The Great War by David Almond

The Great War

An anthology of stories inspired by objects from the First World War. It is a collection of stories by bestselling authors, each inspired by a different object from the First World War. Each object illuminates an aspect of life during the war, and each story reminds us of the millions of individual lives that were changed forever by the fighting.

Details The Great War

TitleThe Great War
Release DateApr 14th, 2015
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Short Stories, War, Young Adult, Audiobook, World War I, Childrens, Fiction, Anthologies

Reviews The Great War

  • Panda Incognito
    The graphic design is splendid, the layout is appealing, and the concept of writing stories inspired by WWI artifacts is fascinating, but like with any short story collection, the stories themselves are hit-or-miss. Some are moving and well-written, but others seem like self-indulgent tripe from an author in love with their own writing voice. The writing style is sometimes rambling and incoherent, and I best liked the stories where I could get ab...
  • Aaron Leventhal
    The Great War was a very entertaining book to read. It is a compilation of war stories that provide a feeling of connection to what people living through wars experience. As said in The Things They Carried, a war story on its own is never going to be complete. The Great War gives many stories, all of different aspects of the war, whether it be from a wife of a soldier, or from the child of a soldier. While not a happy book per say, each individua...
  • Leslie
    Great collection of short stories. Like any collection, some are better than others, but overall I really enjoyed listening to this book. The audio version is wonderful; I loved the variety of readers from different places. I love the concept of this book: writing stories based on objects from WWI! So creative. I also really enjoyed the idea of all these kids grappling with the concept of war, and the different forms that took in all the stories....
  • Rebecca
    I really liked the concept behind the this collection - each short story is inspired by an object from the time of WWI. The stories are varied and I enjoyed them. I listened to this as an audiobook and for the most part I liked it, but there were a couple of narrators that I didn't care for.
  • Emily
    It was just so earnest that plus the juvenile focus let me a tad cold. I don't think that any of the stories really stuck. Cool idea for a book, middling execution. I would have probably preferred history to fiction in this case.
  • Katie Harder-schauer
    I'm working on writing my review now. It will be posted here after it goes live on my blog as per usual. This was a very eclectic selection of stories even if they all drew inspiration from items from a single war.
  • Jennifer
    I'd forgotten how powerful short stories can be! This was especially good because I listened to it on audiobook and the narrators did such impressive work, they really drew me in to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
  • Angela Martinez
    Lovely stories.
  • Laurie
    Audiobook Sync free audiobooks for their YA summer program week 1. 3.5 starsThis collection of short stories were all based around artifacts from WWI. Short stories seem like they're probably harder to write than imagined, with enough to get a reader's attention and invest them, but still keep it short. As such, short story collections are often hit or miss, but this collection was mostly hits! I liked most and really liked a few of them. A worth...
  • Stacy Koster
    I loved all the short stories in this book. It was great!
  • Liesl
    Audiobook SYNC Theme: Stories with HistoriesI struggle with paying attention with audiobooks, but when you have a seven hour drive it seems the perfect time to give it another chance. I came across this book because it's featured on this year's audiobook sync summer reads; I wasn't sure if it would hold my interest but I found myself engaged with the stories. Some were better than others but overall they were quite good and there's some great aut...
  • Hannah Ward
    Usually I only read short stories for my English class at school. I feel like short stories never are able to get the full story with the few pages they are allotted. But I actually thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I must admit that I thought some short stories were better than others, but at the same time each story kept me interested and wanting to read more. This is the first short story anthology that I've ever read completely. Usually I skip s...
  • Vanessa
    Great concept of explaining something about WWI through items. Learned through the stories and the descriptions of the items. Read 4 hours for summer reading program
  • Edward Sullivan
    A collection of short stories inspired by World War I artifacts from the Imperial War Museum.
  • Robyn
    Eleven short stories based on WWI artifacts. Best read a few at a time with breaks for sunshine and snuggles from a pet. First Lines: World War I, known at the time as the Great War, was the most destructive conflict the world had ever seen. Sixteen million people lost their lives, twenty million were wounded, and millions more were left homeless and starving. The Great War began July 28th, 1914 when the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empi...
  • Kailyn Bettle
    Summary:"The Great War" is comprised of 11 short stories all about World War I. Each story is based on actual artifacts from the war such as a helmet or a toy soldier. The stories explore a wide range of settings during the war from Ireland to Britain and a wide range of characters, exploring all of the different individuals impacted during the war: children, spouses, mothers, and soldiers. Each story is powerful, some through sorrow and regret, ...
  • Jarrett Bell
