Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3) by Tracy Brogan

Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)

Delaney Masterson isn’t looking for fame.Yes, she has famous parents and a reality TV show, but she’s not the wild-child celebrity the paparazzi have painted her to be. Until…The Scandal. When an old boyfriend releases a private video, Delaney’s name becomes every comedian’s favorite punch line. To escape the media, she sneaks away to Bell Harbor, Michigan—during the worst winter in fifty years.Adventure show cameraman Grant Connelly ...

Details Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)

TitleLove Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)
Release DateJan 20th, 2015
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Humor, Funny, Audiobook, Adult, Holiday, Christmas, Comedy

Reviews Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)

  • ♥Rachel♥
    3.5 StarsLove Me Sweet was a fun romance filled with humor, wacky family, and a sweet, swoony romance. Delaney Masterson is no stranger to public scrutiny being one of the stars of a reality show, but when a humiliating sex tape surfaces, it all becomes too much and so she flees. Holing up in the tiny town of Bell Harbor, Michigan seems like the perfect idea until she ends up the reluctant roommate of sexy and irresistible, Grant Connelly. Grant...
  • Duchess Nicole
    I've been following Tracy Brogan on Facebook for awhile because I'm generally a fan of Montlake Romance titles, and I kept stumbling across her posts. I'm so glad I finally picked up a copy of one of her books. Even if this is not the first in the series, I didn't feel like there were chunks missing. If there is one thing I could say about this book, it's that it was funny and unique. It's not a typical boy meets girl but not so out out there tha...
  • Alaina
    Love Me Sweet was such an adorable book. I'm really happy that I randomly found this series on KU and that I enjoyed it so much.Okay, so this is the third and final book within the Bell Harbor Trilogy and it's about Delaney and Grant. Oh man, did I love these characters so freaking much. They were just an overall ideal and favorable couple. I have nothing bad to say about either of them. I also really liked how the romance developed between them ...
  • Ian
    After her rat ex-boyfriend released a sex tape to the media, Delaney decides she needs to escape the scandal, the paparazzi that are hounding her, and the reality TV show about her celebrity family. She withdraws all her money, buys a beat-up old Volkswagen and heads for the middle of nowhere –– Bell Harbor, Michigan. She rents a ramshackle old house and settles in to ride out the scandal. Grant is the cameraman on an adventure / reality show...
  • Tanja ~ T's Book ~ KT Book Reviews
    Love Me Sweet is just that, a sweet read. Two people who have basically had it. Find themselves in a predicament where they have to share a living space. Neither is looking for love and both are a bit jaded by it. Delaney is running from a very public scandal. And Grant, well he has finally had it with the production crew he’s been working with.Delaney has rented a house and Grant thinks he is coming home to HIS house. Well….. you can just im...
  • Bj
    4 "A Whole Lot of Craziness Leads to Fun and Ultimately Love" Stars! Lovers of romantic comedies will not want to miss "Love Me Sweet". Brought together by the convergence of a number of sequences of unlikely events, Love Me Sweet proves that when you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, there is no denying it, no matter how instantaneous or unlikely it may seem. While Love Me Sweet is the third book in the Bell Harbor Series, it can easily be read as a stand...
  • Vicki
    Delaney Masterson is part of a reality TV family. Her parents are famous and so everyone wants to know how they live their day to day life. Delaney's ex from about 6 years back decides to release a sex tape that she never knew existed. Running from the press that has hounded her and accused her of releasing the tape herself for publicity. She ends up in Bell Harbor Michigan. Not only that but, she ends up in this northern town right as the polar ...
  • Sandra Hutchison
    I don't read a lot of traditional romances, but the good writing and snarky sense of humor in this one caught my interest and kept me going even though it spends a lot of time relying on one of my personal least-favorite plot devices -- somebody's keeping a secret and when it comes out, somebody else is going to feel totally betrayed. I did put it down for a while, but ultimately I was carried along to the end because the characterization was fun...
