World War Cthulhu by Brian M. Sammons

World War Cthulhu

The world is at war against things that slink and gibber in the darkness, and titans that stride from world to world, sewing madness and death. War has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization, and before then, Elder terrors battled it out across this planet and this known universe in ways unimaginable.It has always been a losing battle for our side since time began. Incidents like the Innsmouth raid, chronicled by H.P....

Details World War Cthulhu

TitleWorld War Cthulhu
Release DateAug 19th, 2014
PublisherDark Regions Press
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Lovecraftian, Anthologies, Fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, War

Reviews World War Cthulhu

  • Kaisersoze
    I'm not going to lie: this collection of 21 short stories mixing Lovecraftian themes into various wars throughout history (and into the future) was a hard slog. At various points I almost gave up on World War Cthulhu, but then I realised returning to consume just one story in between every other book I read wasn't translating well for me, and I put aside most everything else to push through the rest. The problem was, I chose all the authors I lik...
  • Michael
    The details of a lot of these stories are a little fuzzy as I read the majority of this collection from the eBook version over about 4-1/2 months while waiting for the hardcover to arrive last week, but overall it was one of the better Cthulhu collections I've read. The war-inspired short stories ranged from back in the days of Rome as a power in Britain through WWII, Vietnam and on into the future of war. It definitely makes me ready for Dark Re...
  • Callum Shephard
    Seeking to explore the idea of the Cthulhu mythos’ impact upon a world in conflict, World War Cthulhu is a collection of twenty-two tales of eldritch creatures drawn into human battles. Covering a variety of settings from ancient Greece to the near future, each story asks itself what might be unleashed in the event of humanity going too far.The variety of stories on offer is easily World War Cthulhu’s greatest strength. Each author furnishes ...
  • Gianfranco Mancini
    3, 5. Loved a lot "Sea Nymph's son" and "The Ithiliad", the two tales where Cthulhu Mythos meet Homer's Iliad. Nice anthology.
  • Jordan Anderson
    I'm sure compiling an anthology is hard work. I mean, how do you go about choosing which stories to include in your theme out of potentially thousands? And how do you chose ones that are gonna appeal to everyone, not just yourself? Even more importantly, how does one try and keep Cthulhu exciting and new after the huge upswing in popularity in recent years? Well, if this is any indication, Sammons and Barass have figured on the perfect formula.I ...
  • Michael Brookes
    I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft and of the Cthulhu mythos in particular. I've also enjoyed many stories that expand upon the theme. This collection of short stories does that with varying success, with a central theme of war to connect them besides the mythos.On the plus side there is a good variety of stories here, ranging from ancient times and even a space setting in the far future. As well as varied settings there is a solid array of plots, so ea...
  • Paul Perry
    It is rare that collections are not a mix of quality, all but the very best having a few misfires. This is quite the opposite, a generally low standard of fiction with a couple of stand-out good stories, no great ones, and a few that are quite painfully bad. Often, the stories were just not very interesting, and reading to the end of even these short works often a slog. It must be said, I got the distinct impression that part of the issue was in ...
  • Jason Williams
    A fine collection of Cthulhu mythos stories as the result of an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign.Nice quality printing and binding. I am very pleased with the result of this project and was more than happy to be involved in the funding for this project.Many of the authors have had works appear recently in other anthologies of weird fiction. I look forward to reading their future works. Sammons and Barras did a fine job of editing this project and...
  • Wayne
    Okay, let it be noted that this was a book read for work, and that my artwork is all over this thing. My only hope is that my contribution lives up to the collection of fine stories that comprise this hefty volume. If you love HPL, the Cthulhu Mythos, and stories based on armed conflict (not always world wars, mind you), then do yourselves a favor and read this book. The magnitude of talented authors in this collection is astounding, and I am hon...
  • Spencer
    This is a fairly middle of the road collection of short stories, none of which I would say are badly written but quite a few are pretty average. There are some fantastic stories like Dark Cell, Wunderwaffe and The Procyon Project, but the overall quality in this collection varied too much for me to rate it higher. If you're a fan of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos you'll at least somewhat enjoy this anthology.
