The Real Simple Guide to Real Life by Noelle Howey

The Real Simple Guide to Real Life

This book tells you absolutely everything you need to know to survive and thrive in that big, bad world out there. And it's smart, funny, and relatable. Just like you.

Details The Real Simple Guide to Real Life

TitleThe Real Simple Guide to Real Life
Release DateJan 10th, 2020
PublisherOxmoor House
GenreNonfiction, Self Help

Reviews The Real Simple Guide to Real Life

  • Julie
    This is a great starter for early 20-somethings and includes extras for everyone else. The book is current to modern life (2015) and is geared towards young women post-college but would be applicable for those mid-college, no-college, or a little older. I would have really appreciated this 10 years ago but still find most of the book applicable today. Good reference book for life-skills like cleaning, decorating, tipping, dressing + finances and ...
  • Lauren (Shooting Stars Mag) Becker
    Full of great tips from insurance, to cleaning, to decorating. This is one I should really own so I can go back and find information when needed!
  • High Plains Library District
    While the transition to adulthood may not be easy, this book may help make it easier. Adulthood is filled with sticky situations and “I don’t know”s. This book has some practical advice for living on your own. Although it is geared towards women, this really simple guide helps to answer many questions like do I need insurance, how to I deal with roommates, and when do I really need to see a medical professional. The book is divided into cha...
  • Charla
    This book is written primarily for women/girls, and I think it would be a great graduation gift! It has fun illustrations, and is written like a magazine with catchy titles and small snippets of information throughout. I took photos of several pages to have in my phone so I can reference later. The book covers how often different articles of clothing need to be washed (suede jakets, hats/gloves, swimsuits, etc.), ways to get different stains out ...
  • Reba
    I did not feel that it was relevant to my situation. Too much emphasis on apartment life and alternative means of transportation. As someone looking to buy her first house, who already has a full time job, and is already ahead of the make-up advise given in this book, I was left feeling very unassisted and neglected by the presumed adult situations listed.
  • Cheryl
    Mostly superficial advice, most of which I wish parents taught their kids, most of which can be Googled. I would not buy this for any young person I know. However, it is kind of engaging. Aimed absolutely at young women, though... lots of chapter young men might read only to help them understand their girlfriends....
  • Becky
    The first chapter includes an article on lying in order to get a cheap apartment. Really? That’s your advice? Sad...I still skimmed through the rest of the book and found most of it to be opinions and no-brainers. This book is a waste of time, in my opinion.
  • Trish
    This is a great book for women in their late teens/early 20s.
  • Shaida Hossein
    Definitely more appropriate for someone who is just starting their first job and/or first apartment. Quite simplistic for a reader in their 30s.
  • cati
    This book was fun, informative, cute, silly, well written and useful! I have always loved their magazine and now love this as much!
  • Kellie
    More juvenile than I expected. REAL SIMPLE has such great books on organizing & their monthly periodical is always entertaining. This book was just a miss start to finish.
  • Bella Ineza
    “The real simple guide to real life” is a nonfiction book written by Noelle Howey. It is a book that is mostly targeted for a young woman/adult, probably in their 20’s. To help you picture this, imagine a girl, she just graduated and now she is thrown in this humongous world where she is now not living under mommy and daddy’s roof. She is expected to known how to pay bills, getting a mortgage, renting an apartment, finding furniture for t...
  • Minna
    Useful for people (aimed at women, but could be used by men too) starting out. I'm a little old to be the primary audience here but I did find a few tips.If anything this book was an effective reminder that I need to get moving on starting my IRA.Adding to 2016 PopSugar reading challenge in category: self-improvement book. (It's a stretch but I'll allow it. (ha).)
  • Paula
    Although I am not the target audience for this book, I think it could be very useful to a new high school or college graduate.
  • Marcy Graybill
    I must be too old for a book like this. I though it was useless.
  • Rebecca
    This book had a ton of great advice in it. I admit though, I am the target demographic (female in 20s).
  • Jamie H
    Great read; better "real life" advice than "Gracie's guide" or "Adulting".
  • Akila Ally
    I started reading this as a joke, but this book is actually so good! I ended up highlighting so many parts and will definitely be going back to it during #adulting crises.
  • Angie
    Fantastic guide to real life. I am gifting this to every college graduate.
  • Laura
    Great book to give as a high school or college graduation present. It's full of useful information for those in their early 20's.
  • Colona Public Library
    Practical guide on life. I would recommend this to people who are looking for tips or just starting out. ~Ashley
  • Angie
  • Prince
    Real talkReally detailed talk on growing up. Wish I had this when I was growing up, but it's still valuable now nonetheless!
  • Farrell
    Has some great tips on adult life! It could be a great reference book
  • Erin
    Solid reread for this phase in my life
  • Marcey
    Cute book! Had some good pointers!
  • Kirsten
    It's the same advice you would find in any other book like this or if you Google it. Waste of time and money.
  • Cori
    I loved all the tips and tricks every busy girl needs to know.