Need Me (Broke and Beautiful, #2) by Tessa Bailey

Need Me (Broke and Beautiful, #2)

When Honey Perribow traded in her cowboy boots for stilettos and left her small Kentucky town to attend Columbia University, she never expected to find a dirt-cheap apartment or two new best friends. No stranger to hard work, Honey is completely focused on her medical degree … until she sees newly minted professor Ben Dawson, and her concentration is hijacked. Honey is fascinated by her gorgeous young English professor and vows to find a crack ...

Details Need Me (Broke and Beautiful, #2)

TitleNeed Me (Broke and Beautiful, #2)
Release DateApr 21st, 2015
PublisherAvon Impulse
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Academic, College

Reviews Need Me (Broke and Beautiful, #2)

  • Catarina
    4 Forbidden Stars. Honey fell in love with her English teacher. What she didn’t expect was for him to be the best friend of her roommate’s boyfriend. Ben feels immediately attracted to Honey, what he also didn’t expect is that she was his student, the same whose papers he can’t stop reading. They know they shouldn’t. They know it’s against all the rules. But neither of them can’t resist.After all, isn’t the forbidden fruit the mos...
  • Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦
    2 Stars!We met both main characters in the previous book in the series - Honey is Roxy’s friend and roommate and Ben is one of Louis’s friends.Honey is from a small town of Kentucky. She always wanted to escape, she always wanted more and to experience life, so now she’s a medical student at Columbia University. She’s very smitten with hew new English professor, Prof. Dawson. Ben Dawson is a young 25 years old professor who really loves h...
  • Jen
    Damn if Tessa Bailey doesn't write the best dirty talking men ever! Ben's an English professor who pulled the douchebag card over and over and he still managed to be hot as hell. Well done, Ms. Bailey. Well done.
  • Viri
    ***3.5***Hace 3 días yo no tenía idea de lo bien que escribía esta autora. En la entrega pasada me ENAMORÉ del protagonista pero no tanto de su historia. En este libro sucedió al revés.La historia fue muy bien llevada y bonita. Pero no logré enamorarme del protagonista. Aunque si soy sincera, esa carta del final fue LA CARTA. Y decir que he leído muchas grandiosas es poco. Pero soy débil cuando este tipo de protagonistas se arrastran un ...
  • ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    Oh my gosh my heart is overwhelmed with pure romantic bliss.Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling Reviews Sizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmail.comClick HERE for my review.
  • Marla Mei
    2.5 starsOh man, I'm so conflicted. I wanted to like this one so much considering I put all the other books I was reading aside just to read this first. I was so excited and damn you high expectations for letting me down once again.I liked Honey. I really did. What I don't like is how Ben messed with her three times and with each of those times, she forgave him so easily just because they couldn't keep it in their pants. All they ever think about...
  • Jaime Arkin
    4.5 rounding upI absolutely loooooved Chase Me, book 1 in this companion series by Tessa Bailey, and I grabbed this one as soon as I could because I was excited to see what came next! We briefly met Honey Perribow in Chase Me… she’s Roxy’s Southern roommate, and I didn’t realize then, just how much I was going to like her! Honey is from a small Kentucky town where you graduate from high school and start settling in to a certain kind of li...
  • Ami
    ** VERY SPOILER-Y REVIEW **As of this moment, mine is the first negative review for this book in Goodreads. But I'm just not sold on the idea of Ben and Honey. It failed in so many level to entertain me -- unlike the first book, which charmed me. Plus I have A LOT of issues ...This review is mainly going to be my opinion on A LOT of stuffs, it will be rambling, so sorry about that. As it is a SPOILER-Y REVIEW, everything will be put under spoiler...
  • Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.)
    This book made me want to throw my kindle against the wall!The hero kept calling the heroine Lolita. Sometimes he even said it as though it was sexy. LOLITA IS NOT SEXY. Also it's completely dumb considering the heroine was a freaking ADULT. The hero was only five years older than her. WHY DID HE KEEP CALLING HER LOLITA?! So stupid. Also his dirty talk was just awful. He asked her if she wanted him to "finger bang" her. Is he twelve? At one point...
  • Alyssa
    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Need Me by Tessa Bailey Book Two of the Broke and Beautiful seriesPublisher: Avon ImpulsePublication Date: April 21, 2015Rating: 2 starsSource: eARC from Edelweiss***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Summary (from Goodreads):When Honey Perribow traded in her cowboy boots for stilettos and left her small Kentucky town to attend Columbia University, she never expected...
  • Lisa
    2.5 starsmaaaaaaaaaan what happened? I was so excited for Ben's book because, well, Ben seemed like an awesome dude in the first book but then when I read this I was like, eh? Maybe I built him up too much in my mind. I guess the main reason why this didn't work for me is that I couldn't really forgive what Ben did to Honey? He had serious asshole moments not once, not twice, but THREE FUCKING TIMES and while I get the why of them, it seriously p...
  • Lacey (Booklovers For Life)
    Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeGod, I L.O.V.E. Tessa Bailey. She seriously can do NO WRONG in my eyes. I’ve loved (or at the very least, enjoyed) every single one of her books. And Need Me is no different! The second I finished this book, I went back to reread my favorite parts of it, that’s how much I loved it. Need Me is now my second favorite book ever of Tessa’s!!! (Right below Risking It All, because I honestly don’t think a...
  • Anna's Herding Cats
    Well now. That was an interesting romance. Older hero, younger heroine (by a nice sized clip)...a teacher and his student...big city guy and a girl from Kentucky. Need Me was a little edgy but oh it worked. It so worked.The quick of it is that Honey...she's crushing hard on her English professor. And she's ready to start her seduction of this tweed and glasses rocking man. An accidental encounter locked in a cabinet, finding out they're friends k...
  • Christy LoveOfBooks
