I Do (But I Don't) (But I Don't) ( Crandell Sisters, #1) by Cara Lockwood

I Do (But I Don't) (But I Don't) ( Crandell Sisters, #1)

"She creates perfect days."In spite of her incorrigible curly hair, Lauren Crandell is a neat-freak and organizational guru, qualities that make her the perfect wedding planner. But when two weddings in one day go haywire, and hunky firefighter Nick Corona comes to the rescue -- twice -- Lauren realizes there are a few important details in her own life she hasn't been tending to since her divorce. Namely, her sex life."She lives lonely nights."Sw...

Details I Do (But I Don't) (But I Don't) ( Crandell Sisters, #1)

TitleI Do (But I Don't) (But I Don't) ( Crandell Sisters, #1)
Release DateAug 31st, 2004
PublisherDowntown Press
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews I Do (But I Don't) (But I Don't) ( Crandell Sisters, #1)

  • Alaina
    I think this is my first book by this author but I’m not one hundred percent sure. Either way I did find the book quite enjoyable. I laughed so much throughout this book. Especially during the last half of it. Tears were falling down my face from laughing so hard. I really enjoyed Lauren’s character in this book too. Especially since she’s a hot commodity with the wedding industry. I loved reading about her romantic adventures even if they ...
  • Stephanie
    Such a fun read, the last 5 chapters had me laughing hysterically out loud. A slow start with a drawing introduction but picked up pace as it went on.Any woman with an obsessive compulsion for organization (as I do) will easily bond with Lauren, the main character if the book. Reminiscent of a combination of romantic-comedy movies like "The wedding planner", "hitch", and "sweet home alabama", this book was a fun read snd only got better as the st...
  • Mojca
    Chick-lit is hit-and-miss for me. First person POV chick-lit even more so—okay, not counting Kristan Higgins it’s mostly a miss. And this book was no exception.I hated the heroine’s guts and given the book was written in her POV I hated the book. Some fellow reviewers say she was written that way to make us see her growth toward the end. I didn’t see it like that, and I didn’t see any significant growth. Lauren spent the entire book fee...
  • Mariem
    "Because True Love isn't about sheet music or embossed invitations or lace. It isn't about the size of your bridal party or the expensiveness of the food. True Love is what you find when you aren't expecting it.True Love is taking the risk that it won't be a happily-ever-after. True Love is joining hands with the man who loves you for who you are,and saying ," I'm not afraid to believe in you". A love like that has legs. A love like that will sur...
  • Anna Marie
    With the intellectual depth of a rubber duck, Cara Lockwood tried to entertain me in a lighthearted novel of mistaken identity and comedy... and utterly failed.First, there's the rampant stupidity. Then there are the tedious in-head explanations of said rampant stupidity. Most of which is more painful than funny. And of course the heroine is a complete idiot that everything just *happens* to go wonderfully for, and she snags the man hotter than P...
  • Caroline
    For whatever reason, I just really enjoyed this book. I probably should NOT have been reading it at work, however. I found it extremely funny, and trying not to laugh in a call center can be rather difficult. People tend to look at you oddly if you randomly start laughing, you see. Anyway though, maybe it's due to my upcoming wedding that made me enjoy this book, or maybe it's just my current frame of mind. Regardless, I very rarely give five sta...
  • Angela
    I wanted to like this book as I had just come off of planning my wedding. But it was only OK. I found the main character a little annoying and wanted to pull her out of the book at times and slap some sense into her. But as others have commented, that's also part of her development and the author explains why she is the way she is. Also, I kept thinking of the movie "The Wedding Planner," while reading it. Even though the two have no connection, ...
  • Heather Alderman
    This book did exactly what I needed it to... I had a last minute business trip and needed a lighthearted, quick read for the longish plane rides and what I was reading was quite depressing, so I picked up this book. Although the writing was not very good and eye rolling at times, it had its sweet and funny moments.
  • Sheryl
    I absolutely loved this book! Especially when Lauren finally said what was on her mind. A fun light hearted read that most of us can relate to on multiple levels (besides the wedding planning!).
  • Tracy
    This book is just dumb. And it never gets smart. It's just ... dumb.
  • Fiona Bauer
    This book was a bit boring, the story was a flat line. It didn't have much suspense...
  • Pei-jean Lu
    Admittedly I'm not much of a fan of the chick-lit genre as I'm far too serious a person to really enjoy it. However, it was the movie with Dean Cain and Denise Richards that led me to reading this novel. While certainly cheesy in most aspects it does have its moments and I did find it quite enjoyable despite the fact that Lauren is not really a character who is well rounded. While yes we all have insecurities about our looks and can be wary of a ...
