Deeper Water by Jessie Cole

Deeper Water

A profound and sensuous novel of grace and beauty from a stunning young Australian talent.Innocent and unworldly, Mema is still living at home with her mother on a remote, lush hinterland property. It is a small, confined, simple sort of life, and Mema is content with it.One day, during a heavy downpour, Mema saves a stranger from a flooded creek. She takes him into her family home, where, marooned by floods, he has to stay until the waters reced...

Details Deeper Water

TitleDeeper Water
Release DateAug 1st, 2014
PublisherHarperCollins Australia
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Deeper Water

  • Sally Howes
    This book has the reader on the edge of their seat within the first two paragraphs, which is an impressive feat in any book, although the opening scenario does have a slightly unreal quality to it. While trying to save a calf that is being born in the middle of a flood, Mema also rescues Hamish, a city slicker who was silly enough to get his car washed off a bridge by the floodwaters. Stranded with Mema and her all-female family on their farm whi...
  • Michael
    Living in South Australia it is easy to forget just how wet and green some of the country is. In Northern New South Wales were Jessie Cole's new book is set , the rains can be that heavy that there is often the danger of being swept away. The book opens with Mema who is in her early 20's and with little knowledge of the outside world after being raised in an isolated area saving a young man from a flooded creek on her mothers property.Cut off by ...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Jessie Cole's second novel, Deeper Water, is a graceful, captivating novel introducing Mema, a young woman who lives a simple life with her mother in a remote valley in Northern New South Wales. Mema is twenty two but, having spent most of her life isolated from wider society, has an innocence more befitting a young teenager, happiest running barefoot in the rain with her only friend, Anja, or watching the sky lighten at dawn. She is not uneducat...
  • Brenda
    4.5sLife for Mema was simple, uncomplicated and serene – living on an isolated property with only a small town in the vicinity, she quietly enjoyed her day to day activities. Her mother was a potter and spent her days in the shed creating beautiful pots which they would sell at the markets. Mema’s four brothers had long since left home; her sister Sophie lived nearby with two small children and her best friend Anja was in a cabin up the mount...
  • Sally906
    I really, really enjoyed DEEPER WATER. I enjoyed it so much that I am at a loss as to how to review it to give it full justice and no spoilers. I am not sure ‘just because’ is a credible reason as to why I hold the beautiful writing in such high esteem. I am going to give it a try anyway.Mema is twenty-two and has spent all her life more or less isolated from nearby town and community in their remote NSW home. Home-schooled by her mother, Mem...
  • Bree T
    Mema lives a sheltered life, at home with her mother in a remote cottage deep in bushland. Homeschooled, Mema has rarely ventured beyond the farm, making only brief journeys to the small town nearby and the markets where she and her mother sell their pots.During heavy summer floods Mema is out tending to a cow who is about to give birth when she sees a car washed off a bridge and into the creek. Thinking quickly, she is able to encourage the driv...
  • K
    I just adored this. W20.
  • Kookaburra
    Cole has crafted an appealing, refreshing and easy-to-read tale which she brings to life with her poetic prose, plot development, Australian hinterland setting and strength of characterisation. Not only are the main characters living in the bush, a-la-natural hippy-style, almost wild and rough as if hewn from the surrounding hills, forest or surging creeks, but this local setting in which this isolated, mystery-of-life thrives, has as much charac...
  • Gail Chilianis
    an enjoyable read
  • Felicity Waterford
    Loved this book centred around a strong female character, a 22 year old with a club foot, awakening through her interactions with a stranger she saved from drowning. Jessie Cole writes about sensations so well you can almost experience what she writes about yourself.
  • Michael
    Meme has been enjoying the simple life in Northern News South Wales; that was until she saves the life of Hamish in a heavy summer downpour. Cut off from the rest of world Hamish discovers a world cut off from technology. During this time with this stranger in the house, Meme also learns about the world outside of her own.Jessie Cole’s novel Deeper Waters is a coming of age story about the sexual awakening of twenty-something year old Meme. How...
  • Lisa
    Jessie Cole's Deeper Water is the story of Mema, a young woman who has lived most of her life in remote Australian hinterland. This is a simple, albeit isolated life, social contact limited to her family and a few others, just as isolated as Mema is herself, if not more so. Mema is content with this life, happy to remain within her own little bubble. However, her rescue of a strange man, trapped in a flooding creek, becomes a catalyst for change ...
  • Lisa
