ホリミヤ 6 (Horimiya, #6) by Hero

ホリミヤ 6 (Horimiya, #6)

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Details ホリミヤ 6 (Horimiya, #6)

Titleホリミヤ 6 (Horimiya, #6)
Release DateOct 27th, 2014
PublisherSquare Enix
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews ホリミヤ 6 (Horimiya, #6)

  • Miriam
    Disappointing to see Hori acting like a cliche psycho girlfriend, flipping out every time her guy says hi to a girl or gets a phone call from someone she doesn't know. They were such good friends, why did the author have to choose this direction? I'm not a fan of Miyamura's new fashion conformity, either.I did like that Hori sticks up for her friends, though. You know those scenes where the tiny cute girl character explodes into a ragebeast and p...
  • Lauren
    3.5 starsI know, I know...what’s with the lower rating? Honestly, I just didn’t enjoy this volume as much. It wasn’t as funny or as cute, imo. Also, what the hell is up with Hori-San attacking Miyamura?! She completely flips because she thinks the person who is calling him is female! Actually, I think it’s bordering on domestic abuse. Not cool. Her paranoia and jealousy are making me like her less :/ Finally...why include Sawada on the co...
  • M N
    Miyamura-kun... I just want to hug him Just how can this keep getting better than before?! This is freakingly beautiful. Full of emotions. I don't even need to say anything else.
  • Yue
    Well, well, well... I did not expect that to happen... I mean, for 5 volumes it has been all cute and innocent and so, but then, unexpectedly, huh?? Nothing shows and it leaves the reader thinking "did it happen? did it not happen?"....So far, this is my least favorite volume. I did not devour it. The chapters focused on the other characters were MEH. I don't like the possible love triangle between Tootu, Sakura and Ishikawa... And I certainly do...
  • Melumebelle
    Every volume of this is such a delight to read!
  • Rachel
    Oh my god this one was my favorite out of any of them so far!!!!! And I’ve loved them all so that’s saying something. 😍😍😍
  • Nikki
    FAVORITE VOLUME SO FAR, OMG. My shippy heart just about stopped, and I laughed more in this volume than any other so far. AHHHHHH. So perfect.
  • Ashley (ashleyOutpaged)
    Not my favorite out of all the volumes so far. I’m interested to see where the plot goes from here ...this one focused a lot on side characters which unfortunately didn’t do as much for me. Some of Hori’s actions in this one as well seemed out of character /: still excited to read the rest though!
  • Anali
    Awww estos chicos no pueden ser más adorables. Solo quiero abrazar a Miyamura!!! :D
  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    This series just gets better
  • Ken Yuen
    Whoa, Hori's hair is brown? Her hair is so light in the black and white manga that I thought she was blonde (and I missed her brunette hair on the cover of the first book). Whoa, betrayed by my mind's eye.Quite a lot of good little stories this time. I liked Sakura's story, Miyamura confronting his past, Hori making Miyamura watch a scary movie, etc.
  • Sara
    La cooking class ha sido demasiado.
  • DonutKnow
    Why do they have to be so damn cute 😭😭
  • Obsessive reader
    I have this weird uncontrollable joy every time I finish reading a volume or even chapter of this manga. Yes it's really good though its obviously not perfect, but it makes me laugh, smile, and feel good in a way that no other book has. And as a matter of fact that makes me really happy because I've never had this EXACT same feeling with any other type of book. I can't even....I just...just...just..just love it so damn much!
  • Rod Brown
    This is a pleasant enough read, but what is the point of the series now? Most of the dramatic elements have been resolved, leaving low-key slice of life stories that just meander around. It's not bad, but I find it disappointing that the series seems to be treading water so early after a promising start.
  • Rajkumar Pagey
    Any good story first sets up a conflict, a tension to hold the readers.It can be as simple as having shared secrets from the world.Or it can be that two strangers who feel lonely find solace in each other.Then the story's tension is built up.The secrets starts to leak. The strangers start to grow closer.New characters are introduced.There is even internal conflicts inside the mind of the character.They start to feel things they didn't know they w...
  • **Sognatrice di libri**
    Più vado avanti e più questa storia mi piace molto.
  • Jennifer
    4 Stars
  • Perla Villa
    4.75 We learn more about Sengoku. Hori really likes scary movies...
  • Rachel
    Toru, Miyamura's school friend, has two shy girls that like him. One is Sakura, the incredibly shy student council member who has been baking him delicious cookies as thank yous for helping her out. The other is his longtime-friend Yuki, who tries baking him cupcakes and fails miserably, even though he eats it anyways. Have I mentioned lately how freaking adorable this series is? The whole part with Hori-san and Miyamura watching a scary movie to...
  • Alex
    this volume was pretty weird... yeah, hori and miyamura's relationship is slow and all but they just suddenly cranked it up to 11 real fast and it was very strange? they barely kissed each other properly and they've already done it and scarred poor souta in the process :/ also i'm sorry, i like sakura, but i think that yuki and tooru would be a waaay better couple. and miyamura talking to his past self?? goes right into the list of stuff i didn't...
  • Talizmyn
    I started reading this series because it was cute, lighthearted, even sweet. The art is well done, and the story interesting enough. Things have been moving away from "light and cute" and turning a bit darker. I don't like the way the main character, Horimiya, has changed. I understand it, but I don't like it. I won't be sticking with this series from here on. :\
  • Amber
    Certain events happened far too fast. I mean there wasn't even a decent kissing scene and we've suddenly amped up the intimacy.
  • Kimi
    I love this manga. I just love everything about it. It's perfect!
  • Hana Bilqisthi
    Compared to any other volume, this is my least fav.So many short chapters. I want longer chapterI felt the story did not move that much
  • Karen
    Los ataques de celos obsesivos de Hori no me agradan nada.
  • Anjaly Augustine
    This one made a little disappointed. *sigh* So the part I didn’t like was the part about Hori and Miyamura watching a scary movie, but Hori gets sensitive and thinks that if she doesn’t act cute Miyamura won’t like her anymore. And then……………………………………(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻……………………………they flipping had sex (there I said it!). I mean I really didn’t expect that to happen and really made ...
  • Kate
    I loved the first 4 volumes of this series, but then in volume 5, the story started to feel disconnected. I think that was probably due to the story originally told as a 4-koma/4-panel style manga. But, unfortunately, volume 6 hasn't gotten the story back on track to a smoother storytelling like the first few volumes. I still enjoy the manga, but I think at this point, I'd rather read the 4-koma than this more stilted version. Hrm.