The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4) by Django Wexler

The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

The final book in the exciting fantasy adventure series featuring a strong heroine who grows from reader to leader in a world where magic is contained and controlled through books.When Alice defeated her uncle Geryon and declared war on the totalitarian ways of the Old Readers, she knew she would have a hard fight ahead. What she didn’t anticipate was how ruthless the Old Readers would be. All the creatures she promised to help are being threat...

Details The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

TitleThe Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherKathy Dawson Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction, Magic

Reviews The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

  • Django Wexler
    I hope everyone enjoys this one. It's been amazing finally bringing the series to the end I thought up years ago!
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A good ending to the series, but I didn't like it as much as The Palace of Glass. Full Review I read very little Young Adult, and absolutely no Middle Grade. I'm not the target demographic by any means. I really like Django Wexler though, so I decided to pick up The Forbidden Library from the library a few years back.By the time The Palace of Glass came out I was really enjoying the series and bought all the books. I was late i...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Wexler’s outstanding Middle Grade series The Forbidden Library comes full circle in The Fall of the Readers, the concluding volume of this richly dark and enchanting adventure through the magical world of books. So far we’ve seen the young protagonist Alice through some very harrowing times, following her as she visits new worlds and encounters their strange an...
  • Daniel
    Moram da priznam da sam možda imao nerealno velika očekivanja od završetka ovog serijala ali u svoju odbranu kažem da su prethodne tri jedne od mojih omiljenih (dark) YA knjiga.Kako da objasnim, knjiga je odlično napisana, likovi su stalno opasnim situacijama ali se ponašaju onako kako bi od njih očekivali. Niko nije savršen, grške se dešvaju i priča nas drži u neizvesnosti tokom većeg dela. Ali meni lično knjiga jednostavno nije od...
  • JourneyThroughStoryland
    I really enjoy this series and this one was just as fun as the first three. The ending was just right.What I liked the best were the original creations from the author like 'portal books', 'prison books' etc., the creatures from other 'portal books', the labyrinthine's and the forbidden library itself with all the cats in there. I adored Ashes the talking cat the best as he has a feisty character and I thought Alice was becoming a bit more mature...
  • Becky B
    Alice made her decision in the last book and now she and those allied with her are paying for it. The Old Readers are relentless in their attacks on Ending's library. For now Ending, Alice, and the other apprentices have been able to hold them off, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is just a matter of time before they do break through. And their revenge against Alice and others will not be pretty. Ending provides Alice with one altern...
  • Nicki
    With Geryon trapped in the Infinite Prison, Alice has marshalled the other apprentices and the library creatures at his estate to fight back against the old Readers. Even with the aid of Ending to push back the Readers’ creatures who invade through the Library, they are hard pressed to hold their ground, and Alice knows it’s only a matter of time before attrition takes its toll. Together, she and Ending concoct a plan for Alice to seek the Gr...
  • Adam Hoffman
    This review is from an advanced reading copy given freely and without obligation (my thanks to the publisher and author).Where to start! I do not want to give ANY spoilers as we are still a few months from the official release date and I don't want to give anything away. Book 4 provides a satisfying finish (not a spoiler that this is the presumptive finale as stated on the cover and description). If you've read books 1-3 it's an obvious go out an...
  • Denise Spicer
    This 358 page book gives us a great ending to this fantastic series. The author does a wonderful job of leading us through his plot with nicely drawn characters in intriguing settings. Surprise Twist!!! I highly recommend the entire series.
  • Maša
    In the last installment of the series, our heroes are betrayed and have to rush to save the world! I like how the protagonist seem real, and how Alice grows more determined and focused after hardships and mistakes - I am really over moaning protagonists that overthink every little thing. I want to feel inspired by book people, not have them reflect my own failings! But I digress..There is much at stake here bit it doesn't feel that way - in a boo...
  • John
    Decent conclusion to the series. As previously, my only cavil is that books here are pretty much used as furniture--they only serve as convenient plot devices and seldom if ever do you see anyone actually reading. Still, a diverting fantasy, fairly logical in construction and featuring lots of truly scary creatures.
  • Sriya Mudumba
    If I was not it in a book store, I would have screamed with joy when I read the last page.
  • Mark Buxton
