Houseworks by Cynthia Ewer


America's leading housekeeping expert shows you how to de-clutter, organize, and clean your home, with easy-to-remember tips for every job, from keeping your bathroom clean and doing the laundry to sorting out paperwork and organizing the family photo album. Where there is hope, there is help. You can win the chore wars! Author, founder, and editor of the top-ranked website Introduces easy-to-remember tips for organizing the hom...

Details Houseworks

Release DateMar 20th, 2006
PublisherDK ADULT
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Reference, How To, Productivity

Reviews Houseworks

  • ❄️✨ Kat ✨❄️
    Kinda skimmed through this one. Many of these are tips I already follow. This book would be good for those who aren't the best at organization and don't know where to start.
  • Scout Collins
    3.5 stars | Rounded to 4 stars instead of 3 because it was an easy read and enjoyable, and because of the innovative idea of dealing with the cause of clutter instead of just providing basic organizing skills.Houseworks: Cut the Clutter is a comprehensive book focusing on cleaning and organizing your house. At first I was unsure if I would like the design/formatting of the book (reminded me of the DK format I didn't like - just noticed before I p...
  • Stella
    Oh, wow, this is definitely a keeper and a great household management reference book, hence, not a one time read. It has so many tips, checklists, organizing, cleaning and decluttering plans, it's a real wealth of information on just about any household topic. It even has food storage guidlines for fridge, freezer and pantry, which I find really useful. It is divided into useful chapters on clothing, rooms, surfaces and systems, paper and finance...
  • Monica
    This book starts with "skills for a well-run home". Appreciated the images, checklists and optimism!
  • Marylynnmcavoy
    Cynthia Ewer freely admits in the book that she is not a naturally clean/organized person, and that definitely is apparent for people who are. There were a ton of tips in this book that I would NEVER do because I feel like they would MAKE my house look cluttered. However, I still gave this book 3 stars because I genuinely got a ton of good tips that I will use, including:-set a cleaning timer for 20 mins to get motivated on certain tasks-put kitc...
  • BookBec
    Might've been a three-star book if I'd been looking for housecleaning and organizing advice. But I chose this book for its title, Cut the Clutter. Unfortunately, the fine print on the cover says that it was previously published as Houseworks -- and it's much more about making your house work, with only a few subsections on cutting clutter. I skimmed a lot. I wasn't inspired to declutter. Overall, disappointing.Despite being reissued in 2016, it s...
  • Alyce Hunt
    Rather than just advice on decluttering and tidying, this also features a lot of advice on household maintenance and cleaning techniques, which wasn't what I was looking for. There are a lot of good ideas in here, but they aren't the kind of things that will work well for me. I did enjoy learning what kind of cluttering personality type I am, though!
  • April
    It's very thorough and informative-- almost to the point of being overwhelming. If you need to completely overhaul your house and systems, this would be really intimidating because there are so many details. It's helpful if you're already interested or moving in that direction, but not for those just learning.
  • Dawn Winder
    This book helped me change my home into a more organised, well-designed environment. I went through the whole book and the filing system I created for myself and my family has been such a life-changer for me.
  • Barbara
    Lots of pictures and a few good ideas. One thing I found amusing--borrow not buy books. Why would an author write this? Isn't it her job to make money for herself and publishers by selling books? All said, I borrowed this book from the library.
  • Fullfaun
    this is a great book has lots of tips also explained the stuff that people are thinking and feeling underneath and it has chips from the professional cleaners. With Forms!!!!
  • Stephanie Blackwell
    Easy read, with good tips.
  • Jackie
    Lots of good ideas.
  • Kathleen Nightingale
    If you like creating lists, moving lists around and creating more lists, then this book is for you.I didn't get any new insights into cutting the clutter.
  • Joi Grady
    Not a whole lot of new information, but the book did motivate me to get some things done. I’d read it again and recommend it.
  • sleeps9hours
    I need these books often to get some inspiration going. In this one I found the first two chapters useful, on decluttering and organizing. Ewer made me think more about “centers” in the home for different activities, which refers to thinking of the focused activities that are done in the home, determining specific places for those activities, and providing storage for tools and supplies to be available in the center (her analogy is the set-up...
  • Megan Larson
    Why did I not know until now that there are books out there that teach you how to "speed the cleaning, cut the clutter, calm the chaos???" I think I speak for many moms of young kids, wives of men (God bless them), and generally busy women, when I say that it gets discouraging to see persistent organizational problems or even chaos around the house when you have a decent brain that could work out solutions to all those problems, except you're jus...
  • Shirley