    After reading and adoring Chase Me, I was very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series that revolves around this group of friends. In Need Me, Honey and Ben have the whole professor-student forbidden thing going on, which I like. It’s weird, because I felt like I constantly went from one extreme to the other with this book. One minute I’d be totally enamored with it, and the next I’d be completely annoyed. There are plenty of...
  • Mandy
    Honey is a pre-med student and decides to try to seduce her English-Lit professor, Ben Dawson. This was a quick, easy, sexy story. Ben was kind of an ass but he had such a dirty mouth, I couldn't help but love him. Overall, I liked this one but wish it had an epilogue or something - the ending felt a little abrupt.
  • Nicole P
    Hello. My name is Nicole. And I'm addicted to Tessa Bailey. And no, I don't want to be cured. I'm perfectly content reading Ms Bailey's deliciously hot books about people who are so much deeper than outside appearances. I'm perfectly happy to devour every, sinfully hot dirty bit of talk. And every book, including this one, does not disappoint.This time its the forbidden teacher/student trope. Honey Perribow has set her sights on her English profe...
  • Lucinda - I JUST LOVE TO READ
    3.5 Stars This is who I am picturing..... the hot professor haha!
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Review coming soon!
  • EgyptDiva
    3.5 stars Quick , fun , romantic and HOT read ;)
  • MaggieReadsRom
    This book people! Waiting for it drove me to the brink of insanity and made me do and think things I say I never do! Ever since Tessa Bailey posted the first snippets of Ben and Honey (I think from very early stages of writing it) I became obsessed with Ben. Then I read about him in the first book of this series and put that together with the snippets and I went batshit crazy. Like pre-ordering the book (I rarely pre-order Amz Kindle ebooks as I ...
  • Kim
    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads .Can we talk about just how much I love Tessa's new Broke & Beautiful series? I mean, I love everything she writes, but Tessa writing new adult romance is a magical thing. Need Me combined two of my loves – college fiction and Tessa's dirty talkin', smokin' hot men – in one wonderful little package. It was everything I wanted and more.Where it took me some time to warm up to Roxy in Chase Me, I...
  • Shayna
    I found myself bursting at the seams with glee after reading NEED ME by Tessa Bailey. This was a simply fantastic read and I'm officially addicted! The Broke and Beautiful series is definitely on my list of Top Fave series of this year! Ms. Bailey can do no wrong in my book. Her writing is impeccable and her characters are beautifully broken and relatable. There was laughing, sighing, crying, and quite a bit of yelling on my part, but I enjoyed e...
  • Lindy
    Lindy's Thoughts:The Broke and Beautiful Series by Tessa Bailey has been such a fun, light-hearted, and entertaining read. I really enjoyed the first story in the series, Chase Me, but absolutely fell head over heels in love with the second book in the series, Need Me. This series is based on two sets of friends. The girls are roommates, Roxy, Honey, and Abby, and the leading men are best friends Louis, Ben, and Russell. In Chase Me, we got aspir...
  • Lustful Literature
    **DEBBIE'S REVIEW**This is the second book in this series but can be read as a standalone. After the first book in this series Chase Me I was super excited to start this one. This is Honey’s story. She was Roxy’s roommate from the first book and a college student. She wants to seduce her tweed wearing, butterscotch candy eating college professor. I loved the relationship Honey had with her roommates and wished they were my roomies. Ben is the...
  • Cocktails and Books
    Elizabeth B's Thoughts I have a confession to make – I was nervous about this book because of the idea of a teacher/student relationship freaked me out a little bit. I’m really glad I gave it a chance because Need Me was a great, sexy read.Part of what made this book work for me is the fact that Ben, our English Professor, is only 25 and a first year professor. Yes, there is still a potential creep factor because he is in a position of author...
  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    Need Me by Tessa BaileyRomance ContemporaryRATING: CThe second story in Bailey’s Broke and Beautiful series centers around a student, her professor, and the forbidden love affair. Similar to book one, the storyline is engaging with a solid set up, strong characters, and bits of humor and heartbreak. While somewhat engaging, I didn’t connect with this couple so well. I found Honey to be selfish in her objective to seduce Ben. Not until the end...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    This is book two of the Broke and Beautiful Girls series, and this is Honey’s story. Honey is your typical southern farm girl. She is sweet, funny and can handle the tractor that no one else can tame. When she falls for her professor, that’s when the lemonade turns sour…Ben is a college Literature professor who wears the most hideous tweed coat just to keep his students from noticing him. But when he falls for the girl who is on a mission t...
  • Sharon Mariampillai
    Actual Rating: 3.5 This was a great read. The story was great, as it was a student-teacher relationship. I enjoyed it a lot. The story is about Honey, a premed student at Columbia University, who falls in love with her English teacher, Ben Dawson. The characters were great too. Honey is sassy, confident, and the type of girl who gets want she wants. It is cool to see a Southern girl interested in Sciences. Ben is sweet. However, he did annoy me a...
  • Haley
    I was really loving this until the Kentucky parts. And then it got so stereotypical and silly that I couldn't anymore. Who works their parents farm dressed like braless Ellie Mae? And why is this tractor like a mysterious beast that can only be tamed by certain people. Its machinery. Tractors aren't that complicated. Plus what kind of farm was this? They just mentioned using the tractor but not for what. As someone who grew up on a farm with a tr...
  • Soonya
    2.5 StarsI give up on this series. I love Tessa Bailey, but this series was nothing but disappointment for me. The plot is about student/professor situation and the conflict of it. It was enough as it was, what was the point to add to this hero's daddy issues? He made some dumb moves, and Honey too. I felt nothing for hero or heroine. Everything went so fast, the book was simply too short for all those issues. I didn't get her desire to come back...