Nejma by Nayyirah Waheed


all of the unsleeping. gold sweeping. poems. i have in my hands.

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Release DateJun 17th, 2014
GenrePoetry, Feminism

Reviews Nejma

  • Allie Mullin
    Nayyirah Waheed is brilliant, as always. Before I recommend this book, I would like to point out that her work is intended for POC (people of color). She has been subjected to quite a bit of appropriation lately, and whitewashing her words to fit a broader context is unacceptable. She is okay with non-POCs reading and appreciating, but please do your research on white privilege and appropriation before picking up this very important book.These ar...
  • Shatha Shanqeeti
    "the whole book is weeping.and every pore of this book is joy.andthat is the feast."
  • Whitney Atkinson
    Gorgeous. I always say I hate short, sentence-like poetry, but this is injected full of meaning and empowerment and I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Anish Kohli
    “i am writing this book.i am writing a daughter” This is another BR with THE most crazy and weird awesome Sillyheaded lady. And no, by BR, I do not mean buddy read. I mean this is a Buddy Review!! We read the book months apart but we’re posting our reviews together. Let’s do this, yo!!This book! This damn book! This damn author! I love her! I have no words to explain just how beautifully she writes and how she reaches deep inside and j...
  • Yamna Rashid
    i sang a god alive for you every poem. an unwrite.of all that has been written in me without. permission. Once again, posting a book review with Dear Old Koko Kohli'Sup, matie?And of course, credits of the book recommendation go to Ms Koko XDI LOVE POETRY. I LOVE POETRY. I. FREAKING. LOVE. POETRY. Just wanted to put it out there that I absolutely, completely, inherently, charismatically, willfully, unconditionally adore good poetry. I...
  • Noura
    I wanted to love this, because Salt blew me away when I first read it, but sadly I didn't. It was an enjoyable read with some of the most quotable lines I've ever read but still I felt like there was something missing this time around. Like she was just going through the motions.I don't know what else to say because that's what I got from the book.
  • g i n g e r b r e a d
    That was so beautifully written at some points but so lame and repetitive at others. I'm confused about this book. I think I liked it but not enough.
  • Ammara Abid
    "this whole book is weeping.andevery pore of this book is joy.andthat is the feast. "Painstakingly-beautiful. I really love Nayyirah Waheed's writing style, she persuasively describesthe throes of life,colour & race discrimination & the whole story in few stanzas. I like this one too but her previous book 'salt' had a stronger impact on me. Few of my favorite lines are:"a poem can eat a personwhole.for years. ""melanin is memory.future memory.pas...
  • Anya
    Let me just say it, I fucking ADORE Nayyirah Waheed. If that woman were to publish a shopping list, I'm certain I'd read it because her words reek of tenderness and grief and anger and ache and longing and love and hurt and pain and joy and life and everything that is beautiful and hideous in this world.
  • Sarah
    Stunningly painful, dazzlingly bitter, angst-ridden at times, and soul touching collection.I liked this one as well, but Salt. hit me harder.
  • Tudor Vlad
    “the truth isyou were born for were wanted by came for are here for you.your existence is yours.yes.”
  • Manisha
    (what is the necessity of a black child being this high off of whiteness.)and so. we are here. brown babies. worshipping. feeding. the glutton that is white literature. even after it dies.I really loved reading these poems. It is definitely meant for people of colour, since on some level, we could all understand what Waheed is trying to communicate. They focused a lot on identity. On being who you are no matter what others say who you are.i am mi...
  • Desirée Venn Frederic
    "drop a name in the water. drop a name in the water. and a name in the water. drop another name in the water. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. until there are no more bodies in your body."-the rivering, nayyirah waheed | from 'nejma'nayyirah waheed is a messenger. nejma is her scroll. her words electric, jolting the Spirit to see it's self anew. in ne...
  • ellie
    2.5. I loved a lot of them but there were just too many weird one line statements that I scrolled through in like one minute. And maybe some of them were meant to evoke thought for hours, but sentences like : “you were three years of water.”Or"there is oil in the water.”Really ruined the collection for me. I guess I just missed the mark. The two stars are for the two poems I really, really loved:whenever i think aboutmy mother and father. a...