  • Nathan Carpenter
    A mostly good, if uneven, anthologyStrong stories overcome some forgettable ones in this collection, but the bulk are average Cthulhu lover's fare. Rely no "hard" military fiction in the lot; some Tom Clancy, David Weber, or Glen Cook soldiering would be welcome. A little too much of turning Lovecraft's horrors into movie monsters, but still original and worth the two buck sale price.
  • Chad Anctil
    A very solid anthology - the various authors used the broad theme (Lovecraftian weird fiction set in a wartime setting) and really expanded on that. The stories explored many different parts of the mythos too, and didn't just focus on Cthulhu and old spellbooks.
  • Mark A. Gravitt
    An interesting anthologyAs the title informs us, these are war stories in a Lovecraftian vein. Pick an era, there will be a tale. Some are rather more successful than others, but all tell their stories with horror.
  • David
    A good, readable collection. The stories are better written than some Cthulhu Mythos anthologies I've read. A must read for devotées of the genre.
  • Christopher Henderson
    When the 5 stars are rightEvery now and again I wish that Goodreads had a more nuanced rating system than its 5 stars. 'World War Cthulhu' is a collection of stories by different authors, writing in different styles, and coming at the theme (war) from different and often wonderfully alien angles. This makes it hugely enjoyable but at the same time difficult to decide how many stars the whole should get. Inevitably, readers will prefer some storie...
  • Timothy Pitkin
    I liked the idea of seeing the Lovecraftian lore placed in more of a war setting but I do not think a lot of these stories use this idea to it's fullest potential as a lot of these stories just throws lovecraftian creatures into various historical wars and usually comes up with a excuse as to way these creatures did not change history. In my opinion I would have loved a collection of stories that do involve creatures from the Mythos changing hist...
  • Stephen Dorneman
    If you enjoy Cthulhu mythos stories (and who doesn't, really), this collection of eldritch-horror-with-a-side-of-militarism has something for you. The wide range of settings (from the Trojan War to the far future), moods (from a solid victory, albeit temporary, over the forces of evil to the subjugation of all of humanity), and writing styles (a few clunky ones, but mostly solid) means that everyone won't enjoy the entire collection but you're su...
  • Matt
    generally quite good, a few so-soThere are a couple of cracking good stories in here, a few pretty good ones, and a few that didn’t do much at all one way or another. Rather par for the course with anthologies, but the cracking good ones are some of the best Lovecraftian shorts I’ve read.
  • Scott Waldie
    Not my favorite of the Sammons-edited Lovecraftian anthologies, but it was still decent, with a few cool stories, and it definitely adheres to the military theme over numerous historical conflicts.
  • Bernie
    A wonderful collection of short horror tales that kept my attention! I loved seeing different takes on this classic mythos and I hope some of these authors produce a few more such stories.
  • Eric Wojciechowski
    I had high hopes for this one but...well...after five or six of the stories, I just couldn't get into any more. A few that I read could have been less telling and more showing and been pretty good stories if much longer and unpacked, perhaps novellas in their own right. But, as written in this volume, I felt they fell short and by the end of the ones I read I wondered, is that it? No captivating "ooh ahhs" or shivers here. Maybe worthy for anyone...
  • Simon
    This is a hard one to score, because the good stories were terrific. But ye unholy gods from beyond space and time there were some UTTER STINKERS in here.I mean, so bad they really did pull it down. I'll not name names, but THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!But the handful of good stories really were very good.
  • Charl
    I find the Cthulhu mythos enjoyable only in small doses. The problem is I think I should enjoy it more than I actually do. This collection is probably very good for a stronger "Cthulhic" than me, but for me it's just not worth the time. Moving on.
  • Troy
    More good stories than meh storiesI enjoyed several of the stories, Curran's and Thomas's especially. Some of the stories had endings that were unsatisfying. Buy the electronic version.
  • Michael Segal
    Real mix of short stories, some of which hit the mark. Bit disappointed tbh
  • Cassandra Larsen
    I love Lovecraft! 'Mountains of Madness' is my favorite - can't wait to read this collection!
  • Jennifer LeeAnn Jones
    Very good job by most of the authors and I'll enjoy re-reading this when I re-read H.P. Lovecraft.