  • Linda
    A small-town, winter wonderland romance with endearing characters and oodles of humor! All he wanted was a long, hot shower and a long, deep sleep. Meaning that whoever this pissed-off brunette was, whatever deal she'd arranged with his flaky mother, they could talk about it after he'd scrubbed the jungle from his skin and rinsed the shampoo from his hair. "What do you mean it belongs to you? It can't belong to you. I just rented it," said the gi...
  • Anne Pfeffer
    As a fan of Tracy Brogan’s Bell Harbor series, I was wondering how she was going to write her newest installment, which is about Grant Connelly. Remember him? The older brother of Tyler Connolly, nurturing man-of-the-family hero in The Best Medicine? The brother that Tyler described as an “ass”?Well, in Love Me Sweet, we get to know Grant, who is just as hot as Tyler, but who wandered far from the family nest for a decade before returning h...
  • Janga
    A thief, lies, and a video tape—with a road trip and the Paradise Brothers thrown in for good measure. If you are in need of a post-holiday mood improver, I recommend Tracy Brogan’s Love Me Sweet. Brogan’s third visit to Bell Harbor, Michigan, gives readers lots of Brogan’s trademark humor and tart sweetness, two people looking for sanctuary instead of love and ultimately finding both, and a stellar cast of secondary characters. This is a...
  • Anaïs
    This review was originally posted on Fifty Shades of Books2.5 out of 5 StarsGrant Connelly is back home in Bell Harbor, Michigan after quitting his job as a cinematographer for a survival show. What he thought would be a peaceful return home after so many years turns into a disaster! First, he discovers that his mother rented his house to a cute brunette called Elaine Masters, and then, his mother's severe case of kleptomania leads him to drive c...
  • Pj Ausdenmore
    With each book she publishes, Tracy Brogan further solidifies her place on my author auto-buy list. Her contemporary romances are filled with humor without sacrificing substance and her fully-formed characters carry the show. This could easily become slapstick comedy without the depth infused into Brogan's characters. Delaney and Grant have both reach a turning point in their lives and while their journey is humorous (frequently laugh out loud fu...
  • Jules
    I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Love Me Sweet is the third book in the Bell Harbor series, but it can easily be read as a standalone. I had not read the prior two books, and I had no problem following the story or falling in love with the characters. After reading Tracy Brogan’s Love Me Sweet, I do plan on adding her prior books to my TBR list!Love Me Sweet is a fun, lighthearted roman...
  • Teri Beth
    ARC provided by NetGalleyLove Me Sweet is the third book in the Bell Harbor series, which I was not aware of when I started, but it can easily be read as a standalone. I never once felt lost not having read the others. This was just the lighthearted romantic read I was looking for. Delaney Masterson has run away from the the paparazzi and scandal her ex created and ends up in Bell Harbor. Grant Connelly quits his cameraman job and finally comes h...
  • Jo Anne B
    3.5 starsI love all the Bell Harbor books! Fun, fast, enjoyable romance stories that tug at the heart and teach a few life lessons along the way. Delaney and Grant were both very likeable characters trying to change their lives in search for more meaning. Both were running away from their problems and got acquainted pretty fast as unexpected roommates then travel companions. There was tons of humor in this book especially about Grant's inability ...
  • Denise
    Book three in the Bell Harbor series. This is a quick easy read with a romantic comedy feel to it. I liked it much better than book 2, but still not quite as great as book 1. I'm hoping some of those original characters from book 1 will get a more prominent role in the next book. *Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy!
  • Irene
    3.5 starsLove Me Sweet was a fun light hearted romantic read.I enjoyed the characters, they were very likable and made this such an entertaining read.Highly recommend Love Me Sweet, I'll be going back to read the other books in the Bell Harbor series.Thank you Montlake Romance via Netgalley for the advance copy.
  • Cinthia
    How did I Start from book 3? Anyways. Delaney and Grant are such a great couple. I liked how the whole romance developed. I didn't like Grants mother. She needs lots and lots of help. I didn't like that grant quickly made assumptions about Delaney and I really felt bad for the turmoil Delaney had to go through but I did LOVE the happy ending.
