A Buzz in the Meadow by Dave Goulson

A Buzz in the Meadow

A conservationist's deeply personal and fascinating reflection on owning and revitalizing a farm in rural France.A Sting in the Tale, Dave Goulson's account of a lifetime studying bees, was a powerful call to arms for nature lovers everywhere. Brilliantly reviewed, it was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for the best nonfiction book of the year, and debuted the already renowned conservationist's ability to charm and educate, and tell an a...

Details A Buzz in the Meadow

TitleA Buzz in the Meadow
Release DateApr 28th, 2015
GenreNonfiction, Environment, Nature, Science, Natural History, Biology

Reviews A Buzz in the Meadow

  • Tanja Berg
    "Conservation is not just about Javan rhinos and snow leopards; it is just as much about bees and beetles, flowers and flies, bats and bugs."I read my first Dave Goulson book "A Sting in the tale" sometime in the fall of 2016. I was a this time already a rather inspired hobby gardner, with a strong preferance for flowers and plants that drew bumblebees and butterflies. However, this was limited to potted plants on my terrace. Goulson's book inspi...
  • Rebecca Foster
    As Goulson did in his book about bees, A Sting in the Tale, he treats readers like friends he is taking on a gentle tour to have everyday encounters with nature. The low-key, humorous anecdotes are reminiscent of the writings of Gerald Durrell, but – like Durrell – Goulson has a serious environmental agenda. By incorporating details of his own academic research as well as projects he’s overseen, Goulson makes science sound exciting. Some of...
  • Paul
    A decade ago Goulson decided to buy a derelict farm deep in the French countryside with 33 acres of land so he could realise the dream of creating a place for his beloved bumblebees to live and thrive. But as he works on the farm and the land he comes to realise there is a lot more going on in what looks on the surface to be a simple meadow.He writes about how everything is interconnected, from the way that the plants attract pollinators, the she...
  • Penny
    Funny, clever, learned and very thought provoking about the damage we are doing to our planet. The chapter about the proliferation of flies directly linked to two weekly refuse collections (a hot topic right now in England) was extremely worrying. A book that will make me think differently (and look differently) at the insects in my garden - and occasionally in my home, even if it is just an annoying house fly.Learnt so much - but as Goulson says...
  • Dorine
    Rated 4.5 - I've included pictures of bees in my garden within this review at my new blog, TheZestQuest.com. Enjoy :)A BUZZ IN THE MEADOW: The Natural History of a French Farm by Dave Goulson is so much more than its title suggests. Dave Goulson is an entertainer with his words and style, which is perfect for those of us who love this earth we live on and the creatures who share it. The book is divided into three sections and those sections will ...
  • Rebecca
    After reading A Sting in the Tale last month I was so keen to read the next book by Dave Goulson. In this one he talks about the plethora of wildlife discovered in the meadow he owns. I feel like Goulson's enthusiasm is so infectious and there were times that I wanted to turn my backyard into a giant pond and wildlife hub. The book is just so interesting and there are so many good points bought up about conservation and preserving what we have to...
  • Caroline
    A 3.5. I should probably round up because the message is important: we need to save fauna and their habitat by changing all kinds of human behavior , including the use of neonic pesticides, destroying swaths of wildland, global warming etc. The biologist author charms you first with several chapters about the rural property he buys in Charente, France, to create a small nature preserve and to run experiments on preserving and repairing habitat. A...
  • Danny Daley
    An interesting, but overlong look at insects and other random species, the book is part natural history, part memoir, and a very convincing appeal to drastic and immediate conservation. I lost interest in the book a few times, and I was surprised by how unsophisticated and random some of the scientific methods were that were used to gather data of various species of insects discussed. But the very beginning and very end of the book were the payof...
  • Girl
    3,5 gwiazdki. Wciągająca, lekko napisana książka o bioróżnorodności, a przede wszystkim o różnych owadach.
  • Marysya Rudska
    Дейв Голсон - один із моїх найулюбленіших авторів, що пишуть про природу. Він науковець, що досліджує комах, особливо бджіл та джмелів і займається їхньою охороною.Одного разу Дейв вирішив зробити свій маленький заповідник і купив закинуту ферму ...
  • Aimée
    4.5 stars
  • RitaSkeeter
    That awkward moment when you realise you returned the book to the library before writing down all the quotes you had marked with sticky notes...I read The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History last year. It was a bit of frenzied race around the world looking at different species that didn't gel everything together in the hard hitting argument it should have. I'm concerned it may have had the opposite effect of that intended. I'm team enlightened...
  • Mike Sumner
    A Buzz in the Meadow is a captivating look at our natural world through the eyes of Dave Goulson, who I know better as the founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, that august body, of which I am a member. In 2003 DG bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together with 33 acres of surrounding meadow. Over the course of a decade he created a place for his beloved bumblebees to thrive along with myriad insects of every kind. A sig...
  • Emmkay