  • Debbie
    I liked this book it was funny and a fast read. There was a few times I thought why didn't the wedding planner Lauren ask why the guy she thinks she planning the wedding for is hitting on her? or ask the bride to be what her husband to be name is or why not just in the file she has on the couple? Other then that we follow Lauren as she plans other weddings and fixes problems all the while she is dealing with a controlling boss. And her feelings f...
  • Books Sunny
    I have read and reread this book a few times over the years. I absolutely love Laura and her wittiness. She works as a wedding planner from the boss from hell G. Not only does Laura have to put up with G, she also has to put up with G's cat, who despises Laura. This is a great book and one of my absolute favorites over the years.
  • Daniell Marsh
    Cute story about a wedding planner that a lot of things go wrong for. There is misunderstandings, a boss that has her do most of the work, a stalker, and most things that can go wrong with a wedding. There is a lot of humor and a good story flow. Over all a cute read that makes you laugh.
  • Avery
    Loved it. :)
  • Sarah Teresa
    Light-hearted and fun read. Not too much of an exciting storyline but I did want to finish the book to see where the main character ended up in the end!
  • Nwamaka Ossai
    This was a horrible read for me. She had the worst self esteem and the storyline was boring and predictable.
  • Jen
    i must have liked it, because it was in my bookcase when I packed to move to Woburn.
  • JoAnn M
    Story of a junior wedding planner and her exploits in the business and finding true love. Some of the escapades were rather silly, but it did serve its purpose - I was looking for a laugh.
  • Ginger Rogers
    Read first chapters
  • Evan
    Slow start, but picked up and had a strong ending.
  • Elusive
    'I Do But I Don't' tells the story about Lauren Crandell who works as a wedding planner. She's a neat freak bordering on OCD, organized, competent and single after a divorce. It goes without saying that she's the typical heroine who's unhappy about an aspect of her appearance (her curly hair which she describes multiple times throughout the book and that was unnecessary - I perfectly understood her 'predicament' the first time it was mentioned) a...
  • Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts)
    Another random book i picked out of nowhere. I guess i'm just pretty bored these past few days and i decided to find some books to read and TADA! I found this one. I'm really a big sucker for books that has great covers and this one definitely caught my attention.I'm hoping this one would not be another story with a typical plot wherein The boy meets girl-get to know each other-conflict-and live happily ever after blah, But i guess i was wron...
  • Melissa
    3.5 starsHyper-organized wedding planner Lauren Crandell's life is a mess. She's great at her job; she handles wedding problems and mishaps with barely a blink of an eye. Dog chews a hole in the wedding dress? Lauren can solve that. Psycho ex-girlfriend shows up dressed exactly like the bridesmaids? No problem. However, when it comes to her personal life, even the advice of multiple friends and family members doesn't make her see the error of her...
  • Alex
    Wild hair aside, Lauren Crandell likes to think she has everything under control, she is, after all, the junior wedding consultant at Forever Weddings, doing everything short of standing on her head to make sure all her brides get the weddings of their dreams, even though he own perfect wedding ended in divorce a year ago.So, as Lauren spends her days creating perfect days for others, she ends up meeting Nick Corona, a gorgeous firefighter who co...
  • Nash Norden
    I really like the TV, Movie, I do (But I don’t) starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain. I watched the movie years ago and found out that it was based on Cara Lockwood novel with the same title. I’ve been looking forward to read this book for some time and I have to say that I am not disappointed. I'm giving this book a 5 stars because I enjoyed it so much!Lauren Crandell was the junior wedding consultant at Forever Weddings. She met Nick Coro...
  • Vaishnavi
    What did i think? Well i've always loved anything related to weddings. SO obviously i enjoyed this one too. It was the usual cute romance, a breezy read and nice characters. What i liked about it most and what i found unique was how towards the end Lauren stood up and kinda let it clear that weddings are not important than marriages, i mean you should be able to marry the person even in a cattle shed and still be happy because you are going to sp...
  • Kelly
    I really liked this book. I love the way Lauren comes into herself and learns to stand up for herself. She learns that not everything is going to go exactly as planned and every once in a while, things work out for you, not against you. It's a little annoying how she feels sorry for herself all the time, but in the end I think it's important in the development of her character. Lauren is always jumping to conclusions and believing everything that...