one of the best comic characters of all time. The story is taut, and you can feel the time ticking away as Spider rushes to take down the status quo as his brain is slowly eaten by disease. Even if you don't care about comics, you need to read this series.
  • Michelle Morrell
    Finally picking up the series again, I stopped because I basically didn't want to watch a certain character die. This is good stuff, man. I love Spider, he's truly one of my heroes. Bleeding for the story, forcing people to do right by themselves, insisting on a better world. Love love love him. Read during the October 2015 24-hour Read-a-thon.
  • Artemy
    Man, at this point, I just can't put these books down once I start 'em. Three volumes in one day. I kind of feel bad, because I'm supposed to savour it, but damn it, I need to know what happens next! This book got incredibly serious and tense. And I absolutely love it.
  • Clare Fitzgerald
    In Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, Vol. 9: The Cure, Spider goes around re-gathering evidence for his project to take down President Callahan in between bouts of forgetting words while his brain falls out his nose. (Don’t do drugs, kids.) This outlaw journalism-ing involves such fun tasks as beating Fred Christ’s head in with the Chair Leg of Truth, but it is ultimately Spider’s crotchety former editor who does some massive day-saving ...
  • Zec
    Another volume with absorbing plot. The pacing is as rapid as ever but, the series has come to a standstill world-building and character development wise. The world felt a lot larger in the earlier volumes with Spider Jerusalem as tour guide. While I do appreciate the focus on plot, this has an adverse effect of limiting the world as we only view it through Spider’s eyes. I would’ve preferred it if there were a few standalone issues told from...
  • Vittorio Rainone
    Spider Jerusalem è un giornalista a termine: sta per morire e la sua missione stessa sembra destinata a morire con lui. Il Sorridente, il presidente Callahan, ha coperto le proprie tracce, cancellato le prove, e appare inattaccabile. Ma in questo nuovo numero della più bella serie di Warren Ellis la situazione inizia a ribaltarsi: una prova c'è, una persona parla. Ed è una prostituta transiente che ammette di essere stata proprio con il presi...
  • C. Varn
    Ellis continues to move the plot at breakneck speeds and Spider's brain disease spreads, which in many ways puts both urgency in the narrative and bits of perhaps "untrustworthy" narration. Robinson continues to build texture and detail in the over-packed and highly dystopian future, the violence is also at a fever pitch but unlike in earlier volumes seems to have stakes. Mitchell Royce, Spider's original editor, is given some needed characteriza...
  • Alex
    4.5 stars. Several wheels are quickly set into motion with this arc. Minus a half star due to some technical issues. Some of the panels were confusing to follow and there were some inconsistencies with the art that added to that confusion. For instance, a character with blonde hair suddenly was a brunette in the following panel. There was another character who had dark hair, so for a moment it was unclear who was speaking. Other than that, this p...
  • Friz Allen
    fucking wow. all things considered, this may be my favorite volume thus far. I love the third and fifths the most. But damn, Volume 9 The Cure was off the fucking chain. Nonstop action from the get, and what a fucking ending!!!!! Immediately picking up the tenth and final volume. Can't wait to finish the series. One of the best series I've ever read, graphic or not. Hats off.
  • Martin Chalupa
    Spider is still not losing his breath. This volume is again very fast paced story telling that you will read that in a couple hours without noticing how fast you did it. That is for me the highest mark of engaging story. Lets see how will looks like the grand finale of the series.
  • Jeraviz
    Pensaba que iba a estallar toda la acción en este tomo pero se lo toma con calma. Ya solo queda uno más.
  • Drizztl
  • Andrew
    Almost at the end of the series now. Lots of action in this volume.
  • Ian
    The storyline feels fittingly penultimate, and the tone manages to tap into what makes the series fun without sacrificing the pacing. That said, I know it's a mistake to read Warren Ellis for plot, but the whammies lose a lot of their impact because there's no reason they couldn't have happened sooner.
  • Abhishek Das
    Veritas Ex Machina. In the first example of convenient storytelling meets lazy writing, in the space of a single volume, Spider Jerusalem goes from journalist on the lam fighting for truth with no evidence, to magically locating the smoking gun that can take down the President. Perhaps the need to wrap up this series was taking its toll on Ellis, as he races to write the final showdown between Spider and the Smiler, conveniently equipping his ant...
  • Tracy
    I put off reading volume 9 because I really don't want to finish the series. Everything is coming to a head, and I feel like the stage is set for one last face-off between President "The Smiler" Callahan and journalist Spider Jerusalem in volume 10.