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Seven Spoons

The much-anticipated debut from the author behind the popular food blog Seven Spoons, featuring distinctive, crowd-pleasing recipes; engaging, writerly essays; and the same stunning photography that has earned her website a devoted following.Roasted Carrots with Harissa Aïoli and Dukkah. Plum Macaroon Cake. Chaat Tostadas. Roasted Peaches with Glazed Sesame Oats. Few food writers have such an insightful, intuitive understanding of flavor—or a ...

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TitleSeven Spoons
Release DateApr 21st, 2015
PublisherAppetite Random House
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Seven Spoons

  • Juhina
    Another one of our cook book reviews! This one is about Seven Spoons by Tara O'Brady. Have you looked at the cover? it is so eye catching and gorgous. It is definitely a cook book I would stop at just based on that. This turned out to be the focus of the book because Tara O'Brady's book was also inspired by her cook blog where she posts beautiful photos of all the recipes she makes. It seems that many cooking bloggers are getting their big break ...
  • Jillyn
    This cookbook really starts out strong. There is a really big introduction section that introduces what you should have in your pantry, and the gear you might need to use throughout the recipes in the book. There's also a really big ending section, that contains all the recipes that the "main" recipes used- things such as sauces and cheeses. While I love that even these aspects were made for scratch, I didn't really like that they were all scoote...
  • Bride
    I first heard Tara O'Brady on NXNW last spring, just as her book was being published. In the interview, she talked about her recipe for Golden Honey Elixir and her signature butter tart pie: a riff on her husbands family favourite, featuring sour cherries and walnuts, and I knew that this would be the "to read" under my christmas tree for 2015. The wait between spring and Christmas was long, and I admit I cheated a bit by searching out some of th...
  • Polly Krize
    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Well know blogger Tara O'Brady gives us some of her favorite recipes in this beautiful book. She says in her introduction that she "has cooked as long as she can remember" and this is evident from the varied recipes included. The bread recipes, especially, beg to be baked! Recommended for anyone that cooks and is looking for ideas.
  • Christine (Padfoot's Library)
    Full review on the blog:
  • J.H. Moncrieff
    4.5 stars...possible upgrade to five stars once I've tried some recipes.This is a wonderful cookbook. I hadn't heard of Tara or her blog before I purchased it, but that didn't hamper my enjoyment. The writing and stories throughout are great, the photographs are lovely, and tons of the recipes sound amazing, and very different from anything I've found in other cookbooks. To be sure, these recipes will challenge me and require some poking around i...
  • Karri-ann Flater
    This recipe book is so freaking delightful. It is my new favorite. Every recipe in this book, along with the recipe directions, is so much fun. There are familiar family recipes, and then a few interesting things I have never heard of. It has been such a pleasure to peruse this book and try some new things in my kitchen.
  • Doris Kissack
    Pictures and all the instructions anyone would need. Excellent recipes to try.
  • Samantha Sweatt
    I loved this cookbook. So many great recipes and it was well written, well designed and aesthetically pleasing to read through.
  • Kim H.
    Seven Spoons: My Favorite Recipes for Any and Every Day by Tara O'Brady is a beautiful book filled with sumptuous photography and mouthwatering, taste bud tantalizing recipes!O'Brady is a blogger, thus her cookbook is very well written. In the introductory section, "How to use this book," she writes, "I wrote this book as my side of the conversation I imagine we'd have while cooking. It includes the chatty tidbits that are cookery's gossip, wheth...
  • Jenn Ballmann
    This book was sent to me for review by Ten Speed Press through the Blogging for Books program. A digital copy was provided through NetGalley. As always, all opinions are my own. When I heard Tara O'Brady from Seven Spoons was writing her first cookbook I was excited. I've been a dedicated follower for nearly eight years now. Her photographs always look so mouthwatering that I can't keep myself from rushing to the store for ingredients so I can ma...
  • Janka H.
    Inventive and creative cookbook for a personality with a hint of adventure and willing to try some twists in their food.The book is sorted into chapters according to the course: Breads & Breakfast, Lunch, Soups Starters and Snacks, Suppers, Vegetables and Sides, Sweet Treats & Sips and Staples (home-prepared ingredients).I find this book being very personal - I believe that the books reflect the personality of the author and this book and this bo...
  • Yaaresse
    Update: Have had a chance to make a few items from this book now. I'm still not going to go as far as four stars, but it's really, really close. If the recipes were a bit more tightly written and formatted so I didn't keep losing my place, I'd go with a solid 4.0._____________3.5 stars. In full disclosure, I haven't had a chance to cook from this book yet. Schedules are such right now that dinner is strictly "do it from memory and do it fast" thi...
  • The Bookend Family
    *****“More than just another pretty cookbook.I started cooking for my family when I was in my early teens. My mother, who was an exceptional country cook, had to go to work, so the job fell to me. I asked her for advice now and then, but for the most part I learned to cook from books. I still have my first, a battered Betty Crocker that lost its cover over the years. So I have a particular fondness for cookbooks, and Seven Spoons by Tara O’Br...
  • Virginia Campbell