    I have sticky notes, sticky notes everywhere. This book is definitely a keeper for reference. Here is a small sample of Ewer's suggestions that I marked.I liked the recipes for green cleaners."The quickest and simplest route to a clean house is to schedule cleaning tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis." (Page 68) I'm thinking about starting mirror Mondays, toidy Tuesdays, and wood floor Wednesdays. I liked the fresh food storage ...
  • Elke Ursin
    This book had some fantastic tips in it! My favorite is the quick way to get some cleaning done by setting aside 10 minutes and getting one box for stuff to put away somewhere else, one box for stuff that needs to be filed or stored, one box of stuff to give to charity, and a bag for garbage. Set your timer for 10-minutes and just do as much as you can in an area. When the time's up, then go put away the box of stuff to put away and you've made s...
  • Kelsey
    So I only got through the first half of this book before I had to return it to the library, but the first half was exactly what I needed. I love that she explains that clutter is a behavioral problem, and so fixing it needs a behavioral change...not lots of expensive tubs, shelves, and racks. I definitely garnered some great information that I have been applying in my life. **Update: I again got this book from the library to finish the second hal...
  • Freda Mans-Labianca
    After reading this book, I learned that I am well organized and clean by nature. I thought there would be more tips in the book that I didn't already do, but majority of this book is how I live my life.The storage guidelines and treating stains were the most useful things I took from this book, though all the information I found very valuable. Not everyone is as organized as I am, and this book is a great tool to get there. So for all you hoarder...
  • Megan
    I love, love, love this book. Halfway through I had to buy my own copy. I highly recommend it to anyone else who may struggle a lot or a little with keeping your house organized and clean (like me). If I can implement half of what she talks about I'll be doing great. I know I will never clean quite that thoroughly and often because it's not worth the time to me but I'm excited to start and I can't wait to be organized for the first time :)
  • joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire*
    hands-down the best organizing manual i've ever picked up. it advocates practical, widely-applicable streamlining techniques. digestible chunks of info. great ideas. easy to read in small bursts. good pictures and useful charts and forms. *and wow, have i overused my 'ands' here* anyhoo, if you have piles of clutter forming around your house, or simply want to brush up on how to keep the family zoo a little cleaner, this one has my recommendation...
  • darío hereñú
    De-clutter, organizing the cleaning, gain free spaces, focus on practicity over "I want it all under one roof" are things in the past... in my life.I read it with curiosity & attention. Nothing out this world the advices, but comes with "bonafide attitude": common sense at the end of the road.For minimalist, useless (ie: me).But for those with unlimited taste and ambition for material things, a Gods send!Period. De-clutter, organizing the clean...
  • Mary Beth
    The book has lots of organization tricks and ideas. A lot of it is basic but some of it is advanced. I found the book a little too simplified for me with lots of extra talk about stuff I already knew how to do. It did have recipes for making homemade cleaning supplies though. It also had lists for putting on the fridge and freezer for keeping track of inventory. I guess in the end this book just didn't speak to my situation.
  • Kellie
    I borrowed this from the library and I'm ordering a copy to keep at home. It's just that handy. This book is filled with fantastic tips, organized in a completely logical way. The author seems incredibly relatable, too, which I like, and it makes the advice seem more palatable. I've already been pondering where I want to start to bring order to our little slice of chaos.
  • Jennifer
    Having read magazines since I was a kid, just about every tip from Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Heloise and others is condensed in this book. Common sense, a few cleaning solution recipes and there you go. Was very disappointed. Maybe I'm looking for a book that will actually clean my clutter! Let me know when that comes out.
  • Alison
    This is a well laid out book on tackling the organization of your home. She covers everything from how to clean to how to organize and how to effectively store things. I follow the FLYLady emails and I found this was incredibly similar, right down to using the same terminology in a lot of places, but as far as I know there are no official ties between them.
  • Cher
    This is a great get-started sort of book. Some of the suggestions I've already started/implemented, others expanded my view of our current "habits". I really like that the author emphasizes thtat each household is individual & therfore the plan is individual as well. I enjoyed this read - took extensive notes & can't wait to implement them.
  • Monique
    I liked this book so much that it lives at my bedside now. I like organizing books. I like seeing simple ideas on how to make areas in my home function better. This book has a magazine quality in how the information is presented. I like to pick it up and look at whatever section of my home is bugging me and get inspiration on how I want to tackle the problem.