Leap (Breakthrough, #2) by Michael C. Grumley

Leap (Breakthrough, #2)

ONE OF MANKIND'S GREATEST LEGENDS HAS BEEN DISCOVERED.SOMETHING EVERY CIVILIZATION HAS SEARCHED FOR...BUT NOT WHAT ANYONE WAS EXPECTING.Facing the cold, clear glass, Alison Shaw stared nervously into the giant seawater tank.It was just one year ago that she and her team of marine biologists had stunned the world with their incredible breakthrough.And now...they were about to do it again.But an ocean away, something strange was unfolding. Along a ...

Details Leap (Breakthrough, #2)

TitleLeap (Breakthrough, #2)
Release DateJul 18th, 2014
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller, Adventure

Reviews Leap (Breakthrough, #2)

  • Adelle
    I have to tell you - read this book. But read the first one in the series first - "Breakthrough." Now I've read some comments about "move over Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz," but that's not fair. This author, one Michael C. Grumley is SO much better it isn't even funny. I don't normally care for books in this "genre." (I don't like the word genre as it creates so many misunderstandings, but call it action/adventure/scifi/suspense... whatever.....
  • Donna Backshall
    Leap is the second installment in Michael C. Grumley's Breakthrough series, and it is just as action-packed and fun as book one, Breakthrough. There's nothing abstruse or complicated about these novels; rather they are straightforward and exciting, offering characters to love and situations to transport and engross. They are precisely the "summer read" type of escape I look for when I pick up an adventure scifi novel.
  • Pat
    This is turning into a really fun series. You can't help liking the cast of characters and their animal companions. Its all a bit 'boys own adventure' but its hugely entertaining and a lot of fun. Despite there being nothing terribly dark in these stories, the characters must face many dangerous challenges and solve numerous puzzles. Their values are also frequently tested.I like a serial killer thriller as much as the next person but, for a brea...
  • Michael
    One word comes to mind: "Wow!"My only regret in reading this book, is that I didn't re-read "Breakthrough" prior to reading this book. The author has shown, once again, that he has mastered his genre. The character development was very well done and the story was full of page-turning suspense. I did find a few typos, but they took nothing from the story. If you enjoy a combination of suspense, science, philosophy and science fiction, this is your...
  • Leslie
    This is a sequel and while the first book isn't required it introduces all the characters. In this book the baddies are even badder; we have a national security threat as the Chinese military is removing a mysterious substance from Guyana. The dolphins and the scientists have moved from Miami to Puerto Rico and been joined by a gorilla specialist who is working with a 3 year old gorilla to learn the animal's language.There will be much action, mu...
  • Nev Murray
    Michael C Grumley does it again.This is the sequel to Breakthrough. To that end I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't read Breakthrough. All I can say is you seriously need to! These are thrillers at their very best.In "Leap" we once again meet naval investigators John and Steve. This time they are investigating the sighting of a strange submarine off the coast of Brazil. And why is there a Chinese war ship in Guyana with the cre...
  • Jessica Kuster
    Awesome!This book was so good, I recommend Breakthrough and Leap, Michael is a very good storyteller! Can't wait to read more of his books!
  • Martin Pingree
    This was an amazingly fun read from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed. Probably should have read the first book before this but this was still great.
  • Laura von Eden
    Da ich bereits vom 1. Teil “Breakthrough” so begeistert war, stand es natürlich außer Frage, dass ich auch die Fortsetzung lesen werde. Ich habe in anderen Meinungen zu dem Buch mehrfach gehört, dass man es auch unabhängig vom 1. Teil lesen könnte. Dem stimme ich nicht ganz zu, da sich doch einige Gegebenheiten auf Dinge im 1. Teil beziehen, wenngleich die Handlung des Buches eine eigene Story ist. Manche Sachen werden durchaus auch noch...
  • Angy
    2,5 SterneLeider weit schwächer als der erste Band. War mir viel zu langatmig und konnte mich nur stellenweise wirklich überzeugen. Das letzte Viertel macht aber dennoch neugierig auf den finalen Teil.
  • Philip Bailey
    So, the saga continues, and now we have progressed (leaped) from chatting with dolphins to gossiping with gorillas. Before doubts pop up in the mind of anyone reading this review allow me to point out a couple things most of us know. Ignoring Mr. Pavlov and his drooling dogs, consider this. Dogs respond to commands by the owner they form a bond with. Cats respond to some degree but ignore the bonding thing, cows come when called, hogs rush to the...
  • Suzanne Reed
    Clay, John ClayMove over, James Bond, there's a new hero in town! I have just finished reading Breakthrough and Leap by Michael C. Grumble. These books are fascinating. The characters are real, emotional, caring, truly bringing life to the pages. Once I started reading book one, I could not stop. The energy just flowed from the pages, the action was very fast paced. I would enjoy reading more books about these same characters.Steve Caesare with h...
  • Pam Jass
    Believably futuristicI had not read "Breakthrough" before reading "LEAP". There were a few references to the first book but those references did not interfere with my enjoyment of this book. The characters are well developed and consistent. This plays a major part in allowing the reader to stay involved with a plot line that takes one into a future we have not experienced yet plants the seeds of wonder that we could someday. The ending is satisfy...