    My name is Alice, and the fate of the world rests on my shoulders. I successfully imprisoned Geryon, but the other Readers are laying siege on me. I can't let them continue their cruelty toward magical creatures and the labyrinthine. Ending says she will help me if I take control of the Great Binding that holds a powerful prisoner. She says I must enter a labyrinth created by all the Readers that is protected by many formidable guardians. I don't...
  • Travis
    What a fun, whimsical, and entertaining conclusion to the Forbidden Library Quartet!!!! I discovered Django Wexler about 3 1/2 years ago when I stumbled upon 2 books, The Forbidden Library and The Thousand Names. I started with the Forbidden Library and man did it ever impress me for being a middle grade. It had an easy to follow story, a wonderfully crafted world that any book lover would want to be a part of, and also a colorful ensemble of cha...
  • Paige Canetto
    Okay, this series was amazing. Between the great female protagonists (yes, there's more than one), the amazing and unique world building, the multitude of challenges and obstacles, both to be fought, reasoned with, or outsmarted, and not knowing how it was going to end, this series was a masterpiece. I did see a couple of the main plot twists coming, (view spoiler)[ I mean come on, Ending is so very not trustworthy (she "accidentally" got them to...
  • Qing
    I was holding back from reading it because I didn't want it to end - I wanted to read more about the different worlds and its inhabitants that Wexler's dreamt up and the adventures Alice and the gang gets up to.But all good things comes to and end, I suppose, and it was a good one.(view spoiler)[ Although we had plenty of warning about Ending's real motives, I was still a bit surprised when she revealed her plans to Alice. Bit of a "oh damn" mome...
  • Thomas Ray
    Oh. My goodness.So. . . I knew Ending was going to betray Alice, that was inevitable, but it still hurt really bad!Alice. . . Well, she's Alice, and she will be awesome for the rest of forever. Isaac will miss her when she finally does leave.Everything turned out so perfectly! I was so scared at the end. . . until the First took a nap. Then I was like: Okay now Alice and Isaac can grow up together and my ship isn't sunk. What a relief.Reread the ...
  • meeners
    probably a satisfying conclusion to readers who are really into The-Entire-Universe-Is-In-Danger-And-Everyone-And-Everything-Is-In-Mortal-Peril-type stories, but not really my cuppa these days; there are only so many battles and heroics and betrayals and leveling ups i can take before my mind starts to wander. the entire universe doesn't always have to be at stake for a story to feel urgent and important, as long as whatever's at stake is urgent ...
  • Rick Stuckwisch
    This was a strong finish to a fun series. I've enjoyed the whole thing, but this conclusion really took it to the next level. Well done. And a genuinely sweet, happy ending. I read the series to my older teens, and we didn't find it childish, silly, or too simplistic. Nevertheless, it would be a good choice for grade school, middle school, or junior high readers or listeners. Not lots of things to appeal to a child's imagination.
  • Ben
    A good conclusion to the series. I felt that it ended well. The themes and arcs tying up nicely. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has been reading the series. Likewise I would recommend this series to anyone interested in a fantasty story (accepting the young adult tag). I felt overall this was a well written series.
  • Paul-Baptiste
    An enjoyable series overall and a satisfying conclusion in The Fall of the Readers. Staid - as is the norm for YA - but with enough adventure to make it exciting, this coming-of-age has enough individuality to keep it fresh. With a noble sense of morality and a strong female lead, this is a good choice for a YA fantasy series.
  • jassira raxlly
    I'm sad this is the end of the series. It was wrapped up nicely, but, still leaves me wanting to know what's going to happen and what those changes look like.Maybe Wexler might do novellas or something for a glimpse into the future of Alice's world.
  • Ry Herman
    A solid end to an excellent series. If it doesn't add a lot to the innovative concepts introduced in the first three books, it largely makes up for that by getting all the pieces into place for a satisfying resolution. It was great to finally see the end of Alice's journey, and how far she's come.
  • Marg Corjay
    I loved this series. A fast-paced, action-filled JFiction read that keeps you engaged throughout. Unexpected twists and turns keep you turning the pages. No graphic violence, uncomfortable situation/language, or angst.
  • Erik
    This was a good, satisfying end to an enjoyable series. This book started a little shaky by stating that things had happened a little differently at the end of book 3 then they really did, but that was a minor hiccup in the overall flow of a good concluding book.
  • Margaret Rose
    REJOICE! Again all ye, I say rejoice! It has been so long since I've read a good book, and even longer since I've been happy with the conclusion of a series. *Happy tears stream down my face*P.S. Yeah, I read this in one day. What else what I supposed to do with it being so cold out?!
  • Em
    Reasonably satisfying conclusion to the series.
  • Cherry
    A very fitting end to The Forbidden Library series with excellent character development. #fantasy