No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman

No Ordinary Moments

Every day, we face challenges in relationships, sexuality, money, work, and health. While there is a wealth of information and advice available on all of these subjects, we still have trouble turning knowing into doing. Here, Dan Millman presents a peaceful warrior's way to turn our intentions into action, our challenges into strength, and our life experiences into wisdom.Based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change the world, No...

Details No Ordinary Moments

TitleNo Ordinary Moments
Release DateDec 28th, 1992
PublisherHJ Kramer
GenreSpirituality, Self Help, Nonfiction, Inspirational

Reviews No Ordinary Moments

  • Hillary Johnson
    I'm in the middle of this book now and finding it rich with solid information and encouragement. We need new paradigms, open minds and hearts today and I'm in favor of anything that helps us get there. I like how he clearly tries to be open to all the traditions and focuses on the needs of human beings in practical, sensible ways that anyone can read, understand and perhaps try.
  • Chris
    I just watched a movie last week called Peaceful Warrior, about a gymnast who's inspired by a mythical, elderly gas station attendant. The movie is based on the life of it's writer, whom also wrote No Ordinary Moments. Some people may find this to be sluggish and "another run-of-the-mill" self help books, but it's so much more. Read between the lines and you'll discover so much more.
  • Christopher
    great shorter bk on life. He defines three main aspects of life, basic needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. A good build on his original books.
  • Nicci
    I think that this is one of the most important books for living every day life and being aware of the joy that can be found in life. This book will increase both your awareness of your surroundings and the joy you take in living because (as the title suggests) there are NO ordinary moments. Some of the exercises work and some don't... which ones do or don't depends on the personality and preferences of the individual reader. Overall, this book gi...
  • Aryne Hornsby
    I liked this even more than Dan Millman's other books, because it seemed to go a bit deeper. Have reread parts several times and still love it!
  • Shawn Evans
    I felt that this book actually brought about more change in my life than "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" did. This is a truly inspirational book and is a must have in your collection.
  • Victoria Klein
    This book took me far longer to read than I expected, but maybe I was just resisting all of the incredibly useful information within it. While slow going at first, it really started to pick up after the first section. As usual, Dan does a fantastic job of applying the lessons and insights to anyone's life. While we all come from different places, times, situations; we do still have a lot in common, and that often has to do with how we struggle an...
  • Brandi
    Dan Millman offers practical, easy-to-follow advice on how to change your thinking to be happier and more well-adjusted. I enjoyed this much more than Way of the Peaceful Warrior, since I found it useful and relatable. He talks about Socrates in this book too, but it felt less like preaching and trying to come across as clever than the first book did.
  • Nadya
    I really loved this book. It was easy to read, loaded with practical advice that wouldn't scare anyone off as being too out there. Dan really has a way to relate to the average Jo out there, to set out an easy starting point and to make spiritual lessons seem ordinary, even though the book is called No Ordinary Moments.
  • Alfred
    Dan Millman (the author) melds zen philosophy with principles taken from a number of the major religions to form a life guide. You may not agree will a the principles with in the text but you will still benefit from the introspection the book forces you to conduct.
  • Jb
    I read this book frequently. It can always send a message which has purpose in my life now. It reminds me not to let the world around me draw my focus away from my greatest joys; introspection and self-evaluation leading to a deeper understand of self and self improvement.
  • Martha
    I read it everyday to remind myself that there are no ordinary moments and every single day is especial. There it it goes, another moment that I can not get back.
  • Susie Cochrane
    I loved this book, it inspired to continue to believe in my own inner voice and pursue my experiences, loving outside of the box.
  • Jessica
    This was a continuation of "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior". I really enjoyed it delved deeper that the first book.
  • Christian
    This book has helped me significantly during my depression. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to feel better and more fulfilled in their lives.
  • Sayhi2jeni2007
    Wonderful thought changing book that helps you get your head together... I re-read it every couple of months.
  • Christian
    great everyday guide to life...should be a staple for human existance.
  • Jay
    There are no ordinary moments.
  • Dennis P.
    It builds on the foundation on being a peaceful warrior from a person's core level and up. Great for Dan Millman enthusiasts and those practicing interrelated spiritual disciplines.
  • Echo
    A basic on my bookshelf. Have referred to it often, for entertainment and for insight.
  • Marsha
    Dan Millman gives some wonderful ideas on how to improve our outlook in our own lives.
  • Gordon Brown
    A great in depth follow up to the ideas and concepts outlined in the original Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Dan Millman has addressed something that comes up all to often from fictional works that present such profound ideals and lifestyle changes... he has taken the, beyond the fictional characters and addressed to the readers directly how they can make those ideals a part of their own daily lives. Reading this book gave me a much better insight ...
  • Paddy Sears
    Dan millman reminds me actually kinda a lot of myself! Paddy likes to write in this way where your constantly demanding the reader to keep an open mind. Would of been proud to of wrote this myself! Top marks from Paddy
  • J
    WowGreat read. This book gives insight to do many questions I've had. The truth is happiness is what you make it. You'll see
  • Shubh
    Best ever book
  • Darko Doko
    After wonderful Peaceful warrior saga author just managed with this "help book" to undo everything that I so much liked in his stories. Disaster
  • Daeus
    There is some solid wisdom in this book. I definitely recommend reading the Way of the Peaceful Warrior first to see if this is something you might be into since it does delve into a 'new age' area. Unlike the peaceful warrior story, this is a laid-out guidebook on how to live well. Some quotes:- "Unable to afford the luxury of comforting illusions, [ancient] warriors have always dealt with the realities of life and death, acknowledging the dark ...
  • Andre
    This was a really boring book. The author doesn't seem to have any background on the area of self-help which it tries to publicise it under.It's nothing more than the lower bottom of self-help books, disguised as spiritual journey mixed with stories the author tries to pass as his own.This is the typical book to be shown in an Oprah's episode.
  • Marc
    A very interesting guide book to a sort of universal spirituality; i read many parts of this over 15 years ago as an extension of men's work i was engaged in. took away some interesting perspectives which i have failed miserably at applying to my own life!!!!
  • Justin
    I feel like this was a mixture of a best of tv episode and a cash-in attempt.Perhaps I am in a different place when I read his other books or perhaps Dan communicates much better through fiction. This book seemed to be missing something and felt like a generic self-help book.