Mr. Katz is a Zombie (Goethalsburg Ghost Squad, #1) by Margaret Lesh

Mr. Katz is a Zombie (Goethalsburg Ghost Squad, #1)

Catastrophe looms in North Goethalsburg!When twelve-year-old J.D. is tricked into taking possession of a book of spells, his best friend turns their teacher into a zombie. The zombification of Mr. Katz creates general chaos and a not-so-terrific time for near-genius J.D. Teamed with his best friend Rodney, twin troublemakers, and an obnoxious ghost, J.D. must figure out how to change Mr. Katz back from one of the undead before he:1. Escapes the j...

Details Mr. Katz is a Zombie (Goethalsburg Ghost Squad, #1)

TitleMr. Katz is a Zombie (Goethalsburg Ghost Squad, #1)
Release DateOct 14th, 2014 Publishing
GenreHorror, Zombies

Reviews Mr. Katz is a Zombie (Goethalsburg Ghost Squad, #1)

  • Wart Hill
    Read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via NetGalleyWell that was fun!J.D.’s best friend accidentally turns their teacher, Mr. Katz, into a zombie. Which leads to much hilarity as J.D., his friend, and his friend’s younger brothers try to figure out how to turn him back into…not a zombie. Plus J.D.’s parents, who are ghost hunters. So, you know, supernatural crap just kinda happens! And J.D. can s...
  • Holly (Holly Hearts Books)
    I won this book in a giveaway and all I have to say is that this book was just so stinkin' cute. The story was really clever and funny. The author really knows how to capture your attention. If you love quirky stories about zombies and ghosts, definitely pick this up! I am so happy to have this in my collection.
  • Clarissa Johal
    Fun, fast paced and well-written book for the 7-10 year old group. If your child likes "The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids" series they will love this book! J.D. is a 12-year-old boy who can see ghosts--which comes in handy because his parents are ghost busters. When the family is out on a call, the ghost of a magician gives Jonathan a spell book. As intriguing as the book is, J.D. locks it away so as not to invite trouble. But his best fri...
  • Jane
    First of all, I’d like to stress that I am an adult, and this book is intended for kids. Quite young kids I imagine—the MC is twelve years old—but I read it with a great deal of enjoyment. There are lots of stories around where the main character is in this age group and has a totally improbable amateur job that usually involves crime busting, lending his invaluable help and superior know-how to the stupid adults who do this kind of thing f...
  • Pop Bop
    It Grows On YouAt the outset I wasn't drawn to this book. It seemed just a bit forced and formulaic. But there were bits of dialogue and a few comments and observations that suggested that once it got up and running it would become more rewarding and engaging. And that's exactly what happened.J.D.'s parents are ghost hunters and J.D. can see and communicate with ghosts. That doesn't really figure into the plot of this book except that it gives J....
  • Shay VanZwoll
    J.D. is not your normal twelve-year old boy. With two parents who are official ghost hunters, J.D.'s gift of seeing and speaking with ghosts can sometimes come in hand. When he is asked by a dead magician to remove a dangerous book from the house of his widowed wife, J.D. honors the ghost's wish... though he later wishes he hasn't. For dangerous books - especially those dealing with magic - have a tendency to get into the wrong hands, and those h...
  • Cordelia Dinsmore
    I'll admit from the beginning that I'm not a HUGE zombie fan. I've read a few zombie books aimed at middle grade readers, but they aren't my favorite cup of tea. However, I went into this one 'open-minded' and found it to be quite fun.This zombie was probably a bit scarier as the teacher he was before he was accidentally zombified by the MC's friend as he read an incantation from a book of magic spells. The MC had been given the book by a ghost (...
  • Kirsten Jany
    A fun story for pre-teens with just the right mix of humor and action filled adventureIf your son or daughter enjoys “Diary of a Wimpy kid”, Mr. Katz is a Zombie is sure to appeal to them. The first book in the Goethalsburg Ghost Squad series, the story is told from bratty J.D.’s perspective. He’s your regular, average kid-only that his parents are professional ghost hunters! This lands J. D. in an awful lot of trouble-naturally through n...
  • Cthulhu Down My Chimney 2Night
    REVIEW: MR. KATZ IS A ZOMBIE (GOETHALSBURG GHOST SQUAD #1)A delightfully intriguing and mysterious tale for middle-grade readers, involving a smart 12-year-old who sees and communicates with ghosts; his bumbling not-so-smart buddy, and that boy's younger twin brothers. J.D.'s parents hunt ghosts, he sees them, and buddy Rodney and the twins Randy and silent Ricky just cause trouble--this time, ZOMBIE Trouble.
  • Emma
    Oh, this was SO much fun!
  • Laini
    Entertaining, quirky, and good fun!
  • Emily
    I’m going to go right ahead and say I am not the target audience for this book. I’m probably double the age that you’re suppose to be (8 – 12 year olds). That said, I really enjoyed this book! And I think that if it is entertaining for those older than the age range then it is the mark of a great book, .This book was really entertaining and enjoyable. They children manage to turn their teacher into a stinking, groaning, but ultimately non...
  • Mehsi
    Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I am still not sure if I like this book or not. It had its good moments, but it also had enough bad moments.First let me talk about the good things:1. The zombie, I love zombies and this one featured a new kind of zombie, one by incantation instead of by bite or by disease or by some kind of voodoo thing.2. The parent's ghost hunting (and also other things hunting) agency. I reall...
  • Jessica
    So, zombie books and I have kind of a special thing going on. As in, I see them and I absolutely have to read them. It doesn't matter whether they're spattered with gore and written for adults, or funny and written for kids. They just automatically go on my reading list!Let's start with what I liked about Mr. Katz is a Zombie. This is definitely a funny book. While it wasn't quite my kind of humor, it's without a doubt the type of humor that will...
  • Lindsey Lewis
    Middle schooler J.D. finds a spellbook and his friend Rodney reads aloud from it, turning their teacher into a zombie! Now it's up to J.D., Rodney, and Rodney's annoying little brothers to save the day.I really liked the cover on this book and expected something in the vein of those Bailey School Kids I grew up with. Sadly I was very disappointed and couldn't get into the story. If it were any longer, I probably would have given up and thrown it ...
  • Bruce Gargoyle
    Full review at http://thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpress... (Oct 24)I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis:J.D.'s life becomes suddenly more eventful when his best friend accidentally turns their teacher into a zombie. Cue action! Cue adventure! Cue extra-large sacks of jam-filled doughnuts!This was a fun romp that features a remarkably sensible and compassionate protagonist, some well-meaning and ...
  • Kaitlin Bevis
    This book was just plain fun. I love the way that Margaret Lesh writes. Her characters always have such voice and J.D is no exception. The book is intended for younger readers and Lesh effortlessly pulls off an engaging, conversational tone that will draw kids in from page one and get them laughing. Content wise the book manages to be age appropriate despite the presence of a zombie, so parents, no worries. No blood, gore, language or violence. T...
  • Cheap and Lazy
    Being a fan of author Margaret Lesh has its perks. One, is that she writes multiple genres; the new release could be anyone’s guess, and I like both surprises and variety. Another is that she never lets me down, no matter what she’s writing about. Being a vocal fan in the past has garnered me the coveted prize of an advance copy of her latest book. I am happy to report that yes, this is another winner. I had a blast seeing the world through t...
  • barbara liddle
    Great kid's book and i enoyed it too😜Funny and looking forward to reading more of this series not sure if that's just for me or the kid's though😝