Her Highland Fling (Second Sons, #2.5) by Jennifer McQuiston

Her Highland Fling (Second Sons, #2.5)

Let the Games Begin …William MacKenzie has always been protective of his Scottish village. When Moraig's economy falters, he has the perfect solution to lure wealthy Londoners to this tiny hamlet: resurrect the ancient Highland Games! But for this to work, William knows he needs a reporter to showcase the town in just the right light.A female journalist might be a tolerated oddity in Brighton, but newly minted reporter Penelope Tolbertson is di...

Details Her Highland Fling (Second Sons, #2.5)

TitleHer Highland Fling (Second Sons, #2.5)
Release DateJan 27th, 2015
PublisherAvon Impulse
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Novella, Cultural, Scotland, Historical Fiction

Reviews Her Highland Fling (Second Sons, #2.5)

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.4 Stars!I loved this little story! This was one of those fulfilling yet short reads that I just love to pick up every once in a while. Although this story is listed as #2.5 in the series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. I actually haven't read anything by Jennifer McQuiston before this story and I followed everything without any issues.I fell in love with the two main characters in thi...
  • KatLynne
    Who can resist a brawny Scotsman in a kilt? Jennifer McQuiston is one of my favorite authors and she doesn't disappoint in this short, fun read featuring a sexy highlander along with a smart, unconventional heroine. Witty dialogue, believable plot, and blazing chemistry abound in this quick tale, leaving this reader anxious for her next release.
  • Izy
    Rating~ 3.5 stars William MacKenzie is the heir to the Kilmartie earldom and as such is protective and proud of his village ‘Moraig’. He comes up with a plan to help his village and it’s economy by allowing a journalist to cover the Highland games and show him the beauty of Moraig. Unfortunately for William, the reporter is a woman, a rather fetching one at that, who turns his Cambridge educated brain into mush, making him look like an ‘i...
  • Becca
    I have never read Jennifer McQuiston before but I can tell you that I will be rectifying that very quickly! This novella was charming, funny, and heartwarming. Jennifer McQuiston has been known to create unique, compelling characters and establish setting with a single, eloquent paragraph. This talent was on full display here. I was immediately transported to the wild outdoors with this simple paragraph: It was still warm, but with the night ai...
  • Zoe
    It must be the vacation because I am feeling generous with my stars this week. This novella is a 2 stars book in my honest opinion. In the sense that "it is ok". Nothing memorable or special for me. But I liked the style, which reminds me of Julia Quinn somehow. I thought the style rather sweet. So I decided on 3 stars in the end. Keeping the review short because my iPad is driving me nuts. Will review the book in more details when I have my lapt...
  • Tin
    Having read a number of Highland-based romance novels with kilt-wearing heroes, I had always wondered about what happens when it gets windy ... and, to my mind, only Jennifer McQuiston has addressed the question.As though summoned by his brother's fateful words, a ghost of a breeze stirred the wool that clung to William's sweat-moistened skin. He clapped a hand down over his sporran, ensuring the most important parts remained hidden.- loc 47For t...
  • Jennifer
    3.75 StarsHighlanders are another of my weaknesses especially when they are big and broody like William. I adored him for his devotion to Moraig and his willingness to do anything to make the Highland Games succeed. Penelope was fun to read about especially after I met her in Summer Is for Lovers. She had a lot stacked up against her as a female reporter at this time and I admired her ambition. As a couple, these two were very cute yet they had s...
  • Julie
    Her Highland Fling by Jennifer McQuiston is a 2015 Avon Impulse Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I have a big weakness for men in kilts. ( Who doesn't?) So, I rarely pass up a book with a hot highlander on the cover. ( Who would?) So, this book captured my attention right away. Fling (n): “Vigorous dance” ( associated with the Scottish Highlands), from 1806. “Pe...
  • Aoi
    3.5 StarsBrawny highlanders dressed in kilts to greet unsuspecting lady reporters! This novella was such fun. I loved how the normally articulate hero turned into a great, lumbering buffoon in front of the heroine!
  • Pj Ausdenmore
    I'm frequently intrigued by secondary characters in the books I read and often left wondering what happens to them after the final page. Such was the case with Penelope "Pen" Tolbertson, sister of the heroine of Summer Is For Lovers and William McKenzie, brother of the hero of What Happens In Scotland. You can imagine my delight when I discovered Jennifer McQuiston's plans to write a story for the two in the novella, Her Highland Fling. I'm happy...
  • Angelc
    This novella is a quick, fun, historical romance. I think the 'fling' in the title is very fitting. It's nothing too deep, just a really fluffy, quick romantic tale. The characters are sweet, but nothing extraordinary. Just a fun afternoon read.I think I was drawn in the most by the heroine's stuttering. The first time we meet Penelope, we learn that she has a stutter, and she even feels like William is making fun of her (he isn't, don't worry!)....
  • Jenny Koch
    I am usually very wary of involving Scottish male leads. All the "dinnas", "kens", and excessive brogue & kilts can easily descend into the realm of farcical. Luckily, this novella did not work out that way. I knew from the moment William, our brawny Highlander hero, took center stage mortified about wearing a kilt - much to the playful jeering of his fellow townspeople ("Lovely legs, MacKenzie!” “Now show us your arse!") - that this novella ...