    I loved Goulson's first book, A Sting in the Tail, which was about bees. I had a harder time with this second book. It's sort of about his efforts to create a wildflower-rich meadow at his French farmhouse, with observations about biodiversity and a call to action about preserving it. That's great, but it was a very musing-y, diffuse kind of book with lots of lengthy asides. I enjoy that style when I find the asides interesting, but here I had a ...
  • Anwen
    A delightful miscellany, more a chatty memoir of the ten acres of land bought in France by the author, with added insects and other wildlife thrown in than a traditional wildfe book, every page contains an erudite gem. I learnt a lt about insect reproduction (I am eminently grateful I am not a female brown meadow butterfly) and life. As a billogist, references to field study took me back to my student years and tinted certain pages with a roseate...
  • Amy
    Loved this book! I thought it was going to be a book about gardening in France. It was not. I didn't think I was in the mood to read a book about bugs but I guess I was. Very nice nature writing. The last section was powerful and inspiring and before the book I was buying 75% of my food as organic, now I am committed to 100% organic diet. Highly recommended for gardeners, nature lovers and non-fiction science readers.
  • Steef
    Geweldig intrigerende verhalen over de natuur, verteld aan de hand van Goulson's 'verwilderde' boerderij in Frankrijk: bloemen, de mens, dieren en vooral insecten met hier en daar uitstapjes naar interessante onderzoeken uit de wetenschap en Goulson's eigen (wetenschappelijke) carriere, die samen toch een verrassend samenhangend verhaal vormen.
  • Dan Nortman
    Decent read but nothing new for an entomologist.
  • Margaret
    A lovely book about the wildlife found on a small French farm.It was enchanting and delightful. Though the idea of mice and dormice in the house gave me the willies. A charming read.
  • Alberto Simal
    Just started, but I'm ecstatic! This guy can write!! His description of the cottage is a rollercoaster of delights. I can't wait to finish work and get into my commute to keep reading!UPDATE: just finished reading it. So sad. The end of the book is a plea to all humanity to stop destroying natural habitats, and a warning to what WILL befall us. I like the fact that his injunction to act does not come with the promise of deliverance: it's already ...
  • Ginni
    This follows on from 'A Sting in the Tale', and the main section of the book tells of Goulson's French farm where he has been creating a wild flower meadow over some years, to encourage bees and other wildlife. Goulson is Professor of Biological Sciences at Sussex University, but this is not a dry scientific account. I didn't find it quite as readable as his first book, which had more of an autobiographical element. However, it is still fascinati...
  • Janneke
    Toen ik net begonnen was in dit boek, vroeg ik me af of het wel wat voor mij was. Want ofschoon het gemakkelijk te lezen is, gaat het ook wel op een wetenschappelijke manier in op details. In het boek vertelt de bioloog Dave Goulson over zijn stuk grond in Frankrijk. Hij heeft daar een rondom zijn huis de grond aan de natuur terug gegeven en bestudeert de dieren die er langzamerhand weer terugkomen. Met dieren bedoel ik dan vooral vlinders, bijen...
  • Sally
    Not nearly as good as Meadowland, but still a good book. Split up into slightly more academic style essays, but with a literary flair. It got gradually more depressing towards the end, as we are told just how buggered we, and the planet we are destroying, are. I now need to go out and plant lots of bee friendly flowers.
  • Will
    :O Loved it! A must read for everyone ( I say this about quite a lot of books ), but this is so important, to understand the basic principles of what is happening in the world, of our impacts present and future.
  • Brecht Van Der Meulen
    Interesting book for sure! but what i missed are images and pictures. I wanted to see how some creatures look like so I can start exploring :)
  • Katharine Winchell
    A Buzz in the Meadow by Dave Goulson is a three-distinct-part book for nature and botany lovers. The first section describes different flora and fauna (mostly insects) that can be found on a large former-farm that the author purchased in the middle of France. If you are an insect or science nerd (like me), these chapters are both incredibly entertaining and educational. If you are hoping for cute stories or romantic descriptions, don't even think...
  • Colin
    I have a general interest in natural history and am drawn to books that explain complex scientific concepts in terms that a non-specialist can grasp. Dave Goulson is an academic (he is professor of Biological Sciences at Sussex University) with a reputation for writing high quality popular science books about his specialism - insects and insect ecology.What drew me to this book in particular was the exquisite cover design featuring beautiful hand...
  • Mutlu
    Dave Goulson ist einer von den Wissenschaftlern, die ihre Begeisterung für ihr Fach so runterbrechen können, dass auch der Laie sie mit Genuss lesen und geniessen kann. Anhand der Renaturierung einer Wiese in Frankreich wird eine Lanze für die Insekten gebrochen. Das Buch ist nicht nur ein Plädoier für einen behutsameren Umgang mit der Natur, ein geschärfteres Auge für die kleinen Lebewesen, als auch eine Liebeserklärung an die eigene Sch...
  • Elizabeth
    I really like writers of science who have a sense of humor, and Goulson fit the bill. Although I liked some chapters better than others, I learned a lot about bees, flies, and ants among other insects. Some of his experiments were quite creative. He starts each chapter with info about his morning run: how many people, dogs, and butterflies he encountered. I was surprised by his ability to run and identify butterflies simultaneously. I wish the bo...