    Food writer and cook Tara O'Brady's popular blog "Seven Spoons" now has a delightful cookbook companion. "Seven Spoons: My Favorite Recipes for Any and Every Day" is written in Tara's warm, personal style, and it features delicious dishes and fabulous food photos. A Canadian of Indian descent, Tara's cooking style is a mix of her own ancestry, her husband's Irish and English roots, the culture of Canada, and many more influences. I was charmed by...
  • Tina
    I have to admit the cover of this cookbook grabbed my attention first. It’s beautiful, it’s a crisp photo and makes you want to know what sort of recipes are contained in this cookbook. Before perusing it, I was not aware there was a blog by the same name. I have since gone and checked out her website, it’s very pretty and well organized.Pros:This hardcover gem is packed with lots of good photos. You can just turn pages and give in to the v...
  • Cook These Books
    Seven Spoons knows how we like to cook and eat: borrowing liberally from multiple cuisines, a focus on flavour and achievable results. This book is fantastic.Read our full review here:
  • Jennifer Rayment
    The Good Stuff Exceptionally inventive and delicious recipes Incredibly beautiful presentation Wonderful use of fresh ingredients Cover makes me drool - unfortunately not a lot of fresh dates in Calgary Enjoyed the stories before many of the recipes - makes it just a little more than just a cookbook - took me a long time to review this cookbook, as I read each and every fascinating sentence Detailed index (yes I know, but I am a Librarian, dammit...
  • Megan
    i open cookbooks with the intention of learning something new, and getting inspired. this book does exactly that, from peaches with sesame oats to coconut kheer with bronzed pineapple (i like sugar, okay?).the recipes feel fresh and new but not outlandish (though there are recipes for plain bread and cheesecake too should that be your thing).her indian canadian roots shine through in delicious ways that also resonate with my asian american identi...
  • Teresa
    Tara O'Brady is a chatty writer. Her introductions and recipes all sound like she'd like to show up in your kitchen and cook right along with you. Some of the introductory notes can get quite long, especially if her family is involved, but many are collections of little notes of ways to make the recipe suit you better and reflect a very thoughtful approach to creating the cookbook. The recipes are a good mix of cultures-I've already been a fan of...
  • Kasey Cocoa
    While this is a fantastic cookbook to flip through and makes a excellent conversation piece -just leave it on the coffee-table and see how irresistible it is to pick up and talk about- don't expect to pick it up and start cooking right away. The ingredient lists are chock full of things I have never purchased or things I wouldn't know what to do without a cookbook like this one. There are several beautiful pictures although I could have used a fe...
  • Sandra Lassiter
    Starting from the cover, this book is beautiful and really captured my attention. Moving into the book, it became not as interesting. Long, complicated recipes made with obscure ingredients are not uncommon, and many of the recipes are just not interesting to me. There seems to be a fairly strong Middle Eastern influence in her recipes, which are interesting at times, but not something I cook or enjoy often. Few of the recipes in the book are som...
  • Michelle Lynne
    I can honestly say this is the first cookbook I've ever read. The Random House ladies sold me on it when she told me more about the author, and I knew after seeing the gorgeous photography that I needed it. I'm not a chef. I'm not even a mediocre cook - I'm a student who can boil noodles. O'Brady is really good at talking you through each step of the process to give you the perfect result.My only problem is that a lot of the recipes include ingre...
  • Nikki (nikkitheknack's In the Stacks)
    Full review on my blog: love this cookbook! "Seven Spoons" is a collection of Tara's favourite recipes, ones that have become staples with her family and friends. There are simple recipes and more complicated ones, recipes with a handful of ingredients and ones with a long list, recipes for everyday food and ones for special occasions. Tara's culinary diversity is very present in Seven Spoons - from Pakor...
  • Kelli Bragg
    I've read numerous cookbooks over the past year, and found so many lacking, either in appearance or content that this book was a wondrous find. All recipes I've tried have been amazing.("Locavor'es Kitchen" = not enough photos; "Heartlandia" = epic fail with deviled eggs --> 1 Tbsp. mayo for a dozen eggs...what!?! [makes me not trust anything else in the book] and a sense of superiority that I didn't cotton to; "Classic Recipes for Modern People"...
  • Wendi
    Next Tuesday, April 21st is starting to feel portentous. It's the release date of the new cookbook by Tara O'Brady from Seven Spoons. Tara explains on the site that it's also her birthday. Guess who else's birthday it is? Besides the queen's real birthday? Mine! Very same date! So with all this birthdaying, I thought I'd celebrate with the first rhubarb harvest from the garden and a cocktail from O'Brady. Read the rest of my review (and a recipe!...
  • La La
    The introduction makes you feel like you are sitting in your good friend's kitchen talking about everything foodie. Beyond the diverse collection of recipes the author gives cooking tips, and advice such as how to stock your pantry. I was approved for this eARC through Netgalley in return for an honest review. I will be doing a special multi-review blog post featuring cookbooks, in which this book will be included. I will add the link when it is ...
  • Meagan
    The photography is gorgeous and some of the concepts are very creative, but this is not a book I will cook from frequently. The ingredient lists are often extremely long and contain a few too many hard-to-find ingredients. The directions are often long. This book would be great if I had a huge food budget and endless time in the kitchen, but it's just not practical for me.
  • Kristiana
    A truly lovely book filled with tasty, fresh and vibrant recipes.
  • Stefanie
    Not enough photographs for my liking