Haggopian and Other Stories by Brian Lumley

Haggopian and Other Stories

Prior to the first American publication of Brian Lumley's ground-breaking, dead-waking, best-selling Necroscope in 1988 -- the first novel in a long-lived, much-loved series -- this British author had for twenty years been earning himself something of a reputation writing short stories, novellas, and a series of novels set against H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic Cthulhu Mythos backdrop. A soldier in 1967, serving in Berlin with the Royal Military Police...

Details Haggopian and Other Stories

TitleHaggopian and Other Stories
Release DateMay 1st, 2008
PublisherSubterranean Press
GenreHorror, Lovecraftian, Short Stories, Fantasy, Cthulhu Mythos

Reviews Haggopian and Other Stories

  • Johan Thilander
    Kul novellsamling med berättelser kring Cthulhu-mytologin. Lumley lyckas väl med att emulera Lovecraft, även om detta inte alltid är till hans fördel: "The shocks are too heavy... To o hea vy... Int erfer in g with m y t yping".
  • Aaron
    I went through a *big* Lovecraft phase in the early nineties. I somehow picked up a collection that opened with his delirious fever-dream of a story "The Rats in the Walls", and I was immediately mesmerized by the genre that has since been dubbed "cosmic horror", in which a narrator, either by ignorance or morbid curiosity, taps into some kind of forbidden knowledge. Through them, you learn that mankind is a mere flea on the back of an eons-deep,...
  • Guy Haley
    Part two of a comprehensive collection covering Brian Lumley’s Cthulhu Mythos short fiction.Of all those who followed in HP Lovecraft’s footsteps embroidering the Cthulhu Mythos built from his work after his death, Lumley is the most prolific and the most consistent. There’s a lot of creepy fun to be had herein.In enjoying Lumley, it is imperative to leave aside that much of the ‘Mythos’ as coherent universe was the work of publisher Au...
  • Clint
    Man, Brian Lumley DOES NOT FUCK AROUND. I've been a fan of his since I was about 13 or 14, but I admit that over the last ten years I probably didn't read much of him, maybe a short story collection or something, but I came across this the other day and impulse bought it, and holy shit, it rules. The first story, of all things, is the worst, just kind of amateurish (which is strange, because though an early story, there are earlier ones in the co...
  • Greg Illig
    This rather large collection (24 stories) of some of Brian Lumley's best Mythos stories covers a pretty wide range of story types. There are the obvious tales that are Lovecraft indebted but there's also a Robert E Howard nod and many tales related to the Dream World and Lumley's occult heroes Titus Crow and Henri Laurent De Marigny. Everything here has appeared elsewhere and Lumley's story intros sometimes detail this. He also shares anecdotes a...
  • Avid
    Brian's Lumley's stories give the Cuthulu mythos a new twist. They do not simply take the Cuthuly Mythos and rewrite them for the modern times; instead he uses the recurring themes from the Mythos such as; Cuthulu, Elder Gods, Ancient Gods, the pre-Atlantean cultures, wizards of ancient bloodlines both benign and malignant, ancient creatures predatory and aggressive in nature coming into our world, the Titus crow character; not to mention the und...
  • Ade Couper
    Another collection of Brian Lumley's cthulhu mythos stories- & as ever, this is pretty good.The companion volume to "The Taint" consists of short stories, rather than novellas, each of which have a brief intoduction from Brian Lumley himself, covering when the story was written & its publishing history. A couple of the tales do seem a little laboured, but most are well-written & keep the reader's interest. A good intoduction to his non-"Necroscop...
  • Shawn Manning
    This was a nice job by Lumley, who generally writes Cthulu tales well. A few recalled Hammer horror films. My only complaint is that there were a few stories that were also included in the Titus Crow books. Otherwise, well worth the purchase.
  • Anthony
    As with the previous volume (The Taint) most of the tales I enjoyed but a few, mainly of the Primal World series, I found a bit tedious. That being said, the final tale of this anthology,The Sorcerer's Dream, was a fitting conclusion to the book and as doom laden as any Mythos story should be.
  • Coeruleo Luna
    another great collection from Lumley, many of his best mythos stories colelcted, i think all have appeared in other collections of his before, but this is a new assortment i guess. a great read, and quite frankly, a very beautiful book, very high quality and handsomely done.
  • Frank Barich
    Great Collection of Mythos stories.
  • Erik
    Best mythos book I've read to date. I officially declare myself a Lumley fan.
  • Craig M
    Thoroughly enjoyed the variety of stories in this collection.
  • Quinn
    A little too much "magic" for me to completely love it, but some of the stories are very close in spirit to the original Lovecraft stories. I'll definitely look for others of his "Mythos" stories.