Midnight's Kiss (Elder Races, #8) by Thea Harrison

Midnight's Kiss (Elder Races, #8)

In the latest Novel of the Elder Races, two souls who have long buried their passions are about to be consumed…Ever since their scorching affair ended years ago, Julian, the Nightkind King, and Melisande, daughter of the Light Fae Queen, have tried to put the past behind them—and distance between them. But when a war breaks out between Julian and Justine, a powerful Vampyre of the Nightkind council, they find themselves thrown together under ...

Details Midnight's Kiss (Elder Races, #8)

TitleMidnight's Kiss (Elder Races, #8)
Release DateMay 5th, 2015
PublisherBerkley Sensation
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Urban Fantasy, Fairies, Fae

Reviews Midnight's Kiss (Elder Races, #8)

  • Val Shameless ⚓️ Steamy Reads ⚓️
    2 Dumber Than a Box of Rocks StarsGood.Effin.'Grief.As evidenced by my rating and review title, I was less than impressed with this book.And - sadly - being that I was also less than impressed with it's two predecessors (Night's Honor and Kinked), I'm thinking I might take a break from this series for a while.There are so many things about this book that I didn't love.But let's just jump right to Point of Hatred (POH) #1... POH #1: MELLY.Besides ...
  • Sophia Triad
    Julian and Melly "I've gotten to a really dark place, Melly. The darkest place I've ever been.""You don't have to be there anymore," she told him gently. "Don't you know what happens at the darkest point of the day?"He stroked her soft lower lip with the ball of one thumb. "What?"She rubbed her fingers soothingly along his muscled forearms. "A beautiful, brand-new day begins, and it's all fresh and full of promise." She smiled into his gaze. "T...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    If you've been keeping up with the Elder Races, you know that something is going down with the Nightkind and that's exactly where this book picks up. Melisande (Melly) has been kidnapped by Justine, a Vampyre who's gone rogue. Justine is betting that Julian will come to her rescue especially since she is all about taking Julian down. Julian does show up but he and Melly have a history, and a not very pleasant one at that. However, the craziness o...
  • Ferdy
    SpoilersThis wasn't as fun or entertaining as the other books in the series. The story, main characters, and romance were a let down and never really managed to capture my full interest.-There wasn't much to the plot, the heroine (Melly) was kidnapped by an evil cliched baddie. The hero (Julian/her ex) went to save her, and that lead to both of them being trapped in an underground prison for over half the book. The rest of the story was them esca...
  • AH
    Another strong installment in the Elder Races series. Midnight's Kiss focuses on Julian, the King of Nightkind and his love interest Melisandre, heir to the Light Fae. The book picks up right where Night's Honor left off, so it is essential to read these books in order. This book is more character driven than the others. A great majority of the book stars Julian and Melisandre alone and the two must work together in order to survive. My one criti...
  • Kathleen
    This ain't no Dragon Bound, but it started well, until maybe the halfway point. A schizophrenic story, split into fragments of romantic-erotica and horror. Blood and guts and sex and profanity. The intriguing political threads simply lost all hopes of nuance. Sledgehammer, anyone?I felt the plot was flat -- of course Justine must die, but did she have to be so stupid, and so one dimensional? Yet some scenes were good. The biker bar. The discussio...
  • namericanwordcat
    I read this book because I trust Thea Harrison as a writer. This trust is justified. Its is a super fun action adventure love story. I had to trust Harrison because I didn't care for the hero or heroine much in the previous books in the serious nor did I care one drop about if they got together again or not. They are a great couple. The plot is action packed with lots of couple time. I like each of them a lot. We get to see our old favorites in t...
  • Stacie
    3 1/2 "It grew on me" Stars!Going into this book, I was skeptical because I really didn't like Julian. As the story started to progress, I though "This is like a very bad horror movie". Not a B movie, maybe a C movie... I don't even like horror movies :-/ The highlight for me was Melly. She was somewhat smart... at least rational. At times... Maybe... IDK. But the "mommy" thing was a little annoying. Maybe she wasn't a highlight after all... :-(S...
  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    Originally posted at Smexy Bookshttp://smexybooks.com/2015/05/review-...Favorite Quote: “Oh soldier, how did we come to such a place?”Midnight’s Kiss picks up right where Night’s Honor left off. The Nightkind (vampyres) demesne is currently engaged in a battle over the throne, with Julian Regillus, the reigning king, and Justine, a powerful council member, at it’s center. Melisandre (Melly), heir to the Light Fae throne, is kidnapped by...
  • Lisa Kay
    ...Late Model Harley Davidson Motorcycle... ★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Sophie Eastlake does the narration again for this series. I’ve said it before; she is a narrator I didn’t much like at first, but have grown to really appreciate. One of my favorite things she does in this one is make the heroine sound the right age, as well as do the same for the heroine’s mother. In addition, she has great inflection and pacing....
  •  Reading In Pajamas
    ✦Review & Giveaway: Midnight's Kiss: A Novel of the Elder Races, Book 8 by Thea Harrison ► http://wp.me/p3d0RZ-2maPublication Date: May 5, 2015Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas/ CoriRated 4.5 StarsREVIEW: I love this series! Thea Harrison hooked me with the first book in this series when she introduced us to the Elder Races Series. The Elder Races series is an exciting, unique and addictive paranormal romance series that includes gryphons, weres...