    Something rather odd happened when I finished reading Jessie Cole’s second novel last night.Usually when I finish reading a book, I close the covers, and mull over it for a while. I give it time to settle, like leaving a curry in the fridge overnight to give the flavours a chance to meld together. But at the back of Deeper Water there is something I had never come across before: a section called Q & A with Jessie Cole – and the very first que...
  • Rachael McDiarmid
    After reading some of the reviews for this book I started to think I had missed something. People were raving. People loved this book. People adored it. Five stars. I'd give it 3.5 if I could. I'm not going higher because I just couldn't connect with it, I didn't mind the characters or the story, but it didn't feel right to me. I found it tedious in sections and wanted the story to move... To do something more! It was like falling asleep during a...
  • Michael Livingston
    I really wanted to like this, and the writing and atmosphere are solid, but the whole sexual awakening of the naive Mena didn't really work for me. Mena was a frustrating character - implausibly innocent and clueless about the world - so having the story come from her perspective left me struggling to engage.
  • Mack
    It’s a quiet story that did keep me enthralled. The characters were raw and real with beautiful and ugly sides to the story. Complex, unpredictable relationships, old wooden crumbling farmhouses and seemingly an untouched natural world, bringing sex and nature aligned for an engaging read.
  • Fiona Lansdown
    A beautiful voice that has captured the sense of isolation but also connection with nature of a young woman growing up in rural NSW. Reminded me a bit of Tim Winton. Low on plot twists but high on beautiful poetic imagery.
  • Susanna Freymark
    Enjoyed getting to know Mema and her unfolding journey. I know jessie Cole and it was as is she was talking to me when she described the landscape in the story Another beautiful book from such a talented writer.
  • Teena
    Wonderful Australian drama, rich and powerful language. There are so many good Aussie writers worth reading!
  • Caroline
    Well I wouldn't call myself a reviewer. There seems to be heaps of reviews, so it's probably best just to tell you some thoughts :)It's a great story. The simpleness of life of Mema and her family is refreshing to read, and you just find yourself engrossed in each page.If you have too many expectations of a book, then you will find yourself disappointed, though to me, this was beautifully written and you can follow Mema, her friends, her township...
  • Joanne Osborne
    Loved this book... loved Jessie Coles writing and the characters and setting ... beautifully written. The main character Meme was such a free spirit growing up in a hippy type surrounding with her Mum and sister and a troubled best friend all in the mix... loving the land and animals and caring for both.. innocent but strong and suddenly becoming aware of the incredible passions within her, after saving a guy from drowning...loved her inner journ...
  • Gay Harding
    Something a little different than the usual tale of life in the Australian bush. I loved how Mema’s relationship with the environment, her family and best friend is all interwoven throughout the time of her sexual awakening.
  • Chris Waterford
    A wonderful book by one of my favourite authors.
  • Kristy G
    Though beautifully written, I just wasn’t a fan of the story.
  • nev
    it was ok in the beginning but boring overall especially the middle to end.
  • Reannon Bowen
    Every now & then I read a book that grabs on the first page. This is one of those books. I can't even explain why but there's just something about Deeper Water that kept me turning the pages & before I knew it I was finished. It's not a perfect story, some parts leave you wanting more or questioning what the point of another but overall it's a beautiful story & I really enjoyed it.
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Innocent and unworldly, Mema is still living at home with her mother on a remote, lush hinterland property. It is a small, confined, simple sort of life, and Mema is content with it.One day, during a heavy downpour, Mema saves a stranger from a flooded creek. She takes him into her family home, where, marooned by floods, he has to stay until the waters recede. ...
  • Lisa Walker
    ‘They say every hero has to leave home, but what those first steps are like I’m yet to know,’ reads the first line of Jessie Cole’s second novel, ‘Deeper Water’. Jessie draws us at once into the distinct and unusual world of her protagonist, Mema. Already we can intuit that this is a novel about awakening.Mema lives with her mother in an isolated valley in northern New South Wales – a place of green hills and flooding creeks. Home s...
  • Nikki Day
    I came across this book one morning when I went for breakfast at a cute little bookshop cafe. The blurb intrigued me and it went straight onto my to-be-read list. When this 2015 challenge came around I decided straight away that this would be the book for "published this year."I sped through this book really quickly. I found Jessie Cole to be a beautiful writer and I could just picture her descriptions of the remote Australian country. When I was...