  • Matthew Mireles
    I can't wait for the next oneHaving just finished this thrilling book that combined military, scientific, and science fiction so seamlessly I now must wait a month to see the third book in this series. I can't wait! I'm definitely addicted to this author and so glad I found him. Go Michael!!!!
  • Bon Tom
    Some new characters introduced so it got less easy to follow, but still very good.
  • Anna-Marie Abell
    This was a 4.5 rounded to 5. My biggest complaint in the first book was the lack of character development. This one finally lets us get to know them more so that we care what happens to them. This was a quick and fun read. His descriptions are vivid, the plot action packed, and the storyline original. A few cliches and expository dialogue bogged it down in a couple of places, but nothing too bad. As with the last book, you have to be willing to s...
  • Linda Slepicka
    Book two in the Breakthrough Series: Another fun, exciting read,Like the first book, Breakthrough, the author starts out with separate storylines for the characters and you wonder how they relate. The journey to the point where the stories converge sets off on a fast, fun pace. Interesting premises for the separate storylines. Even though some of the characters are a bit formulaic, I liked them a lot. This is a great book to read while sitting on...
  • Eva Hechenberger
    Das Buch ist das erste Buch des Autors, welches ich jetzt gelesen habe. Angesprochen von dem wirklich spannenden Klappentext wollte ich es unbedingt lesen. Leider kann jetzt nach Beendigung sagen, dass es nicht ganz so spannend war, wie ich gewünscht hätte.Der Beginn mit den sprechenden Delfinen und den dazugehörigen Erklärungen fand ich wirklich sehr interessant, aber je weiter ich gelesen habe, desto mehr Handlungsstränge haben sich ergebe...
  • James Currin
    This was a fun, entertaining book to read, and it was reasonably well written. I enjoyed the fact that it described events in the present or near future, but that it also ventured forth into the realm of "science fiction".
  • Darity Wesley
    I read Breakthrough first and have Catalyst in the queue! This was a slower start for me, took a bit to get rolling but what a fabulous end! I just loved it! Hence, all stars! Looking forward to catching up with my characters in the next book! Thank you Michael Grumley. Well written and fun!
  • C.
    This second book in the series was as interesting as the first book, and I really enjoyed the surprising twisty-turns. Am excited to continue with book #3, but will take a little break with a couple of diversion books first, so I don't get burnt out with the series.There is scattered cursing in both books, including religious swears, no "F" bombs, however.
  • The Book Worm
    Leap is book two in the Breakthrough series. I enjoyed the first book immensely, finding it had just the right amounts of action, science and science fiction to keep me interested until the end. Because I was not ready to party with the main characters and the storyline, I jumped immediately onto book two. To tell the truth, Leap is just as compelling as book one, but there were a few scenes I found a bit less realistic, and I'm not even referrin...
  • Nancy Silk
    "Beware Of The Leap"In this book, something very strange is happening off the coast of South America. There is a Russian submarine of a class which had long been dismantled, and has risen with a live crew. The U.S. Navy is sending officers John Clay and Steve Caesare to investigate. Author Grumley has a unique way of presenting more than one adventure in each of his books. And they all come together in the end which leaves you gasping! His storie...
  • Dan Ries
    In Breakthrough Michael Grumley created a few characters I really liked, however, I felt he took too many liberties with 1) pushing the sci-fi envelop too far for me, and 2) leaving too many cliff hangers, thus basically making the reader buy the next book in the series. Well, I bought the next book, Leap. I still liked the characters and the new antagonists - but see points 1 and 2 above...thus my 2 star rating. Slight Spoiler Alert:Regarding po...
  • The Cats Mother
    This sequel to Breakthrough is set a year on, with Alison's team having progressed their mammalian language translation program so they can now talk to gorillas too. Meanwhile Clay and Caesare are looking into the mysterious presence of a Chinese warship and a Russian submarine off South America, apparently up to no good. Then a billionaire philanthropist asks Alison's colleague to take Dulce their gorilla on a rescue mission into the jungle, whi...
  • Ken
    Another Great BreakthroughScience Fiction Thriller Action Adventure novels have been making a comeback of late. I guess after a time we get tired of the multitude of Post Apocalyptic novels that have made the rounds for the last couple of years.Leap, the second novel in this series takes us on another wild ride. We still have most characters returning, well the major ones. This time our story deals with sentience and longevity. That's the only sp...
  • Garry Wolf
    Really enjoyed LeapI found this book to be very enjoyable and it kept me interested through the entire book. I liked the ideas expressed about being able to use advanced technology responsibly and some things we need to grow more before having access to. If you like a good mystery with a sprinkling of science fiction.
  • Amy Peck
    Great storytelling!Although science fiction is not one of my preferred genres and I almost always stay away from it, this series is so well written that I can't help but devour each volume in it.
  • Matthew
    A successful follow up to the first book and continues the strengths begun there. I liked the fact that this book 'opened up' a bit more than the first.
  • Michael Fronczak
    Blah. Closer to 2.5 because it's somewhat unique and well written, but the story and characters are just kind of there.