  • D.G.
    This is one of those books I ended up enjoying even though I was annoyed at the characters most of the time. Can't really pinpoint why that was, maybe I found the action exciting. The hell if I know.The reason for Julian's and Melly's rift has to be one of the lamest in the history of romance. I could have believed it if Julian had been dumb or gullible but obviously he wasn't. The fact that he didn't show Melly the evidence of her infidelity - l...
  • ❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    Review to come.....
  • Esra
    wow it was good :Dreview will come
  • Ren
    4,5 stars *sigh*. It was good and definitely better than Night's Honor (that I believe, a novella will do. Not a full length novel *snicker* ).Frankly speaking, I tend to like the Wyr characters and not the Vampyre, because Idk...they seems antagonistic. Sure, in Devil's Gate, Duncan convinced me otherwise and I did like Carling Severan, but Julian, the Nightkind King? I'm not quite sure since he kinda like antagonist in Carling's story. But, lik...
  • Stephanie G
    Two decades ago a betrayal ended Julian, Nightkind King, and Melisande's, Light Fae heir, relationship. Ever since, their meetings always end in a bitter shouting match. When Melisande is kidnapped by Julian's enemy, she is sure there's no chance her former lover will save her. Imagine her surprise when he not only knowingly walks into a trap, but also admits to still caring for her. Chained in a tunnel with feral vampires roaming may not seem li...
  • Jen Davis
    Thea Harrison is easily of the best paranormal romance authors out there. Almost without fail, her books sweep me up with passion, excitement, intrigue and good old fashioned romance. And somehow, she manages to do it in vastly different ways with completely unique pairings every time. She changes the dynamics of the couples; she even changes up the species, focusing on various portions of her sweeping Elder Races world. This is the second book i...
  • Darcy
    I wasn't too sure about this one going in, Julian wasn't my favorite. He did grow on me as the book went on. I liked how even though 20 years had past, Julian still had feelings for Melly and did what he could to help her.Melly was a surprise. I liked how she reacted to her capture, loved how she didn't let herself be a victim, but went about saving herself, even going so far as to out smart the bad guy and Julian.I liked how Melly and Julian wor...
  • Rachaellovesbooks
    In all honesty I'm not a fan of second chance romances. For me the reason for the breakup is almost always ridiculous and then of course there is the issue of non celibate mcs. In this instance Julian and Melly broke up after 3 months of being together because he received photos of her cheating on him. Julian claims he tried so hard to validate the photos and track the sender but at no point did he consider it might not be the woman he loved but ...
  • Kate's Corner
    This isn't what I expected. It wasn't bad per se. Well actually for me it was. The MC are somewhat idiotic and I skimmed the sex scenes. Plotwise I was interested but it wasn't like the others. The other one book of the series that fell flat for me is Oracle's Moon I was bored to tears with that one. That is jsut my taste/poinion though. Got nothing left to say really. I have the last book but I'll be taking a break for a couple of days.
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    3.5 Stars. As always, the quality of the reads in this series varies from book to book; and I was a little bit disappointed in this one. I had high expectations when Julian and Melly finally came together, and the story just didn’t quite live up to those expectations. The plotline was workmanlike and not at all bad, but not particularly exciting either. It didn’t really go much of anywhere until the final exciting 15% of the story. I really l...
  • Lady Heather
    4.5 Stars!Great addition to the Elder Races series!Melly and Julian were wonderful together. LOVED the ending!
  • Melanie
    Words cannot express just how much I enjoy this series! Another brilliant winner by the über-talented Thea Harrison.
  • Vashti
    Meh read for me sad to say,and was so looking forward to this one.The best book in this series is Dragon Bound and the others have not lived up to that book.Might be time to give up on this series :(
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison is an anticipated book in the Elder Races series as fans finally get a book about the hated King of Night Kind world.Mellisandre, a princess of the Light Fae, was taken out of her own home, kidnapped to be used as bait to bring Julian to his knees.Honestly, I’m a bit surprised at how Julian’s character turned out to be. I was expecting a mean hearted, selfless ass, who care nothing but himself and his ruling...
  • Isa Lavinia
    This was such an entertaining and addictive read!I find the Elder Races series as a bit of a hit-or-miss. Sometimes I don't particularly care for the character. Sometimes I just can't feel the connection between the couples. Sometimes I just don't like the book at all. But when Thea Harrison gets it right, she gets it really right!I didn't read the book before this one. No offence but most of my friends found it dull, and since there was such a p...
  • Beth
    Was ok. Didn't really advance the series plot arc.
  • Danielle (Love at First Page)
    3.5-4 starsReally enjoyed this one! Definitely one of my favorites in the series.
  • Nikk the Sapphired Book Dragon
    While I have really loved this series, I wasn't overly enthused about reading Julian and Melly's story. Our previous glimpses of Julian had not been all that flattering and i knew next to nothing about Melly but i ended up enjoying it more than I expected to. Over all it was a pretty quick read. There was action a plenty and it was consistently placed all the way through. The romance worked as well. We had seen some interaction in the previous b...