  • Silk
    I absolutely loved Salt by Nayyirah Waheed so I was a bit expectant, I still enjoyed this a lot but it might've been too joyous for me. Most poems hinted to heavy subjects yet they were still lovely.
  • Romie
    I expected to love it a lot more, I didn't, but it's alright, I can't love everything :)“some words. the way they look at you...”“(may i tell you something.)the words.they are in love with you.”3.75
  • M.S. León
    Always worth your timeConsider reading this as you won't be disappointed. Nayyirah Waheed's poetry is soul and heart. Like nothing I've come across in a good while. Her work is a brilliant breath of fresh air.
  • Nicole
    Real Rating: 2.5So, I read this and salt. back-to-back—this was published after that collection. This collection has the exact same gripes I have about her previous collection (if you're so curious, check out my review of salt.).I was a mite disappointed in nejma. The collection started strong and visceral, very natural imagery with intriguing descriptors, almost lush. Then it deviated. It was jarring how many directions it was taking simultane...
  • Fatma
    Nayyirah Waheed is bold and powerful in her poetry. I met her with her latest book salt. - and fell in love with her writing - and was dying to read Nejma since then but could not pick it up until yesterday. Although it may be a late discover for me, I believe that I read this book at the right time in my life. I may not be an individual of color but as a feminist woman in a Muslim community, I feel her struggle closer to me at this age. Nejma is...
  • Darkowaa
    Nope! Her collection of poems - 'Salt' is way better than this. These poems seemed quite disconnected and random. I repeat- Nayyirah Waheed's book, 'Salt' is waaay better. Read that instead lol.
  • Christine Spoors
    I really enjoyed Salt and so I decided to pick up Waheed's second poetry book, Nejma. Whilst I preferred Salt, this collection of poems was really enjoyable and covered a lot of important topics just like the first. Her writing is beautiful and I find that her poetry flows so nicely. I haven't read enough poetry to properly review this collection, the only thing I disliked was that I felt some repetition went on for a little too long (but again, ...
  • Justine May
    this whole book is weeping. and every pore of this book is joy. and that is the feast.Goshdarnnit! There were repetitive poems here BUT DAMN hits the spot. I fu*king adore you Nayyirah!
  • Aleksandra
    "every poem. an unwrite.of all that has been written in me without. permission."
  • Jolien
    I still think she is a great poet. But quite honestly, this didn't have nearly the impact on me salt. had.
  • Madalyn (Novel Ink)
    Seeing as Nayyirah Waheed's other poetry collection, salt., is one of my absolute favorite reads of the year, I expected to love this collection just as much... but I just didn't. Her writing has definitely improved since this collection.
  • Vivek Tejuja
    Another glorious read by Nayyirah Waheed and she manages to strike yet another chord with me. I mean one book after the other and I just want to lap and take everything she has to offer. Her words are deliciously bitter, lonely and angst-ridden. All they want is an audience – ears that will take it all in and reflect. Souls that will be moved and perhaps prompted to do something about the atrocities of the world. “Nejma” by Nayyirah Waheed ...
  • Sababa
    OkayI like Nayyriah Waheed, but her poetry is something you enjoy overtime. It's not falling in love the first time I read it. But more like reading it five times and find a meaning you can connect with. Her words her simple and powerful and at times enigmatic. Nejma is a good collection of poems. But I have to come back to it several times before I can honestly sum up all that I feel.
  • Míriam
    This book was like OK, and I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it came out too early and the author needed more time, but after reading salt. (that was amazing) I expected something more. Some poems felt unfinished, not as clear and direct as those in salt., and definitely not as touching and harsh.Anyway, we'll give her as much time as she needs to write her next book
  • Chaneli
    This book feels like coming home.I'm just in love and in awe of everything Nayyirah creates and writes because she's writing for us. for all people of color. Her words constantly give me so much light and love of self.