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First Ladies

While the role of the first lady has changed dramatically over the course of  the nation's history, one thing remains constant: American's have always been fascinated by the wives of the President. Insights into their formative years, their daily routines within the White House, their influence on the public policies espoused by their husbands, and their bold journey into the modern political spotlight have captivated generations of political hi...

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TitleFirst Ladies
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2015
PublisherHighBridge Company
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Audiobook, Biography

Reviews First Ladies

  • Chrissie
    2 stars means I thought the book/audiobook was OK, certainly not terrible. I thought I should point this out.The audiobook gives short snippets about the First Ladies from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama. It is a radio series from National Public Radio. The earlier First Ladies are often interviews with authors having written books on one of the women. The later day First Ladies are often NPR interviews with the women themselves. There are al...
  • Joyce
    All in the American Chronicles seem to be excellent--or at least the ones I've listened to. This is no exception with fascinating insights into the personalities and roles of multiple first ladies. The interviews are great--especially those with living first ladies (as opposed to authors or historians about former first ladies). Insightful, often amusing, extraordinarily accessible. Cokie Roberts is a sublime narrator and editor, tying it all tog...
  • Julie
    This audiobook contains excerpts of things which were featured on NPR over the years. Principally narrated by the always excellent Cokie Roberts (who is certainly well versed on this subject, having written extensively about First Ladies and pioneering women), it contains audio clips that I think would be more impactful in the hearing of them rather than the reading. This is a short (about 3 hours) audio, well worth the time.
  • Miri
    They only covered the ones everyone kind of knows already, which was a little disappointing. I would have liked to learn something about Julia Grant, Rachel Jackson, Ida McKinley, Frances Cleveland, Grace Coolidge, and Edith Roosevelt, for example. But I did enjoy it, and I was especially pleased to learn how much I like Rosalynn Carter and Barbara Bush based on these interviews. Barbara Bush is fabulous.
  • Tamara
    A compilation of stories about first ladies, produced by NPR. Felt a bit meandering and didn't quite finish, but there were some interesting segments tucked in here and there.
  • Kay
    My bad. Somehow I thought this was the companion volume to the excellent CSPAN series on the First Ladies (that's what happens when I use my tiny phone screen to check out audiobooks from my library thru my Libby app). This isn't that book. That said, it was enjoyable to listen to the nuggets of information presented, many of which were new to me. Unfortunately, many of the First Ladies are missing from these vignettes.Cokie Roberts is the narrat...
  • Ashlie
    This was honestly so great. The backstory on Martha Washington opened the flood gates for me googling her, and wondering why there isn't more commonly known about her. I must have shared my new found knowledge with at least three family members and a few friends within the span of an hour. I mean, WHO KNEW? I've never been particularly fond of reading American History since leaving college, but this was captivating. I like any collaborator that's...
  • Susan Maykowski Schuster
    Quite disappointing on many fronts. Had hoped to learn more about our first ladies. Yes. I learned more than I knew before. But this was put out as an audiobook. It was not. It was a scattering of NPR interviews. Interesting, missing several ladies, and not a book, audio or otherwise. A waste of time if you're trying to learn anything useful or deep about these women.
  • Tom Rowe
    Lots of stories and interviews about and with first ladies from NPR.Short.
  • Ellie
    Easy to listen to and very informative. I got a bit bored with it at times.
  • Dolly
    Informative. Entertaining. But I like my books in writing.
  • Amy Lafleur Meyers
    Engaging collection of NPR interviews and features about the first ladies. While not a comprehensive collection of all first ladies' stories, this collection gives readers insights into many first ladies' lives including Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others. Some highlights include an interview with Martha Washington biographer, Patricia Brady, regarding an age regression portrait of the very first la...
  • Linda
    Listening to the stories, letters and voices of the first ladies was a treat. In interviews conducted by NPR, we were given sippets and glimpses of the first ladies and their lives celebrating and reviewing their causes, passions and roles while they served as first lady. Some of the interviews provided confirmation of things I already knew and others gave insights to the behind the scenes lives and choices of these special and famous women. Ther...
  • Rita
    I received this book free through a Goodreads first reads give away and am so glad I did. It was incrediable hearing about the first ladies throughout history. You always learn about the presidents throughout school and know about them. I never knew the first ladies were so intresting or so strong willed. After hearing this book I will be looking for more information on many of these first ladies throughout history I am especially fasinated with ...
  • Jean
    My reading project for 2015 is to read about the First Ladies of the United States, I saw this overview audio book put out by NPR from its American Chronicles series; thought it might provide a good overview.Cokie Roberts narrated the book for NPR with excerpts from interviews with First Lady Biographers and from the First Ladies themselves. Roberts was interviewed for her book of Women of the Revolutionary Period.Among the First Ladies included ...
  • Sara Ray
    This is an audiobook that I originally downloaded from the library with the idea of listening to it when I couldn't sleep. How silly! This book was so interesting that I fought to stay away so I wouldn't miss anything. NPR interviews with authors and experts on several earlier First Ladies who are no longer with us such as Martha Washington and Eleanor Roosevelt give us a better understanding of their struggles and contributions. More recent Firs...
  • Nancy
    Not really a book, this is a wonderful collection of NPR stories about America's First Ladies. These stories come from all their different programs. Some are funny, some are touching, all are fascinating. It sent me looking for books that were mentioned and had me rewinding to share stories with my husband. It really opened my eyes. Such a wide range of women who approached the job with lots of different ideas and personalities. It touches on eve...
  • Lauren
    I loved learning more about the First Ladies and their roles. Every marriage should be a strong partnership, and whether we like it or not (or even realize it), all of the Presidents' wives have impacted our history through their influence. This audio book made my work commute much more interesting!
  • David
    Not exactly an audiobook per se, "First Ladies" is a collection of segments broadcast on NPR concerning First Ladies, or interviewing First Ladies. As such, I think you'll like it exactly as much as you think you will.
  • Edelweiss
    Not really a book. But interesting if you want to look at public perception or newscasts about first ladies. This is a collection of NPR spotlights and broadcasts about first ladies, from Martha Washington on down.
  • Sharon
    A collection of NPR programs interviewing First Ladies of the US. Very, very interesting with poignant questions asked of the biographers and First Ladies themselves. I hope more of these interviews are done on some of the First Ladies not mentioned here.
  • Donna
    I do enjoy NPR.... This audio had brief bits on the First Ladies, all of the recent times and a few from the early days of the nation. Using facts, real interviews and in one case the actress Sally Field for Mrs Lincoln.
  • Dionne
    I really enjoyed hearing the different clips, especially the interviews with some of the most recent 1st Ladies.
  • Marsha Dixon
    I really enjoyed learning some information on several First Ladies. Very easy, quick read.
  • May
    Snippets that allow us to glimpse our First Ladies with greater compassion and understanding. An easy, fun read for all who have an interest in politics and history.
  • Patrick
    Solid overview, with additional biography recommendations.
  • Lifelong Reader - Lifelong Learner
    Enjoyed listening to this; would have learned more if I could have made associations with some larger themes.
  • Jennifer
    Audio reviews and interviewed related the most popular of the First Ladies.
  • Tony
    Well done work by the team at NPR.