東京喰種トーキョーグール 12 [Tokyo Guru 12] (Tokyo Ghoul, #12) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール 12 [Tokyo Guru 12] (Tokyo Ghoul, #12)

The 4th Ward falls under attack by Assistant Special Investigator Arima of the Commission of Counter Ghoul. Amon finds a connection between the CCG and an underground lab seemingly designed to research turning humans into Ghouls. And an old partnership reforms that could spell trouble for the 20th Ward.

Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール 12 [Tokyo Guru 12] (Tokyo Ghoul, #12)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール 12 [Tokyo Guru 12] (Tokyo Ghoul, #12)
Release DateJun 19th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Graphic Novels

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール 12 [Tokyo Guru 12] (Tokyo Ghoul, #12)

  • Magdalen
    The highlights of this volume were:Kaneki seeing Rize and being disappointed (1) Yoshimura's past (2)Touka beating Kaneki (3)Kaneki wanting to return to Anteiku and to become the person he used to be (4) ALSO why are people complaining that i was a filler volume? We only found out about Yoshimura's background which was interesting and shocking. And we found about him having a child...(view spoiler)[ *cough* Eto *cough* (hide spoiler)]
  • Maria
    meh. this was quite boring tbh.
  • Victoria ♡
    Finally all the questions I had are starting to be answered
  • Mary ♥
    5/5 starsYOMOOOOO (My fave character ♥)So close to the end
  • kaira
    touka why did you do that -.-
  • Zombieslayer/Alienhunter {quester in a cashier's body}
    {Uta}"Plus, we're friends, right?"{Yomo}"..."*smirk* //Uta's fucking tattoo...
  • Taylor Ramirez
    UTA FLASHBACKS!I do not trust Shu with Hinami.So the CCG is connected to the guy who was producing one eyed ghouls. To create super soldiers that can fight them?Rize is gone insane from starvation.Hide and Touka have reunited.Touka never knew he lost his parents.Wait the one eyed ghoul might be Yoshimura’s child. Holy shit.Ukina taught Yoshimura how Kanji just like Kaneki did for Hinami.“DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK TO ANTEIKU!!”Oh, Touka…....
  • Cielbert
    4.5/5I'm really surprised with this volume! Even though there were fewer actions scenes than the previous one but this has delivered a dramatic tone and it felt raw and meaningful for me. The plot focused on the secondary characters' past that unveiled secrets and things that are now important as the story is heading to its end. Not to mention, the amount of time the mangaka spent on all the characters, their past and their personality developmen...
  • Nur Ötken
    Savaş sonrası durgun bölümlerden biriydi. Daha çok herkesin ne yapacağına karar vermeye çalıştığı bir ciltti. KHB yeniden yapılanma sürecinde, Kaneki ise gerçeklerin peşinde. Herkeste bir kararsızlık. [SPOILER] Rize'nin ortaya çıkışı geçen bölümde beni gerçekten çok etti. Bu bölümde onu daha fazla görmeyi beklemiştim ama pek yer almadı, zaten alacak halde de değildi. Yoşimura'nın geçmişi de çok ilginçti, g...
  • Gustavo
    La narrativa de este manga es algo cíclica: uno o un par de tomos con mucha mucha acción (e historias del pasado metidas entre medio), y un tomo tranquilo con mucha exposición y desarrollo de personajes para construir la tensión para la próxima batalla. Como ya he dicho antes me resulta un poco antinatural la forma en la que muchos personajes terminan coincidiendo en el mismo lugar, como en el caso del laboratorio del Dr. Kanou. Acá esta su...
  • Dyah
    So many feels!>> Rendezvous between Kaneki and Rize is emotional. I feel shocked and sad seeing Rize's pathetic state.>> Touka becomes more beautiful and calmer, but she's still bad at expressing her true feelings.>> Tsukiyama the Gourmet is as hilarious as ever. >> When Hide explains to Touka about Kaneki's sad past life, I want to cry...>> Yoshimura-san's story is also super-sad!>> The ending of this volume is the REAL SUSPENSE. I'm anxious and...
  • Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books)
    I especially love Yoshimura-san's backstory. So tragic.Aaaaaand, I'm really loving Banjou-san more and more as I go deeper in the story. I'm seriously wishing that he won't die. Like. EVER.
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    This volume is an emotional roller coaster with some very good plot building. I really enjoyed it a lot. They finally start to fill in some holes from previous volumes.
  • Jason
    Ugh, I was such a sucker for the reunion between Kaneki and Touka.
  • Ali
  • Krutula
    This volume marks a change of pace, with Kaneki returning to his past self, confronting Rize, and questioning the Anteiku owner, Yoshimura's motives. It also regales us with the story of Uta and Kenji when they were young, and Kenji's plan for revenge against Arima. There is a lot going on character-wise in this volume, with that author approaching CCG and telling Amon about the ghoul investigators' suspicious activities, Touka looking forward to...
  • Sophie
  • Naqib
    i wonder where Touka is... did she honestly just sit around and not doing anything?
  • Antonia
    ¡Falta poco para el final!
  • Joti
    Here, we see Yomo & Uta’s past together - Uta used to rule the 4th ward & he met Yomo & they became friends & Yomo wanted revenge on Arima the CCG investigator for his sister’s death. Tsukiyama takes Hinami out to tea & by chance, she runs into Takatsuki, the author & then that author shows up & gives Amon information about a company selling RC fluid to the CCG & the president may be the Black/White sisters’ father? But he had supposedly di...
  • Bradley Prior
    Disappointed. There are a lot of character interactions, but absolutely none of them have any real impact on character or story progression. In fact, I'm getting confused trying to follow along here. The only people who develop and, ironically, keep the story moving forward are the CCG peeps. The gourmet is the only ghoul that actually gives things flavor as far as the ghouls go.I've spent some time away from the series and coming back I feel lik...
  • Kari Trenten
    Kaneki learns more about the secrets of the One-Eyed Owl from Yomo, Uta, and Yoshimura. These conversations and a reunion with Touka convince Kaneki that it’s time for him to return to Anteiku, taking his new family (which includes Hinami, Banjo, and Tsukiyama) with him. All the while, Touka makes plans of her own own. An unexpected meeting with Hide helps both of Kaneki’s former friends to resolve some of their unhappiness at how much he’s...
  • Derek
    There is a A LOT in this volume. The last couple of volumes had been a bit slow. I was losing a little interest. But there was so much in this volume that I expect the last two volumes to be PACKED with good stuff.Here's a general breakdown of some big things in this volume:Amon and Akira further develop their relationship after their night out drinking in Volume 11. I enjoyed this part of the story and I like that the two are building up some ki...
  • Amarinske
    The volume is technically a 7.75/10 (barely 4 stars), but I downgraded it to a 6/10.It is completely and utterly ridiculous to me that Ute's tat is Latin, but Greek letters are used to spell it out. On top of that the letter conversion of those c's should've used kappa's instead of chi's. But using Latin script would've been the best choice of all.now onto the story. I like the plot, and the character development a lot. It is gory, but also very ...
  • Elias Alexander
    I really don't like the part where all the investigators are present. It's so boring. But I really love this whole story. It's so much darker now than it was before. We also gets a lot of answers in this volume. And I really ship kaneki and touka. They have a really powerful scene in this one. At least that's what I think. The characters are growing so much. And I'm sad that this will soon be over.
  • Diana Lynn
    Reveal after reveal...this series keeps getting better and better. I feel like I understand sooooo much more than I did after season 2 of the show...I just wish I would have read it first. That will teach me I guess lol anyway, great volume. Not much action but a lot of info and I mean that in a good way. Can't wait for volume 13!