  • Roses R Blue
    William MacKenzie loves his little town of Moraig in Scotland, but in order for the town to thrive, it needs an influx of tourist dollars. When an opportunity arises to have a London reporter visit and write an article about Moraig, William jumps at the chance. Dressed in his kilt, he meets the stage, and is shocked to find that the reporter is a woman, Penelope Tolbertson. Normally an eloquent sort of fellow, William finds himself staring and st...
  • Noura
    This book is really funny in a haha and weird way. I'll tell you why:Funny haha:Love the characters, and love the dialogues. Love the part where William MacKenzie, the supposedly very proper and responsible big bro of Jamie is reduced to a somewhat silly blundering man because he is so so smitten with the heroine, Penelope (Caroline's of book 2's elder sister). Penelope also happens to be the newspaper reporter assigned to write about the Highlan...
  • Michelle
    I've never read anything by Jennifer McQuiston before, but bought this novella to read for a book group discussion. I was blown away by the author's writing style and am so impressed that she managed to convey so much in a novella. Whimsical Scottish lore, amusing antics among the highlanders, and a discerning, self-sufficient heroine all worked together flawlessly to create a story that charmed me from beginning to end. Without a doubt, I'll be ...
  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    3 stars. The author's writing style is excellent, no doubt about it. However the story itself was ho-hum. No chemistry, no spark between the H and the h. I thought the H was adorable but something about the h put me off... then I realized who she was in book 2 and how much of a PITA she proved to be there. I totally forgot as it's been almost 3 yrs. since I read this series. Anyhooo, this will also see a full-ish review soon...
  • Jessica Grogan
    Pretty good read. I enjoy the occasional novella to break things up a bit and this was an easy read. Pen's stammer wasn't present enough to be a distraction. Since it was a novella I didn't really feel like I got to know either character all that well (I couldn't finish Summer is for Lovers). Still a nice break from a full length read.
  • April
    An enjoyable read..An enjoyable, satisfying and enjoyable read. A quick novella. The characters are likeable. The storyline is unique. As the the town organises a tourist attraction, the Highland Games, love blossoms.*Personal Buy*Rating: 4Heat: mild
  • Jennifer Brown
    Not my cup of teaAlthough I'm all about an independent woman, if a story is set in 1843, I expect at least a nod at the societal norms of that time. Pen is brazen in her behavior and William is seen as a bumbling fool.
  • Keri
    This was a sweet read that I wasn't ready to be over. I thought that William and Penelope made a sweet couple. I loved that we got to see how James and Georgie was doing, as well as Cameron and his wife. Can't wait for the next JM book, she has become a real go to author for me.
  • Donna
    This is a short cute read. The hero and heroine are related to characters in past books. I enjoyed this, but it's too short to be really good.
  • ShoSho
    3.5 stars I might have enjoyed it more if I had time to finish it in a day or 2 rather than 2 weeks!
  • Brickley Jules
    ...This is a sweet love story...-BJ
  • Alyn
    First off, I wanted to note that the book may be 208 pages but the story itself is 108 pages. The other 100 pages are short excerpts from other books.I liked both characters, and I loved that Penelope was willing to go for what she wanted. It's part of what made this story work. So why only 2 stars? The romance didn't make my heart race. For sure there was chemistry between Pen and William. There were steamy scenes and some parts that made me chu...
  • Laura
    Sweet, funny, and sexyA lovely Highland fling. William and Pen are so funny in their attraction. They both are stunned at their first meeting. I love the way they learn to appreciate each other. The people of Morig show Pen about their history and artistry. I didn't want this story to end.
  • Holley
    Strong, independent female protagonist (yay). I really liked that the male protagonist became tongue tied around the stammering heroine. The author even found a way to put birth control in a period novel. Unfortunately, the wrap up was pretty quick and almost an afterthought.Of course I'll continue the series
  • Gillian
    Brings together the siblings of the hero and heroine of two previous books
  • Gaele
    Oh what a nice treat to return to Moraig, Scotland and dive into the world and concerns of the characters from Jennifer McQuiston’s Second Sons Series. I’ve read the 3 full length novels in this series, and loved them all, so it was a no-brainer to return. William is worried about his little village: fiercely protective and loyal to it and the people who live there, things are tough for the town, and he is plotting to bring in tourists to boo...
  • Cameron
    Originally posted on the blog: What the Cat ReadThis was my first foray into McQuiston’s writing, as well as my first introduction to the Scottish town of Moraig, and I must admit that I’m anxious to pick up the first couple of books in this series and give them a read. This was a delightful novella with memorable characters and a sweet story plot that is guaranteed to be a favorite of all historical romance readers.I love Penelope (Pen) and ...
  • Melanie
    This short (only 208 pages) novella has probably been written for us fans that have hoped that a wonderful secondary characters, Pen, a sister to the heroine of Summer Is For Lovers and William, a brother to the hero of What Happens In Scotland, from the earlier two books, would be given a chance to get their own HEA.From page one I was taken on a wild ride with these two characters. The story moved fast and furious, the plot was entertaining, an...