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Freeway Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography is an intimate look at the day-to-day dealings of a drug kingpin in the heart of the ghetto. It's also the story of a boy born in poverty Texas who grew up in a single-parent household in the heart of South Central, who was pushed through the school system each year and came out illiterate. His options were few, and he turned to drug dealing. This Untold Autobiography is not only personal, but also hist...

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TitleFreeway Rick Ross
Release DateJun 11th, 2014
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Crime, True Crime

Reviews Freeway Rick Ross

  • Ashley
    I go to the HighTimes Michigan Cannabis Cup in Clio at the Auto Speedway every year, this year was no differs in the fact that I was there walking around with my husband enjoying the even seeing the different vendors this year when I see a small crowd form around a very nice smiling black man. I thought nothing of it people are always trying to promote there products holding little demonstrations or handing out free samples.. But the more and mor...
  • Eddie S.
    Freeway Ricky was a pioneer to the drug game. Contrary to popular belief, Freeway was not the type of dealer that was killing people left and right. He was once a tennis prodigy that was headed towards college, but derailed by the public educational system. Isolated and excluded from the traditional American path, he found himself in the streets of South Central trying to find his way. After a stint of petty crimes he makes contact with a connect...
  • Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass
    I have watched documentaries on Free Way Rick Ross but I was delighted to be offered a chance to listen to the audio book. Let me just say that I was not disappointed. He approached selling drugs as a business man does his empire. A man who could not read ended up making millions of dollars... How does that happen? Of course he goes to prison and not only learns to read but learns enough about law that he is able to get is sentence reduced. The p...
  • Cameron Ream
    The book Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography by Rick Ross is a fantastic book. The main character is the man himself Rick Ross, no not the rapper. This book he explains all of his life changing events that shaped him to be the person who he is today. The part that made this book great for me is that I cant relate to anything that Rick went through. Being from a relatively rich area, this book most definitely opened my eyes to the other pa...
  • Brian Olinger
    I guess a job is a job, no matter what......Are you looking for incredible tales of gun fights, crazy parties, and wild stories? Well, American Desperado about “Cocaine Cowboy” John Roberts is your speed. This book doesn’t have any of this.If you’re looking for a straightforward narrative about setting up and expanding a business (in this case, large scale drug distribution) and all the related challenges that accompany growing a business...
  • Thomas Collins
    There is always a bigger picture.This, a captivating tale of a man whom unknowingly was part of a huge and sinister CIA operation. Flooding the streets of LA with coke for decades to fund weaponry for a war outside of the US. Rick Ross tells some serious lesson about people, friends and family and even connections. It's amazing to see how a man whom was illiterate for a large amount of time was able to turn it around and put himself in the straig...
  • Justin Hall
    Interesting ReadI'm sure we'll see a movie adaptation of this book sooner or later. Was a good book that I read in one sitting.
  • Ron L Williams
    King of the streets, naive to associations.Outstanding story of one of the most accomplished players in the drug game. The book humanized Rick Ross and cohorts and gave a look into a world that is foreign to most of us. Truly a great story....Should be made into a movie.
  • Frogacuda
    In the opening passages of Ross's book, he makes it clear that he is not a gangster. He may have come close, he may have affiliated with gangsters, but he steadfastly eschews the distinction when describing himself. For some, this may seem to be at odds with story of a young, black kid from South Central LA who became the region's biggest cocaine kingpin, but Ross's story is miles from the Scarface archetype embodied by so many real-world players...
  • Byron
    This is probably not the book you'd think it would be.The most interesting thing about (the real) Rick Ross is that he was selling drugs for the CIA, which used the proceeds to purchase weapons for the Contras in Nicaragua, but that's hardly discussed here. It's mentioned in one of the very last chapters, which is more like an epilogue, and it doesn't go into much detail.The thing is, Ross hadn't even heard of Iran-Contra until Gary Webb brought ...
  • John Denham
    Truth is sometimes stranger than fictionRick gave us a candid view of what the game was really like from a perspective of truth. This is in stark contrast to what the government and media would have us believing. The story makes a person have to ask himself, how is it that Freeway Rick Ross was considered a bad guy and punished, but the government leadership and operatives were not? How is that fair?
  • Tim McLean
    A Good ReadA very revealing account of one of the origins of the "crack" cocaine epidemic in this country, and the media's exposure and subsequent attempts to cover up the government's role in it.
  • Stephanie
    Great Auto Biography. Read it in 2 days.
  • Ricky Morrow
    Great Autobiography well worth the read