Edible by Cassia Leo


From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a deliciously decadent romantic comedy.Max Milan was destined for a decadent future. A penthouse in Vegas. A villa in the Mexican Riviera. Luxury sports cars. And unlimited stops at the pussy buffet.Then he made one tiny—epic—sex tape and it all came crashing down.Now he’s trying to get back on his feet, trying to secure a deal that will put him back in the spotlight. Then she turns up...

Details Edible

Release DateAug 18th, 2014
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica, Contemporary, Romance, Novella, New Adult

Reviews Edible

  • Claire Robinson
    Started alright, then the author decided to throw in an Anal interlude without any prep, lube or preamble, and my interest waned. I know it's fiction, but that would have burned like a motherf****r unless his dick is was the width of a pencil...
  • Beverly
    “I’m Max Milan, sweetheart. I don’t even know what ‘catch my breath’ means.” Believe when I say, you must meet Max Milan! This is a Hot and funny short story!
  • Julie
    I didn't quite get the appeal of this book. I don't mind these new short novellas as long as they grab my attention & this one didn't. Max Milan is a hot young DJ in Vegas & wants to jump start his career after being in jail. I don't know if I missed something, I don't know what he was in jail for. One thing I do know is that Max is very proud of his sex tape with Bridget that went public & he was dying to do another one with her. Sounds like she...
  • Marina (Living In Our Own Story)
    Short but really hot and fun story.I love Cassia Leo so it wasn't a brainer whether to read this short story. And I can tell you that it is definitely something you should read. Max Milan is a very hot bad boy who takes whatever he wants :)I loved the reunion between him and Bridget and let me tell you he knows how to melt your panties :)I only wish the story was longer. I definitely need some more Max Milan
  • Mamacita wants a Bedtime Story
    2.5 starsThank God it was short. I barely finished it as it was. Was not impressed.
  • PJ
    Very funny. But, too, too short. I wanted more.
  • buzy_reading
    Five short chapters is what Cassia gave her readers. When a sex tape is leaked to TLC your career can either thrive or dive. This was a sexually driven short story with one graphic scene. It was mediocre.
  • Melissa
    Typical short from Cassio Leo. Lots of steam. Perfect while you are waiting for your kids to finish practice, waiting on an appointment, or anytime you want to squeeze in a quick book.
  • Laura Greenwood
    http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...Title: Edible The Sex Tape Series: Untitled (#1) Author: Cassia Leo From: Amazon Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: 18th August 2014Challenges: N/ALinks: Goodreads - Amazon Max Milan was the hottest new DJ in Vegas until he lost his girlfriend, Bridget because he cheated on her, had a sex tape released, and ended up in jail. Now he's out and he is determined to be bigger and better than ever; but that mean...
  • Renégade ♥
    3 starsI didn't realize until close to the end that this was part of a serial and not a standalone erotic short story/novella (as it wasn't indicated in the book blurb). So, with that understanding in place, I will say that there were various questions that remained unanswered and this only made sense in light of that discovery. I must admit that, at the very least, I really wanted to know (view spoiler)[why Max went to jail (hide spoiler)]. I ki...
  • Andrea (mrsaubergine)
    Very confusing. I haven't read anything by this author before, and as a standalone this leaves me with more unanswered questions than I would like. It's not a spoiler if you've read the blurb that Max is fresh out of jail, but we never find out what he did to end up there. We're told a lot and not shown much of his relationship with Bridget, certainly not the taping of the title, although we do see her convincing him to make one. The author says ...
  • Stacy Hahn
    This is a short and sexy short story about the very cocky yet delicious Max Milan. Max is an EDM musician who has just been released from jail for making a sex tape. He is at Pringle & Windsor Management trying to get an agent to represent him. Max is more than surprised when the new young agent, Elra Brinkley, is in the room. She is not a stranger to him, she's his ex Bridget. Let's just say his meeting gets very interesting! You must read this ...
  • Angie Sakai
    I am absolutely in love with Cassia. She knows how to write one hell of a story! First off I can say... this is the intro to another book (which I do didn't know at first) but for an introduction it makes a huge bang and stands out to me as a series/serial that's so worth reading! I did feel cheated when I read the 're continue in the next book, but I am definitely happy I gave this fast, hot read a try! Reviewed by Angie
  • Kirstie
    Well this story had me thinking all the way through; is this what it seems? The Characters are hot and steamy, and stubbornly bounce off each other throughout the story. With true Cassia Leo style naughtiness this story left me hot and bothered and dying for more...can't wait for book 2. Great work as always Ms Leo!!
  • United Indie Book Blog
    First off I can say... this is the intro to another book (which I do didn't know at first) but for an introduction it makes a huge bang and stands out to me as a series/serial that's so worth reading!I did feel cheated when I read the 're continue in the next book, but I am definitely happy I gave this fast, hot read a try!Reviewed by Angie
  • Jeanne Mccartney
    Max made a mistake. Max paid the price. Now he is looking for a second chance at his career. He is facing the interview of a lifetime and is surprised to find that the interview is with his ex. Will they be able to resolve the issues caused by "the mistake" and move on. Will Max be able to restart his career?
  • Carrie
    In Edible we meet Max Milan, and he has a smart mouth and has just completed a 22 month stay in he*L. He is now in for one Huge surprise as he walks into an interview that will either make or break him and what is left of his career. This book though short will leave you wanting more of Max Milan and his smart mouth!
  • Letty (Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    Edible: The Sex Tape by Cassia Leo is a story I enjoyed because both the h and H match in sensuality and wit. It is refreshing and had its moments of laughter. Just like every Cassia book, I read it from start to finish without a break. The only thing I didn't like is that it ended too quickly. I want more Max Milan!
  • Kathyesf
    Really quick read and very steamy. While it was good and I enjoyed it the problem I have is Max's personality. He is so full of himself and I have a huge problem when people refer to themselves in third person. This is definitely a book you can read during a lunch break and then have time to stop in the bathroom and for a quick rub before going back to work. :)
  • T.S. Pagan
    Read in LOL Romantic Comedy Anthology - Volume 1 - Thirteen All-New Romance Stories by Bestselling Authors
  • Kit Vogler
    I usually 5 star the hell outta Cassia Leo's books. I really couldn't on this one. Nothing seemed to click...the ending was abrupt and a part two was hinted at and I can't find it...I think I could rank higher if I had a full story to go on...but alas!
  • Michelle
    I love these little shorts for giving you a little taste of an authors writing style. Cassia is a new author to me and I did enjoy this story, it was a hot little read and I would definitely read more from her!
  • Hope
    Hot, short story!But there was no character development. And I couldn't connect to these two.They were together but then something happened which broke them apart.They both blamed each other for it. I thought they were both at fault.
  • EvilAntie Jan
    I'm not a fan...Of series at all. That said I a m a fan of Cassia Leo and therefore I'm now a fan of series. Most of the time I wait for the whole series but I stumbled on this one and ill go along for the adventure. Well written and great storyline can hardly wait.
  • Ree
    This book was way too short in terms of length and details to convince me to buy the second installment.
  • Cindy
    Didn't really understand what the story was aboutI'm sorry but I just couldn't get into this book..I really really love this author and her stories.but this one I couldn't.
  • Tsukushi
    Ohhhhkayyyy. I should have known what I was getting at before starting this book. Book was funny, sarcastic and hot. Perfect all in all, I think. Just too damn short. I need book 2 ASAP!
  • Sue
    Max is scrumptious. And Elra,well who can't like a girl who actually suggests making a sex tape. Super fun beginning to the story. But it's very short. Be prepared to by the rest of the story.
  • Alexandra Washington
    Good for a short novel.