The Green Mile, Part 5 by Stephen King

The Green Mile, Part 5


Details The Green Mile, Part 5

TitleThe Green Mile, Part 5
Release DateJul 1st, 1996
GenreHorror, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews The Green Mile, Part 5

  • Bradley
    Still excellent, but this time quite subversive in a christian way. :) Do a good turn for the Warden? Well, playing Jesus usually doesn't come with bugs, so that's delightfully gross. :) Lots of action this time, and we're reaching the crescendo of the Green Mile novellas.It's taking a near super-human effort to keep myself from just going ahead and reading through. How did the ancient peoples over a century ago ever stand it? Serials are a thing...
  • Arah-Lynda
    Somewhere in here, life got the upper hand and by the time I strolled once more past that bat tree I was able to buy both the 3rd and 4th booklet in this series and the clerk at the store informed me that the 5th was expected any day. I was on the cusp of a long weekend with a veritable feast in front of me. And so I ate; ramming it in, taking huge gulps at a time, as Paul Edgecombe suffered through the worst urinary infection of his life, All t...
  • Becky
    I can't say this enough, I am SO glad I am reading this serial style & building the suspense up with each section!!
  • Mom2triplets04
    This part gave me a bit of a chuckle! Still amazed that John can heal people and putting doubt into our minds if he did actually kill those girls or did someone else do it? Great 5th book.
  • jb Byrkit
    Wow what a story! Part five is maybe my favorite book in the six book series right now. Paul continues the story with John Coffey and his healing powers. He sneaks John out of the prison (with help) to see If he can heal Hal’s wife. It most certainly is worth the gamble for Paul and his coworkers. And Percy gets stuck in a straight jacket in the cool off room. Man that is great! Percy is such a prick!Now the question is do they make it back in ...
  • Dallass
    I am surprised by how much I have been enjoying reading The Green Mile in its original serialised format - and a little miffed at myself for putting it off for so many years.Paul, Coffey, and even Brutal, have been wonderful characters to pass an hour with, and as much as I have enjoyed reading this book, I am a little sad that my time on the mile is ending. Must remember to have tissues on standby for the last part.
  • Karen
    This climactic fifth installment of The Green Mile is a culmination of the plot building presented in the previous installments and, thus, is filled with page-turning action. Like the previous installments, King leaves the reader with a dangling story line that must have made his readers in 1996 quite impatient to have to wait a month to find out what happened next. Thankfully, I just have to turn the page.
  • Deb
    Really love reading this in a series,
  • Julia
    This was actually one of the most interesting and captivating books that I have read from Stephen King & I highly recommend it for any King fans. I ended up getting this book from a thrift store and normally following the rules of serial books I was only able to get the last three books for the first three were nowhere in sight. As a result I started off reading "The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix" first and I was caught up in the story, knowing t...
  • Brian Schwartz
    The cliffhanger at the end of THE NIGHT JOURNEY is one of King's most dramatic moments of his writing career. Few characters in King's universe engender the sympathy that John Coffey garners. In a novel, instant gratification is there. The reader only need turn the page to ascertain Coffey's fate. Serialization made this impossible. Readers in 1996 were forced to wait a month to learn Coffey's ultimate fate and how Paul Edgecombe would reconcile ...
  • Jess
    So. Guess what.I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I got all of these books for free from my dad. His fiancee's daughter was cleaning out her collection and my dad knows I like Stephen King, so he snagged these for me and they've been sitting on my shelf for a few months. I just started reading them recently, and of course became obsessed.Well, little did I know, there are not 5 books in this series. There are 6.Guess how many books I ha...
  • Dark-Draco
    Thrilling! Read this in one sitting over a long breakfast. As usual, the tension that King creates is tremendous, considering the short chapters. The actual showdown at the warden's house was intense. Somehow, i don't think I'll be able to wait long before I read the conclusion to the story.
  • melydia
    Honestly, I think this was the most suspenseful installment of the entire series. Edgecomb and his crew sneak Coffey out of the prison to drop in on the warden, and any number of things could go wrong at any moment. Of course, we’re not entirely out of the woods yet, with one more book to go.
  • Laura Jelenkovich
    Mi sembra di sentire la voce di Coffey, provo un odio sincero per Percy e amo follemente King. Che cosa si può dire? Quando dell'inchiostro su carta fa provare emozioni reali e' tutto superfluo. Peccato solo stia per finire
  • John
    5 down, 1 to go. I don't vividly recall the movie all that well, but this is seeming to match up pretty well with what I do recall. Will be interesting to see if I still think that after watching it this weekend.
  • Ella Somarriba
    Wow this was super intense and extremely engaging. I have been reading these one after the other and it can be hard to write reviews because all the information merges together. I think this one is my favourite so far!
  • Sara
    i think that part he is most interesting in all book , How Edgecomb and his crow go to this trip to heals the wife of the governor by hand of john coffey , and it's a something which can't explain . like i said it's the most interesting part .
  • Rachel McDonald
    This format is fantastic, bring back serial writing. Perfect for bus trips to work. Apart from that, this book had me in tears. John Coffey is written so beautifully. I loved the movie, but I adore this book.
  • Freya Beavis
    It took me a little while to get through this one. Not because of the book itself, mind, just because life was distracting me. But it’s just as good as the rest of it, and I’m looking forward to completing the final instalment!
  • Aaron White
    Every bit as good, better, than the movie, and the movie was spectacular. This series of books is King at his very best. Not horror, nor genre specific really, just wonderful engrossing characters, a great story, great build-up. Just, everything, so good.
  • Dustman
  • Claire
    Another stellar segment of the Green Mile complete! Loved this section and can't wait for the finale! Although I've already seen the movie...
  • Chloe🌻
    Well danggggg 🌙✨🏠😯👀
  • Jennifer Daniel
    John Coffey breaks my heart every time. Why you gotta be so cruel Mr. King?
  • Helen Vilaranda
    The goosebumps keep coming!
  • Shawn Couture
    A little slow but ends well.
  • Tereza Niko
    it is like when you dont expect something tricky
  • Sam Braida
    Absolutely amazing part of the book.
  • Halvor (Raknes)
    My review for the whole book:
  • Kk
    read this as a serial.. soo good