    "Grown-ups have to be polite to everyone, but they have to shoot everyone too. There's nothing in the middle about being a grown-up. Maybe they wouldn't have to go away and fire wizbangs and mortars at one another and get shot if they were allowed to tell old bags how rotten they are whenever they wanted." (pg. 30). WWI is one of those one-sentence lines in history class, usually mentioning Archduke Ferdinand, trench warfare, and Germany being br...
  • n
    Morpurgo's story was quite nicely done, even if awkward; I have not much to say about it. Almond's story was actually really good and interesting; it actually had a lot of feeling for a short story. I loved it.My rating for this book, which is the one with three stories (96 pages), is so low because of John Boyne's story. His story was atrocious; it was just as bad as his other writing, which isn't even remotely shocking because he's just not a g...
  • Kathleen
    My twin grandsons, almost twelve, have a strong interest in WW I and II; the structure of this book intrigued me, eleven well respected authors creating stories around ordinary objects from WWI, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the war. I was hooked in the opening pages of this book that is recommended for ages ten and up.The selection of objects is as varied as each story; I had never heard of Princess Mary's Gift Fund Box or th...
  • Camitran
    "The Great War" is a historical book that was inspired by multiple authors from the First World War's items, like a Brodie helmet, or a French toy soldier. This book expresses realism, as it is describing the War where many have died. It is certainly a powerful and emotional book for someone in this time because of the memories these items store. For example, Timothee de Fombelle's "Captain Rosalie" shows how the Rosalie's life was shaped from he...
  • Niki
    The Great War is a collection of short, fictional stories, each inspired by a different artifact from the First World War; Fantastic provocation for the writing. However, as is often the case with anthologies, not all the stories were gems. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I could envision many educational connections.The audiobook version, with a variety of accents, was interesting, and while they attempt to fill the gap of no images with a rich ...
  • Terri
    A collection of short stories inspired by artifacts from World War I are collected in this fine volume. I listened to this work in audiobook format, and the recordings of each story were done in the appropriate accent for the setting, English, Irish, Scottish, French, and Harlem, New York. Each story was followed by the name and description of the object that inspired the story, and I assume the print version would include a photograph of that ob...
  • Phoenix
    In all honesty, I thought this had a pretty stupid premise. Fictional stories inspired by war-time objects.... one of which is a... *sigh*... a godd- ... ugh. It's a fucking butter dish. For fuck's.... A fucking "war time butter dish." Sweet jesus. What.Now that I've read it, ok, yeah, *sigh* I kind of understand the butter dish. I still think it's dumb but I understand. You... you do you, Writing Prompt Generator Person. You do you.Most of the s...
  • Thebruce1314
    Most short story collections are hit-or-miss in terms of content, but there wasn’t a story that I didn’t like in this one. I loved the concept of using historical items for inspiration (though some of the connections are a bit tenuous). Pictures and explanations for each of the items used are included at the end of the book, and the authors included are all quite accomplished writers.The book itself is beautiful, with black and white illustra...
  • Corrin Baker
    "The Great War" contains poignant stories from multiple perspectives on World War I. Each story is unique and different in its own way. Most come from the outside - there is little focus on the actual battles and events of the war and more on those living in the sphere outside of it. All the stories are beautiful in their own way and will leave the reader with a haunting impression afterward. The audiobook readers are phenomenal. Highly recommend...
  • Nolan Hills
    I thought it was an interesting way of explaining how the bunch of different people went through their own struggles. Like they are all a bunch of short stories and all have different characters in it. My favorite short story was probably A world with no war in it. I thought the whole point of the story was touching and romeo and juliet ish. I thought the story itself was written very well and the whole book had its ups. It was a good story to re...
  • Rachel Grover
    Yes - amazing! A perfect companion to my students' study of World War I in history class, as well as for creative writing - writing historical fiction based on an artifact. I also appreciated the end notes of the actual artifacts. My one critique would be that I wish I saw more indication at the beginning of each story in the illustrations of which artifact was being showcased in each story. An easy purchase for my MS library.
  • Alicia Weaver
    Such an intriguing book made up of short stories written by various authors all revolving around WWI. Each story is centered around a very specific war object and the object helps tell the story of the lives around it. After each story there is historical information about the actual historical object. My favorite story was the one about the Christmas tins. I am pretty sure I made an audible gasp while listening to this one particular story.
  • Heather
    This was the first book for the 2018 Audiobook Sync Summer series and I really liked it! This is a collection of short stories all based off of an object from World War I. I thought that using an object for a story was a creative way to tell about World War I. Some of the stories were about a butter dish, a helmet, a medal, a piece of metal from a Zeppelin bomb, a blue letter, a toy soldier, a compass, a writing booklet, and music I believe are s...