  • ~nikki the recovering book addict
    So sweet!Loved the book! Delaney is such a sweetheart and Grant is, simply put, a hottie!! I like the fact that the celebrity family is in essence a loving family, even if her mom always has an eye on the ratings.
  • June
    This book made me laugh a bit. The mixup in the house rental was great. And it was fun to watch the relationship develop between the main characters Delaney and Grant.
  • Julia David
    I really enjoyed the characters. I liked the humor and the seriousness too. Lane was caught in a sex scandal and decided the best way to deal with it was to just go away for a while until things calmed down. The problem is, she is part of a reality show with her family. The paparazzi does not want to leave her alone and so many people believe what they read. What is written in the tabloids isn't really her. She ends up in Bell Harbor, Michigan in...
  • Mayra
    Received this book in my Bookworm Box one month and gave it a try. I usually don't go for "chick-lit" books, but this one was just different to me. I expected to read a lovey-dovey, insta romance story between two perfect characters but actually found myself laughing along with the most relatable characters ever. Poor Delaney Masterson is running away from her "reality" show drama into the small town of Bell Harbor, Michigan. What she wasn't expe...
  • Shannon Pitts
    Great quotes, too much angstThis book has some great quotes towards the end of the book, but there was just too much angst for me. She waited too long to tell Grant who she really was, and then of course he found out right before she was going to tell him herself. I would have preferred he known for most of the book instead of the worry about what would happen when he found out. Also, he was a complete jerk when he found out. I get him being mad ...
  • Tamara
    Touching storyThis book touched on some real subjects that happen to people. I have pretty much given up watching tv because of the way the media hyperinflation every little thing with half truths or complete untruths. I hate the sensationalism that is done to tragedies and the people traumatizes. I dislike how the social media world allows anonymous people to speel hate full words at people. This book was a love story of how one person lied to h...
  • George
    Another laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from the master herself, Tracy Brogan. Delaney Masterson, a reality TV star, leaves Hollywood to escape bad press. She somehow ends up in frozen, snowed-in Bell Harbor in the middle of winter. She rents a house (in cash) for six months, but is surprised when the house's owner, Grant Connelly, shows up, unaware his mother has rented the house. Grant, Tyler's brother mentioned in the previous novel, has been a...
  • Marsha
    I didn't realize this was book 3 in a series, and the title "Love Me Sweet" made me think this book was a "sweet romance" (PG-13). This book was a little too spicy for my personal taste; however, that is a personal choice and I understand that. When I stumbled across the first use of what I would consider R-rated language, I considered putting the book aside, but I was already engaged in the content and curious about how it would work out. The bo...
  • Stacey
    Delaney is a “celebrity” of a Kardashian-esque world. Grant is an adventurous jungle cameraman. Their worlds collide, almost literally and a whole world of crazy follows. The secondary characters were adorable and it was cool to get a follow up to the main characters in the second book of this series. I struggled with Delaney and Grant both. They both had lots of problems to work through and gettin involved didn’t make those problems go awa...
  • Jen_C
    3.5 stars rounded up. Some great banter and situations that are like a comedy of errors. I dropped half a star due to the overuse of gimmicks that pulled me out of the story (her annoying "hiccups, the "hick" speak used by the southerners, and way too numerous Elvis details). Those things took away from building the story and the chemistry of the main characters (for me anyway).Enjoyable read.
  • Melissa
    "Love Me Sweet" was a super light, sweet, and cute story. I really enjoyed all of Delaney's craziness. Grant is totally swoon worthy. The characters in this story are so interesting and funny - from the crazy country rock and roll stars, to the Kardashian like family members, to the folks of Bell Harbor. This was a great book for a cozy weekend, week at the beach, or whatever you enjoy while you are reading.